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Evolutional Potential of Zodiac Signs: Part 1

Evolutional Potential of Zodiac Signs: Part 1

All that is, evolves.

And I say all that is because evolution isn’t limited only to living beings.

Ideas, skills, and technology are all the things that evolve. 

And signs of the zodiac do too.

Your Zodiac Sign Isn’t One Dimensional

numerología terrestre

I know you like to read up on the signs’ defectos. I do too. The tea is hot.

So, we both know Aries is aggressive, Gemini is two-faced and Cancer is a big crybaby.

Aquarius despises all that’s normal, Virgo nitpicks, Scorpio is a cartoon villain, and so on.

What if I told you all these are simply starting points? The only way is up.

As you grow, physically and psychologically, as you slowly begin to fulfill your own potencial, you’ll come to unravel the more enlightened stages of your zodiac sign.

There Are Three Evolutionary Stages To Each Zodiac Sign

Evolution is a lifelong process. It’s impossible to make a sudden switch from a naive youngster to a wise old man.

There has to be something in between binding those two stages together. Hence, the evolution of zodiac signs also assumes three levels of growth.

Find your sign below and discover your potential.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

aries-medio cielo

The three evolutionary stages of Aries are: Ram, Sheperdy Sol.

The Ram

This is the very Inicio stage of Aries. Ram is this sign’s very symbol.

The first stage is filled with several good and bad tendencies. Passion, strong will, and charm are the goods we know Arians for.

But, as the saying goes, the highs are high, and the lows are low.

In this stage, Aries exudes agresión y imprudencia. They can often be inconsiderate of others and start fights out of boredom. 

They refuse authority and demand to be first no matter what.

The Sheperd

As they grow, as they obtain experiencia y sabiduría, Arians slowly come to pick their fights.

Ruled by Marte, they still possess the fire and aggression necessary to scare off competition. They’ll always possess it.

When they learn to use this blessing wisely and con moderación, they’ll no longer be the one who constantly fights for domination. They’ll become a natural leader

From the aggressive Ram, they evolve into the reliable Sheperd.

El Sol

The ultimate stage of Aries represents the fiery energy of the Day Star used for the wisest, kindest causes. 

Arians are born in the spring, when nature begins to bloom again and everything comes back to life. 

With the Sun being the final stage of their evolution, it’s clear their birth months aren’t an accident.

In this stage, Arians may learn to completely let go of their rage and achieve their todo su potencial.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

tauro-medio cielo

The three evolutionary stages of Taurus are: Bull, Minotaury Demigod.

The Bull

This animal, like the Ram in Aries, is the sign’s symbol. It’s the very surface of the sign’s potential and the beginning stage of its evolution.

Being yet another horned beast, the Bull is also infamous for its blind aggression.

In this early stage, Taurians can be strong-willed y imparable. However, sometimes this can make them shortsighted.

The Minotaur

Out of the frying pan and into the fire!

The second phase of a Taurian’s evolution is filled with growing pains.

This is where the rage, the shame and all the different feelings of inadequacy catch up with them.

Their shortsightedness stops them from understanding it’s only them who can overcome all the negativity and become their higher self.

The Demigod

In case they do the deed, and acquire the wisdom and insight necessary for introspección, Taurians can achieve wonders.

This is the phase in which they rid themselves of shame and guilt and gain complete trust in themselves.

Their overall quality of life is improved as they lean into their power.

Gemini (May 21 – June 21)

géminis-medio cielo

The three evolutionary stages of Gemini are: Twins, Ship, y Stars

The Twins

The Twins is the stage in which Geminis make versatile efforts to know themselves.

This sign is known to stand for duality, being all over the place and having numerous interests.

People born under the sign of Gemini may usually go around pursuing different activities, and schools of thought, trying out anything they can get their hands on.

But this inability to stick to any one thing leaves them empty in the moments of introspection.

The Ship

The Ship alludes to the celestial myth behind the constellation of Gemini. The twin brothers Castor and Pollux, thanks to their many adventures, became the Argonauts.

