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Potencial evolutivo de los signos del zodiaco: Parte 2

Evolutional Potential of Zodiac Signs: Part 2

All that is, evolves.

And I say all that is because evolution isn’t limited only to living beings.

Ideas, skills, and technology are all the things that evolve. 

And signs of the zodiac do too.

Your Zodiac Sign Isn’t One Dimensional

numerología terrestre

I know you like to read up on the signs’ defectos. I do too. The tea is hot.

So, we both know Aries is aggressive, Gemini is two-faced and Cancer’s a big crybaby.

Aquarius despises all that’s normal, Virgo nitpicks, Scorpio is a cartoon villain, and so on.

What if I told you all these are simply starting points? The only way is up.

As you grow, physically and psychologically, as you slowly begin to fulfill your own potencial, you’ll come to unravel the more enlightened stages of your zodiac sign.

There Are Three Evolutionary Stages To Each Zodiac Sign

Evolution is a lifelong process. It’s impossible to make a sudden switch from a naive youngster to a wise old man.

There has to be something in between binding those two stages together. Hence, the evolution of zodiac signs also assumes three levels of growth.

Find your sign below and discover your potential.

Libra (September 23 – October 23)

The three evolutionary stages of Libra are: Scale, Blindfold, y Sword.

The Scale

The constellation of Libra hides a creation myth associated with the Justice goddess Themis from Greek mythology.

Much like a deity of Justice, Libras are known for their proneness to scale their decisions carefully.

They need to take their time, weigh out all the options, and hear what anyone and their mother think before hopefully making a choice.

In the beginning stage of their evolution, others can perceive them as being unable to think for themselves. They might even come off as weak.

The Blindfold

If they’re swayed by the opinion of the people surrounding them – as they tend to be – Libra’s could try to go against their nature.

In the process of finding themselves and growing into something greater, they might lash out, and make light or foul choices just out of rencor.

En con los ojos vendados, they risk losing sight of who they are in this particular phase.

The Sword

If a Libra is able to achieve this stage of inner evolution, they will come to see all of their quirks and indecision were there for a reason.

With age, accumulated experiencia and trust in themselves, they’ll gain the ability to make good and just decisions in a bat of an eye.

They’ll come to make the best use of their incredible patience.

Scorpio (November 24 – October 21)

The three evolutionary stages of Scorpio are: Scorpion, Eagle, y Phoenix.

The Scorpion

Scorpios are born fighters. Passionate, strong-willed and gifted, they’re able to meet their goals more often than not.

In their fiery passion, however, lies intensidad that must be controlled. In the surface stage of their evolution, most Scorpios don’t have the skills to do this.

They get carried away easily, get disappointed and descend into darkness.

The Eagle

In the Eagle stage of their inner growth, Scorpios attain a vast outlook on reality and themselves.

At this point, they begin to get a hang of doing things in moderación. Their passion and will to succeed serve them as never before. 

Their success could potentially go so far that they’re often spared any kind of failure or disappointment.

However, they have only yet to learn to pace themselves. Their intense attitude still gets the best of them.

The Phoenix

From desert-crawling scorpions to a brave eagle, their ultimate potential lies in becoming the ineffable Phoenix.

If a Scorpio can reach this level of their mind and soul, they’ll be able to rid themselves of all negativity.

All grudges will be forgotten, and all failures accepted as valuable lessons. They’ll come to accept themselves fully and learn to do what’s best for them.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

The three evolutionary stages of Sagittarius are: Archer, Arrow, y Centaur.

The Archer

Like any of us, Sagittarians have a certain dualidad a ellos.

They are thirsty for knowledge, new experiences and success. Constantly, they change targets, one after another, and are able to bulls eye most of them.

Then, despite their experimental and curious nature, a single miss is enough to descend them into despair.

The Arrow

In an attempt to avoid this despair, and in an honest effort to better themselves, they press down on their goals even harder.

Like an arrow, their sole purpose becomes to hit a target. And another one, and another after that, and as many as there are.

This can lead to losing sight of the bigger picture and missing out on life.

To not stay imprisoned in this cage of ambition, they must evolve.

The Centaur

This is the ultimate stage of Sagittarius, in which they find complete libertad.

They’re as success-driven as ever, but on this level of consciousness, their successes belong to them – not the other way around.

Like the wise centaur from this constellation’s creation myth, they become equal part wild and wise, an old soul and an eternally curious child.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

capricornio-medio cielo

The three evolutionary stages of Capricorn are: Goat, Cave, y Cornucopia.

The Goat

The very surface stage of Capricorn is defined by merit y soporte.

These hard workers of the zodiac do the best they can for themselves and others.

They’re wholly success-driven, so if being a part of the winning team means they have to do all the work, they’ll happily do it.

As time goes by, however, they slowly come to realize this injustice.

The Cave

Many times we can hear Capricorns being judged by this phase of their evolutional journey. They’re characterized as distante, distante y frío.

In truth, unless they evolve further, they might just become and stay this way.

This is when they come around to the fact they’re being the goat.

They’re the one who does the most, but whose merit is happily shared in equal parts – and so they rightfully refuse to partake.

With this, however, they may lose sight of who actually deserves to be kept at a distance and who doesn’t.


This is the phase in which they learn to discernir the right from the wrong people.

They are able to freely provide and share their merit while knowing the receivers are deserving.

The ultimate phase of Capricorn’s evolution is Cornucopia – The Horn of Plenty.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

The three evolutionary stages of Aquarius are: Cupbearer, Lover, y Star

The Cupbearer

The creation myth of Aquarius says that Prince Ganymede was stolen by Zeus and made into the gods’ cupbearer.

Like the human prince on Mount Olympus, an unevolved Aquarius feels odd.

They don’t agree with their surroundings, and the surroundings agree even less with them.

This is the phase in which Aquarians are known to rebel without a cause. They lean so deeply into not belonging, that it becomes a point of pride.

The Lover

As they grow, in age and in mindset, the healing, well-meaning nature of these people comes to the surface.

They’ll fight for every cause, they’ll support every idea and extend their hand to absolutely anyone because they believe in igualdad.

In this stage of evolution, they make a complete 180. While they used to reject the rest of the world, now they try to accept all of it.

They might try to make themselves smaller and adjust to the mold.

This stage is dangerous, for if they don’t evolve, they stand to lose what makes them exceptional.

La Estrella

As they reach the ultimate phase of evolution, Aquarians at last learn to saldo.

It becomes crystal clear that they can love the outer world while having their own inner one.

Here they begin to stand out and shine, for all the right reasons and without the need to force theatrical queerness upon others.

In this stage, they attain mutual acceptance.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

The three evolutionary stages of Pisces are: Fish, Darkness, y Ocean.

The Fish

As the empaths of the zodiac, Pisces are prone to taking others’ issues, actions and feelings upon themselves.

Like little fish in the sea, they’re easily swayed by almost everything that goes on around them.

This can make their emotional well-being quite unstable.

The Darkness

As they begin to evolve, many Pisces realize they’ve been wallowing in everyone else’s problems, while leaving themselves for last.

All the times they were pushed to the side, every instance in which they weren’t prioritized herido. And to avoid the hurt, they turn to ignoring it.

This way, they also become the ones who put themselves last.

The Ocean

Instead of scorning their empathetic nature, this is the stage for Pisces to learn to love themselves for it.

They become wiser and a tad less generous with their compassion.

This is the phase in which they allow themselves to judge who’s worthy of their love and who is not.

Surrounded by honesty, love and appreciation, they evolve into an ocean of love and grace.