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¡Libera al guerrero que llevas dentro con estos 80 tatuajes vikingos!

Unleash the Warrior Within With These 80 Viking Tattoos!

Viking tattoos have been in the game for a very long time, even though it has never been proven that Vikings had tattoos, most people like to believe they adorned their skin, myself included!

We don’t have many historical facts about Vikings since they barely wrote anything down, especially when it comes to ‘estética‘ things, so to say. 

They didn’t write down things like hairstyles, fashion, y tattoos included. They did love their symbols and drawings tho!

They also loved their gods and goddesses!

Today we have many facts on both Nordic symbols and deities that dominate the tattoo industry when it comes to Viking tattoos.

In this article, I’ll show you some of the best (in my opinion) tattoos that showcase the most popular deities, along with the most prominent symbols from Nordic culture!

Viking Deity Tattoos

Vikings were very interested in their deidades and even today Mitología nórdica is very popular and interesting!

Some of the most prominent gods y goddesses include:

  • Odin– king of the gods and god of wisdom.
  • Valkyrie– a female warrior and a messenger of the gods.
  • Hel– the goddess of the underworld.
  • Loki– a trickster god, he is neither god nor bad since his only goal is to create chaos.
  • Thor– the god of thunder and of the free people.
  • Freyja– the goddess of love, beauty and fertility.

Along with them being prominent, they all come with a set of symbols that can be incorporated into tattoos!

Odin – King of the Gods and God of Wisdom

Odin has many names and he is the king of Gods y sabiduría. Apart from that he is also the God of War y Death.

Warriors who die in battle are taken to Valhalla. He is depicted to have one eye because he sacrificed one eye to be able to see everything that happens!

1. Portrait of Odin

2. Odin Surrounded by Trees

3. Odin and His Raven with the Symbol of Protection

4. Odin with a Face Scar

5. Odin and a Stag

Valkyrie – Female Warrior and a Messenger of the Gods

A Valkyrie is not just one woman, it’s a group of warrior women (Valkyries). They are depicted to be riding through a battlefield o watching the battlefield from above on flying horses!

These warrior women are messengers between humans y gods and they are believed to be fearless, brave, honorable and skilled in combat!

6. Portrait of a Valkyrie

7. Cartoon Interpretation of a Valkyrie

8. A Valkyrie with Runes

9. Realism Portrait of a Valkyrie

10. Valkyrie with Raven

Hel – the Goddess of the Underworld

Hel is the queen of the underworld in Norse mythology. The daughter of Loki and giantess Angrboda resides in her kingdom, Niflheim, which was divided into several sections.

11. Hel with Broken Horn

12. Thick-Lined Hel Tattoo

13. Hel from the Underworld

14. Potrait of Hel with Half-Skull Face

15. Queen Hel on Her Throne

Loki- the Trickster God

Loki es un trickster god, neither good nor bad and his only goal is to create chaos. He is able to change his appearance y sex.

We have a modern depiction of Loki in the Avengers movies today!

16. Portrait of Loki

17. Loki Runes

18. Loki from the Movies

19. Anime-Style Loki

20. Loki with Snakes and Spear

Thor – God of Thunder and Free People

Thor es un hammer-wielding god, he doesn’t go anywhere without it! He is able to summon storms, lightning, y thunder.

He is also the god of the free people and the son of Odin!

21. Portrait of Thor

22. Thor with His Hammer

23. Thor with Ship

24. Thor and His Silhouette

25. Angry Thor and Symbol of Valknut

Freyja – the Goddess of Love, Beauty, and Fertility

Freyja es un Norse goddess associated with amor y fertilidad. She is the sister and female counterpart of Freyr.

Apart from that, she was also credited for the evil act of teaching witchcraft!

26. Portrait of Freyja

27. Freya with Cats

28. Fabolous Freya

29. Goddess Freya with Symbols and Runes on Her Face

30. Freya with Flowers in Her Hair and Cats

Viking Symbols and Their Meanings

Vikings greatly appreciated their symbols and while many remain undeciphered today, there’s still a plethora of symbols that we understand!

They were used to portray their deities, beliefs, y mitos, so they obviously relied on them very much!