Likewise, in this stage, a Gemini is likely to try and pursue a singular goal. They try to set a concrete aim for themselves to strive for.

If they can endure on this path, the final phase of their evolution awaits them.

The Stars 

In their ultimate evolutionary stage, Geminis learn to saldo their vast curiosity and the need for focus.

They wisely seek to be moderado, accept both sides of themselves and achieve true happiness.

Cancer (June 22 – July 22)

cáncer-medio cielo

The three evolutionary stages of Cancer are: Crab, Hydra, y Peacock.

The Crab

Thanks to its marine element, Cancer is flowy, open and loyal even on the surface level.

Cancerian’s emotions can be as deep as the ocean.

On the negative side, in this stage of their evolutionary journey, Cancerians tend to be overly susceptible to outside influences.

Their opinions, moods, and wishes can change at the flip of a coin. They can be illogical y biased.

And though none of these things are intentional or ill-intended, Cancerian’s inner peace lies in evolving far past them.

The Hydra

In their strife towards growth, a Cancerian’s personality can turn into that of this vicious sea monster.

At this point, their emotional depth and subjective outlook led them to get hurt too many times.

This is the part in which they risk becoming jaded. They’re angry with themselves and the world that is filled with insensitivity and cruelty. 

Their only hope is to actively work on becoming their higher self.

The Peacock

For a Cancer, the pursuit of sabiduría means gaining an objective outlook on life and other people, as well as themselves.

If they’re able to do this, their feelings won’t be easily hurt, they’ll see the beauty of this world more clearly and their relationships will improve.

With their kindness and emotional depth, like a peacock, they have a chance to become someone worth marveling at.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

leo-medio cielo

The three evolutionary stages of Leo are: Lion, Warrior, y King.

The Lion

The surface phase of this zodiac sign is regal and powerful. 

Leos are, by nature, orgulloso and they bask in all the attention they can get. They’re usually great charmers, so they get their own way more often than not.

However, as life goes on, they may lose some of their thunder. Something could happen to undermine their authority and feelings of self-worth.

If this happens, they can allow themselves to become (un)righteously angry.

The Warrior

For Leos, the Warrior phase of their evolutionary journey is akin to middle age crisis

While in the primary phase, they think of themselves as high and mighty, and positive reinforcement is a constant, this is where they start to feel inadecuado.

Perhaps it’s age, perhaps they experienced a sequence of failures, but at this stage, duda de sí mismo begins to get the best of them.

They tirelessly fight for approval, lose their cool over meaningless things and waste time trying to prove themselves worthy.

And they need everyone else to confirm this or it’s all in vain.

El Rey

If they’re able to overcome their inner issues, this is the ultimate evolutionary phase a Leo may achieve.

Their potent, fiery energy is equally equilibrado to serve themselves and their loved ones.

This stage is achieved once they learn their feelings of self-worth come strictly from within.

They lose the need to constantly be better than everyone and truly focus on the parts of themselves that matter.

From an expendable, exhausted Warrior they become the King.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

virgo-medio cielo

The three evolutionary stages of Virgo are: Maiden, Dark Maiden, y Queen.

The Maiden

Virgo’s initial phase, actually, isn’t at all lacking. Though they might be a bit of a nitpick, their strife for perfection is not extreme.

 A young Virgo may be sufficiently happy with their life as it is.

But if, by chance, they decide to pursue evolution and become more – that’s where the trouble begins.

The Dark Maiden

In their attempt to learn more about their surroundings and grow into their higher self, there’s a big chance they will feel let down.

As they leave their careless innocence behind, they could grow displeased, or even jaded.

Virgos are, in fact, quite prone to depression.

This dark phase, however, has the potential to teach them important lessons and allow them to come out on the other side – stronger than ever.

The Queen

The Maiden and the Dark Maiden joined allowing for saldo.

The ultimate phase of this zodiac sign is the Queen.

And much like in chess, she is strong and she knows her worth.

This stage of Virgo hides behind the understanding we can’t harbor within ourselves perfect light or perfect darkness.

Only by allowing them to become joined we’re able to achieve true happiness and meet our ultimate potential.