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Kundalini Awakening Stages – Energy Growth

Kundalini Awakening Stages – Energy Growth

Kundalini awakening stages will help you to understand the secret behind activating the Kundalini spirit.

Some people don’t want to wake up their Kundalini spirit, but those who do need to understand every stage and symptom. When you want to enrich your mind with every useful fact about the Kundalini spirit, it’s important to analyze everything connected to it.

Kundalini blockage symptoms and Kundalini twin flame will help you to understand the secret behind the Kundalini spirit.

Kundalini Awakening Stages

Kundalini awakening stages can be good and bad, depending on your perspective. If you believe that Kundalini awakening is a good thing for your spiritual journey, you should explore positive Kundalini awakening stages and Kundalini awakening symptoms.

Kundalini yoga is very effective for awakening by Kundalini spirit. A good yoga teacher, powerful yoga poses, and meditation will activate the process of Kundalini awakening.

If your beliefs are different and you believe that the Kundalini spirit or Python spirit is evil and demonic, pay attention to some other things I will mention.

Kundalini spirit is a bad thing for people who follow the Bible. However, if a person is affected by the Kundalini spirit, the best thing that can happen next is the Kundalini awakening.

Let’s talk about the Kundalini awakening stages when you want to activate the spirit of Kundalini in purpose. Keep in mind that there are also Kundalini awakening physical symptoms connected to some stages.

Stepping Onto The Path

This is the first stage of Kundalini awakening. It starts with your search for spiritual growth and enlightenment. It means that you want to do something that will change your life.

You want to discover the mysteries of the world. You want to experience spiritual awakening and transformation.

You want to see what the world has to offer. This first stage is all about your readiness to accept the unknown. It’s about stepping out of your comfort zone and finding something fulfilling.

Keep in mind that all these stages can happen to you even if you’re not thinking about Kundalini awakening. Sometimes you’re tired of a certain lifestyle.

Sometimes you simply feel ready for something that will change everything forever. Sometimes, you begin the process of awakening without being aware of it.


Activation is the 2nd stage of Kundalini awakening. It means that your search for the perfect spiritual path is over.

You feel focused and you know what you want. You feel like you can find answers if you follow a certain path. Also, in this stage, you feel more powerful and confident. You’re sure that your spiritual journey will bring you desired results.

You’re ready to activate your Kundalini spirit. You’re ready to experience a different dimension. You’re accepting things differently and your mind is clear.

This is the stage when you’re truly ready to accept something new. You’re ready to start something unfamiliar.

In this stage, you’re ready to explore Kundalini yoga poses, meditation, and Kundalini energy in general. You’re ready to experience the effects of yoga and meditation.

The most important Kundalini awakening physical symptoms for this stage are feeling a burning sensation up your spine and seeing beautiful colors and light everywhere you look.


Purification is one of the most difficult Kundalini awakening stages. In this stage, you’re overwhelmed with your past mistakes and wrong choices. Negativity surrounds you.

Your spirit and strength are tested in this stage. The purification stage is all about facing your troubles. It’s about admitting what tortures you. It’s about facing your greatest fears.

You know that you want to do better. You know that you want what’s best for you. However, your mind keeps collecting negativity. You have to be strong and brave in this phase.

You have to fight against things that make you feel bad. It’s time to be truthful and brave. It’s time to purify your mind, soul, and body.

You can’t find spiritual wealth until you discover every good and bad thing about yourself. You can’t find true happiness until you accept the fact that you have a bad side too.

This is a challenging phase that will rock you to your core. You will feel defeated and your spiritual journey will seem pointless. Making changes will feel useless, and you will feel awful.

However, purification is part of the process, and you have to keep pushing. You have to keep fighting because there is light at the end of the tunnel.

Since this is the hardest stage, Kundalini awakening physical symptoms are also strong. Some of them are insomnia, headaches or dizziness, the sensation of a ball in your throat, panic, shaking of the pelvis, legs, and feet, burning sensation up the spine, shortness of breath, and heightened sensitivity to people and places.


The purification phase is tricky and it’s hard to get through it. Transformation comes after it and it brings a lot of relief. This phase is characterized by more positivity. In this Kundalini awakening stage, you start to see results.

Your spirit is stronger and you’re more aware of yourself. You’re stable and you feel confident. The challenging stage of purification has strengthened your faith and desire to experience spiritual transformation.

You’re seeing results and you feel good. You’re starting to connect the dots. You’re starting to see the meaning of everything. This phase is like a ray of sunshine for everyone. You feel like a winner after a complicated battle. You feel powerful and focused.


The last stage of Kundalini awakening is all about finding peace and harmony. You finally feel calm and relaxed. You see your purpose. You know yourself so well.

You’re stable and you’re ready to experience happiness. You feel grateful and enlightened.

You’re filled with positive energy and you have high expectations. In this stage, the fear is gone. You’re not insecure anymore. You feel spiritually enriched. You feel different.