We covered their most important deities, now let’s take a look at the symbols they relied on the most!

Thor’s Hammer – Mjölnir

Thor uses his hammer a wield power over thunder y lightning. It is one of the most feared weapons in Norse mythology because of its ability to level mountains!

From movies, we know that when he throws his hammer it always comes back to him. It was very popular to wear Thor’s hammer as a protection amulet!

31. Thor’s Hammer and Axe

32. Thor’s Hammer and Raven Munnin

Yggdrasil – Tree of Life

It is said that this mythological tree holds the nine realms of existence!

33. Tree of Life with Runes

34. Geometric Yggdrasil

35. Yggdrasil with Runes Around It

Valknut – Viking Symbol for Death in Battle

En Valkunt symbol, also known as Hrungnir’s Heart o Heart of the Slain is still a mysterious symbol.

Su true meaning is still widely debated, but it’s most often associated with death in battle.

36. Outlined Valknut

37. Etched into Skin Valknut

38. Simple Valknut

The Helm of Awe – Symbol of Protection

This is one of the most powerful protective symbols for Vikings. It is said that it was drawn between the eyes to scare off enemies and protect them from the abuse of power.

39. The Helm of Awe with Runes

40. Hand Drawn Helm of Awe

41. Simple Helm of Awe

Huginn and Munnin – The Twin Ravens

Out of the two ravens, Huginn is depicted as memoria y Munnin como pensamiento. They are Odin’s ravens, so he sends them out every day to report back on important events.

42. Realistic Twin Ravens

43. Twin Raven Skulls

44. Cartoon Twin Ravens

Web of Wyrd – Matrix of Fate

The Matrix of Fate representa past, present y future events in a person’s life. Vikings believed that everything we do today will be reflected in tomorrow.

45. Hand Drawn Web of Wyrd

46. Shaded Web of Wyrd

Gungnir – Spear of Odin

Este spear was created by dwarves and it was given to Odin as a gift from Loki. It is preciso y never misses its target and much like Mjölnir, it comes back when thrown somewhere!

47. Odin and His Spear

48. Ornate Spear of Odin

Vegvisir – Runic Compass

Like any other compass, this one was used to show the way back home but also to protect seamen on their journey. It was believed that Vegvisir was a talisman for good luck y protección.

It was also believed to be a brújula espiritual. A person who has lost themselves y their faith could use the Vegvisir to gain confidence y get back on the right track!

49. Detailed Vegvisir

50. Vegvisir with Runes

51. Vegvisir with Odin

52. Huge Back Piece Vegvisir

53. Vegvisir with the Tree of Life and the Triple Horn of Odin

54. All-Black Vegvisir

55. Dragon Devouring Itself and Vegvisir

This one represents the circle of destruction and rebirth.

The Vegvisir can also be a spiritual compass, so the meaning behind this tattoo may be that someone is leaving their old self behind and starting a new and better life!

56. Tiny Wrist Vegvisir

57. Fine Line Vegvisir

Other Viking Tattoos

Under this category, we have many other Viking tattoos that are either blends of everything we mentioned above or they just draw inspiration from the Viking era!

58. Sköll the Wolf

According to Norse mythology Sköll the Wolf chases the Sun in her chariot across the sky.

59. Nordic Dragon

Dragons are common throughout many traditions and religions. In Nordic tradition, they are seen as symbols of power, luck, and, weirdly, evil.

60. Unknown Norse Goddess

61. Plethora of Nordic Runes

62. Blacked Out Raven Skull

63. Viking Sleeve

64. Finger Runes

65. Norse Dragon with Small Protection Symbol

66. Viking with Moon Phases and Axe

67. Valhalla Calling

68. Single Raven with Runes

69. Witcher-Based Tattoo

70. Celtic Armbands

71. Viking Seer

72. The Way of Runes

73. Nordic Armbands

74. Fox Skull with Runes

75. Odin Hand Tattoo

76. Tree of Life

77. Vegvisir with Animal Skull

78. Simple Finger Runes

79. Simple Finger and Nail Tattoo

80. Wardruna Viking Band Logo