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DIY Vision Boards: Predicting Future In A Creative Way

DIY Vision Boards: Predicting Future In A Creative Way

Most people are always anxious about their future. They want others to read cards for them, pay visits to local fortunetellers, etc.

Why do you need to know what will happen in your future when you can simply create it? Your next vision board will attract everything you want.

Why Are Vision Boards Popular?

Vision boards are pieces of paper or cardboard on top of which you put everything you want in life in the form of words, pictures, quotes, etc.

They represent all of your personal desires on one board. You can make one whenever you feel like your goals are changing and you are becoming closer to the goals you once had.

Vision boards are a powerful manifestation tool because you are seeing everything you want right in front of your eyes as if it is already happening.

This way, you are attracting all your desires on a daily basis. Humans are visual beings, and we love to see concrete evidence of our desires and thoughts.

With vision boards, you are reminded what you want to focus on and they can serve as a great way to motivate yourself to work towards your dreams.

Pro Tip: Feel happy and excited every time you look at your vision board. Put yourself in those places, feel how you would feel if you were doing those activities or having those items right now. This will attract your desires faster.

DIY Vision Board In 5 Steps

If you are unsure how to make a powerful vision board, these five steps will help you create the best one yet.

1. Gather Supplies

The first step includes gathering all the supplies you will need for your vision board. This includes:

  • cardboard
  • glue
  • scissors
  • paper
  • highlighters or colored pencils

These are simply the most basic things you can gather. Of course, you can add more and use whatever you like. Remember – it needs to feel like you and it can be as personalized as possible.

You will use cardboard of the dimensions you wish to see on your wall. Some people prefer a smaller version, others really love having a big one that they cannot pass by without looking.

2. Set Intentions

Once you gathered all the tools, use a piece of paper and write down all your wishes and intentions.

This is one of the most important steps because it is what determines which images and quotes will go on the board. Use your imagination and listen to your heart.

Ask yourself ‘Which life do I really want to live?‘, ‘What does my perfect everyday life look like?‘, ‘Who is my perfect partner and what do they look like or feel like?’.

Asking yourself these questions will help you get closer to your intentions and you will get a clear picture of what you want.

Never focus on things that make you anxious or sad because those things we want to avoid and change.

3. Gather Images

After you set your intentions and you have a clear picture of what your desired reality is, follow your notes and gather images that represent them.

You can find them on the internet and print them out, or cut them out of a magazine, book or newspaper. Some people also love drawing their images, which is fine as well.

Make sure to choose pictures that are beautiful and feel happy. You want to look at something that is pleasant to your eye and perfectly depicts your wishes.

For example, you can put up a photo of a couple on their wedding day if your desire is to get married.

4. Arrange Pieces

Now is the time to arrange the pieces that you gathered. These can be images, quotes that inspire you, or small objects that mean something to you.

Try to arrange them in a way that puts your three main desires in the middle. Whenever we look at something, we are drawn to the middle of it.

This will be what you look at daily, so make it big and colorful. After that, your quotes and other images can go on the side and you can highlight them or cut them into interesting shapes so they draw your attention as well.

5. Put It Up

After adding the final touches, it is time to decide where you want to put it up.

You can choose a wall that you pass by every day, you can put it up next to your bed so it reminds you of your intentions every morning and night.

You can put it in your office as it will distract you from your mundane tasks and routines. Whichever way you decide to use it, I am sure it will be powerful.

Do not use vision boards if you do not trust they will help you and you simply are reminded of the things you do not have.

Use it with faith, and positive feelings, and trust me – it does work.