The stage of harmony is the stage of results and high vibration. Your mind is working differently. You’re ready to attract good things and good people.

You’re a better person. You’re a stronger person. The last stage is all about reaching spiritual highness. Kundalini awakening physical symptoms for this stage are increased blood flow to the brain, better focus, stronger immunity, and increased physical strength.

Kundalini Awakening Stages – The Other Point Of View

As I’ve mentioned before, some cultures believe that the Kundalini spirit is a good thing, while others think that this spirit is all about evil forces.

If you think that Kundalini spirit awakening is bad, your mind will go through different stages.

The stages I’ve mentioned above are reserved for people who believe in the goodness of Kundalini awakening.

If you’re not one of them, you could experience Kundalini awakening as something very traumatizing. There are many people who shared their experiences, and there are a few negative stages of Kundalini spirit awakening.

However, this is still called awakening. Most people experience these bad things because it’s time for them to be tested. It’s time for them to prove their faith and worth.

Negative Experience

Experiencing Kundalini awakening in a negative way usually starts with some kind of trauma or a negative experience. Most people have to experience difficulties during their life. Most people have to deal with awful things.

It’s okay to be weak. It’s okay to be sad and broken. However, when you’re too weak and when you give up on yourself, things won’t end up well.

When you don’t know how to cope with difficulties, you end up making more mistakes. You keep destroying yourself. When a bad thing happens, it’s important to heal. It’s important to recover. It’s important to acknowledge the situation.

When you’re not strong enough or wise enough, you’re destined to experience spiritual difficulties.

Losing Faith

When your spirit is broken, you feel alone and betrayed. Your faith is weak and you can’t work on your spirit anymore.

Things lose their meaning, and you don’t believe in anything anymore. You don’t believe in yourself and you lose interest. You feel like you can’t do anything right. You feel like everything is a mistake. Your life feels empty and you can’t really feel anything.

During this stage, you’re not the best person in the world. You’re chasing people away, and you’re losing your way. You’re lost, but you’re kind of used to it. You don’t care so much about things.

You just know that you’re not happy anymore. You know that you’re not the person you used to be.

Falling Apart

When negative energy and negative spirits consume you and your life, you lose control. Things become bad and it feels like your life is over.

It feels like a bad luck is your new best friend and there is no way to fix things. There is no way to get your life back.

Every area of your life is problematic at this stage, and you’re unhappy all the time. You feel useless and you don’t love yourself. You don’t appreciate anything.

The worst things start to happen, and you’re 100% sure that you were cursed or in hell already.


When you experience the worst things life has to offer, you realize that it’s not too late to take control of your life. You realize that nobody took away your control. You gave it up because you were too weak at some point.

You never did anything to change your situation. You never did anything that makes you spiritually pleased and fulfilled. You gave up on yourself and you attracted negative energy into your life.

This realization is very liberating because it’s the first step to healing and a positive stage. This stage helps you to get back on track.

Starting A New Chapter

When you hit rock bottom and realize that it’s not over until you say so, your life changes. You change your attitude and you change your thoughts.

You start to feel better. You start to see that there are still good things and good people in this life.

You start a new chapter in your life. Your difficult experience was a lesson. Your suffering gets a purpose. You become strong and you’re ready to fight for yourself again.

You know that no matter what happens you can always start over. You feel more confident and you recover from everything eventually. You know that this experience will help you in your future.

This is something that will strengthen your will to live and will to fight. You will be awakened and you will know how to be carefree in your life. You will be proud of yourself.

This experience will teach you that you can always survive. You can always face anything that comes into your life.

Is Kundalini Awakening Permanent?

When you think about it, all these stages are quite similar. There are difficult and challenging stages. There are stages of self-introspections. There are stages of acceptance.

But, is Kundalini awakening permanent? If it’s real, it’s permanent. When you want to experience it on purpose, you have to follow all the stages and you have to learn every little detail.

When it happens by accident, it’s always permanent because you didn’t force anything. It just happened.

Kundalini spirit lives in your sacral chakra. It’s there in your root chakra, at the base of your spine. It goes all the way to your crown chakra. It spiritually changes you and it wakes up all of your chakras.

Kundalini energy is special and different. It can truly do wonders for your mental health.

In Conclusion

Signs of Kundalini awakening are easy to understand and notice. The flow of energy in your body is changed during the awakening process.

Your mind is in a special state. Kundalini energy feels like a roller coaster. Stages of Kundalini awakening and Kundalini awakening symptoms are significant for everyone familiar with the Kundalini spirit.

The awakening by Kundalini is very mystical and deserves everyone’s attention. So many people are either amazed or frightened by the spiritual practice of awakening the Kundalini spirit.

It deserves all the attention because it truly is magical. It truly is something that needs to be taken seriously.

Kundalini Spirit vs Holy Spirit and Kundalini Reiki are worthy of your attention too, so make sure to learn more about them.

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