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These Gut Instincts You Absolutely MUST NOT Ignore

These Gut Instincts You Absolutely MUST NOT Ignore

Have you ever been in a situation where you had a bad feeling about a certain person, situation, or place? Later, it turned out that it was bad for you and you knew you were right. These are examples of your gut feeling trying to warn you about something.

Examples of Gut Instinct Situations

Gut instinct is that feeling you get in your stomach that something is not right about something or someone. It is important to trust it as it could be warning us not to do something.

It is almost as if our Guardian angel is trying to save us from potential harm. Here are some examples of situations where our gut instinct tries to warn us:

1. Imagine you are about to meet someone you met online and on the day of the meeting, you feel sick to your stomach. You are nervous and you cannot tell what is wrong with you.

You decide to cancel the meeting, and your new friend becomes so offended by that – they start insulting you and calling you a liar. You potentially saved yourself from a really bad encounter or a terrible friendship. This was your gut instinct warning you.

2. Someone you know is calling you to tell you they need money and ask if you could help them. You instantly feel off about that situation. You cannot say what it is but you decide not to help this friend.

You later find out that they are scamming many people around you. This uneasy feeling was your gut instinct trying to protect you.

Signs Your Gut Instinct Is Trying to Tell You Something

There are several mental and physical signs that your gut instinct is trying to warn you about certain situations:

  1. Full-body chills, goosebumps, or tingling sensations up the spine
  2. A compelling urge to act, like an inner nudge or pull
  3. An unexpected sense of dread or fear that seems out of place
  4. Nausea or a feeling of physical uneasiness
  5. A sudden state of hypervigilance, being on “high alert”
  6. A clear and firm inner voice directing you to do or not do something

Gut Instincts You Must Not Ignore 

There are several different gut instinct signs you should be careful. However, some of them are more urgent than others and could be warning you about a highly dangerous situation. Here are several gut instincts you must not ignore.

1. “This is not the correct choice”

Imagine you get offered a new job and you are contemplating whether you should accept it or not. You decide not to accept it and you start writing an email to inform them about your decision. As you are writing it, you start feeling bad about it and you hands start sweating.

This could be a clear sign that you are not making the right choice.

If your body reacts negatively about it, it could mean that your gut instinct is telling you that you are making a mistake. You should rethink the decision and think twice, considering how your gut feeling warned you.

2. “I am in danger”

If you find yourself in a position where you clearly hear your inner voice tell you that you are in danger, do not disregard it. Imagine being offered a ride and a few minutes in, you feel terrible and your gut instinct is to leave the car at the next red light.

No matter how it may sound foolish to just leave, your safety is your priority. This means you should leave as the situation may be dangerous or potentially deadly.

3. “I need help”

If you feel like your mental health is not okay, and a sudden urge to seek help awakes in you, it is your gut feeling telling you to act right away. Our bodies can sometimes recognize our dangerous patterns and warn us about whatever is negative in our minds.

Take it as a sign to change, to seek help, and to get better.

4. “Something is off in my body”

If you get a sudden feeling to get a medical checkup done, it may be your gut instinct trying to warn you that you are having some medical issues you are not aware of. Try to listen to it and book an appointment with your doctor to do an overall checkup.

It is better to be safe than to overthink what may be wrong.

5. A Clear “YES”

If you are presented with a new opportunity and all of your body says YES, it is a sign that you should do it! It could be your gut instinct telling you that you should not ignore this and that a great opportunity is waiting for you!

There are several situations where you can feel overwhelming positive feelings about a certain situation or a person. This is your sign that it is the right choice! Do not ignore these signs and you will always be protected by your own body.