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Todo el mundo tiene dos caras: El planeta que rige tu nacimiento y tú

Everyone Has Two Sides: The Planet That Rules Your Birth and You

Planets are constantly moving through space and have a different impact on Earth and humans at all times.

Planets can affect you at the time of birth because every day of the week is influenced by a planet.

In addition, planets affect a longer period, which is an astrological sign in which someone was born, and then the year of birth because every year is ruled by a certain planet.

Planet ruler changes every seven years. So, planets are divided into good and something worse. The good ones are the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter. Saturn and Mars are worse.

1. The Sun

If you were born in the year ruled by the Sun, you are distinguished by kindness, friendliness, and nobility. You are full of optimism and do not let any of life’s troubles throw you off balance.

You are warm in nature and are always ready to help a friend or close person. 

You like to be the centro de atención, so you are usually the loudest in society. You don’t tolerate any injustice and will always side with the weaker person by encouraging and protecting them.

You have pronounced pride, so it is easy to hurt you. However, if you don’t get angry for a long time, you don’t forget the insults. 

Your ego is also emphasized, so you love it when others admire and praise you, but only on the condition that it is sincere. You are extremely hospitable and cordial, a smile rarely comes off your lips.

You are mostly in a cheerful mood and always ready for action, company, and fun. 

2. The Moon

If the Moon influences your birth year, you belong to very sensitive and vulnerable people. Everything you do is colored by your feelings. 

You have an almost perfect intuition that helps you to sense something or to read someone’s intentions. By nature, you are very in love and constantly daydream about your ideal partner.

You are very adjunto to the household members you treat protectively. You adore children and you are ready to sacrifice yourself for them at any moment.

You have an inexhaustible imagination. 

You are cautious toward people and afraid of being hurt, and therefore you have to choose who to hang out with. In marriage, you are faithful and loyal to your partner, so you expect such qualities from him.

3. Mercury

Those born under Mercury’s influence are very fast and skilled people. You are extremely comunicativo, so you easily make friends and useful connections.

You are fun and you have a specific humor that most people like. You are very resourceful and dexterous, but mentally you are not very strong. But, everyone likes to have you around.

You are talkative, so no one is bored with you in the company. You love challenges, changes, and thrills, but also a lot of movement, sports, and travel.

You can’t stand the routine, boredom, and monotony of life. You are very intelligent and your intellect is developed. It is almost impossible to deceive you, and you immediately recognize someone else’s lie.

4. Venus


If you were born under the influence of Venus, you are a kind and peaceful person who avoids quarrels and stressful situations. Venus gives you a encanto, but also beauty, so a woman under the influence of this planet is very attractive.

You love harmony and peaceful relations, you are not quarrelsome, but you try to solve everything diplomatically. You are a nature lover and love is your main driving energy.

If you are not in love, life seems to have stopped you. You are the happiest in emotional partnerships and easily enter into it. 

By nature, you are faithful, even though you are flirtatious and seductive. You have a pronounced sense of dressing, and your home is very tastefully decorated.

Art is often present in your life.

5. Mars

If your birth is ruled by Mars, you are a very lively and energetic person. You are looking for a challenge and competition, so you can find your way around sports activities.

You are eager for change and action. You are driven by enormous energy, but be careful not to go into hyperactivity. You can be quarrelsome and find it difficult to forgive mistakes.

You are very persistent and stubborn even when you plan something. You have an extremely high libido, and you are very passionate. So, you need a passionate partner too.

You have a hard time with criticism. You are very brave and there is little to fear.

6. Jupiter

If you are born under the influence of Jupiter, it is great happiness because it is a planet that symbolizes progress and success. You are always full of positive energy and happy, and there is little that can spoil your mood.

You look at worries and problems with optimismo, ready to solve them. You love sport, travel and adventure.

All your life you have been working on the upliftment of knowledge, so you read a lot or educate yourself. You love to hang out with people from who you can learn something.

Often in your life, you open up happy opportunities and circumstances, which you skillfully know how to take advantage of. 

At work, you are very successful and the older you get, the more you are appreciated by others because wisdom and experience speak from you.

7. Saturn


Those born in the year of Saturn are real people who stand firm on earth. Usted es serio y trabajador, and you take your job very seriously. 

By nature, you are ambicioso and your goal is to be successful in your career which you succeed in. Life is not too easy for you, so your childhood is already quite tiring.

You encounter so many efforts and sacrifices, but it makes you stronger and firmer. In love, you are cautious and emotionally difficult to open up. 

You are afraid of rejection, so you conquer your partner very con cautela until you are sure that the feelings are mutual. You can be ironic and prone to depression.

You find it difficult to relax, so you are constantly alert and in an anxious state. 

You don’t like jokes to your account, and remember the insults for the rest of your life. But you must be admitted to know that you know how to appreciate and maintain friendships that run to the end of your life. 

You are faithful and loyal in love, but also you have great expectations from your partner.