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Karma in The Horoscope – Do You Have Good or Bad Energy?

Karma in The Horoscope – Do You Have Good or Bad Energy?

Since ancient times, it has been considered that karma is energy that passes through our lives and changes according to our actions. The universe responds and gives us as we give it, that is, what energy we send to it.

Karma is also associated with astrology, and according to the interpretation of the character of zodiac signs, astrologers point out that each sign has its own karma and karmic debt.

Karma represents man’s good and evil deeds according to which our reincarnation is determined.

Based on the principles of absolute justice, punishment, and reward, learning about karma encourages us to reflect on our actions and take responsibility for our own lives.

Karma is a school, but you can change it with the desire and the way you act. But, first of all, you need to develop spiritual knowledge

Depending on the zodiac sign, some people are more prone to certain karmas. It is important that they recognize this and work on themselves and their actions in this life.

1. Aries

People born under this sign border on aggression. They also tend to escape from monotony and self-criticism. By properly using innate traits, they can more easily perform their life tasks, which consist of finding balance within themselves.

It is difficult for them to find the peace and security they crave until they learn to cope with life through self-sacrifice and failure

All they have to do is to find the strength to let go of the past without regret, and to continue living in the present. In addition, they always need to look only ahead.

2. Taurus

The karmic task of people who are born under the sign of Taurus consists of creating and opening their own spirit and finding the way to wisdom, understanding, and flexibility.

They were given the security and confidence that should be the foundation of their inner upgrading. They are extremely principled.

Behind their explosive reactions are most often the suspicion and fear that a change of opinion or circumstance will bring them some kind of loss and defeat.

They need to learn to fight their stubbornness and conservatism. They also need to control their own energy, which will allow them to devote themselves more to thinking.

It will open the way to spirituality.

3. Gemini

The karmic task of Gemini is to find harmony in its dual nature. They always shift the blame for their failures to someone else, thus running away from facing the very core of their problems.

Narcissistic by nature, they are considered better than others and expect the best positions and recognitions. They often don’t realize that something like this should be deserved.

They need to learn to master their superficiality, mood swings, and contradictions between their thinking and actions. 

To achieve inner balance, they need to devote themselves to meditation, thinking, and self-critical analysis of their own actions, especially patience and perseverance.

4. Cancer

People born under the sign of Cancer would have to work on developing their physical and material nature. It is because, in the previous incarnation, they received a well-developed spiritual consciousness. 

They are not combative or aggressive types by nature, so they often lose when trying to defend their attitudes.

Also, it would be good to avoid conflicts, because their gentle nature is not capable of fighting with people of all kinds of character and morality. There is no need to waste energy on those situations.

5. Leo

First of all, they should understand that life is diverse and that they are not more important than others.

They should stop judging life values only according to their own standards and underestimating people they think are not worthy of them.

Their karmic task is to learn how to listen to others with an open mind, and with the thought that something can be learned from everyone because they can learn something new every day.

6. Virgo

People born under this sign are karmically assigned self-discipline that reflects well on their material values, work, and learning.

These are individuals who are convinced that they have to hide their feelings in the name of higher goals, but thus know how to refuse good people who strive for warmer relationships.

To those people, Virgos seem too cold, but it is about distancing because of feelings of fear and insecurity.

7. Libra

It is very difficult for Libras to decide on any action because they constantly strive for a balance between the spiritual and the material.

Their karmic task is to get out of their comfort zone and accept life’s risks because that is the only way they can succeed. 

Libras sometimes have to fall to learn an important life lesson, but it is important that they get off the floor and get something good out of what happened. 

8. Scorpio

By nature, they are hedonistic, which often brings them to the center of events. They are full of a large amount of energy that needs to be controlled in order not to become destructive.

They should learn that everything depends on themselves, not on the people around them, their opinions and attitudes. They shouldn’t get away with the circumstances.

9. Sagittarius

In karmic terms, these people have reached maturation, they have achieved a balance of spiritual and material. They are not burdened by some internal crises and struggles.

They know their place in the world. Their main task in life should be to help others, either through conversation, compassion, and understanding or through concrete material and physical help.

10. Capricorn

People born under this sign are karmically bestowed with the ability to elevate the spirit above material things. They tend to have great knowledge and often encounter various temptations on the way to the goal.

To the environment, they can seem a little bit weird, but they are actually very sensitive.

They should learn to be more positive toward the people they are surrounded by and to refrain from cynicism. 

11. Aquarius

People born in this sign karmically have difficulty solving the conflicts from the past. They often allow themselves to become victims of other people’s imposed attitudes, beliefs, obligations, and compromises.

Aquarians should tackle their own inner duplicity and take responsibility for their decisions and actions.

Although these are generous individuals who love people, they are constantly afraid of criticism and reactions from others.

12. Pisces

Pisces are often overburdened by the pressure of others and confused by the reactions of the environment, although they are karmically assigned an exceptional ability to intuitively think and act.

People born under this sign have problems with feeling they need to please others.

Pisces should learn to think more about their own well-being and rely on their own intuition rather than other people’s reasons and opinions.

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