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Naivedya Mantra: Gratitude

Naivedya Mantra: Gratitude

Naivedya mantra is quite interesting and specific if you’re exploring all the mantras. This mantra is connected to food and blessings.

Every mantra has something that will attract certain people. There is nothing wrong with this. After all, people are different, and it’s normal to feel drawn to certain things, people, mantras…

Naivedya mantra is great if you want to become more grateful. If you need to strengthen your faith or hope, this powerful mantra will help you.

There are so many important things to learn about it, so keep reading this article. Read more about Vedic Meditation Mantras, Dhanvatari Mantra, Chakra Mantras, and Hanuman Mantra.

Read more about Vedic Meditation Mantras, Dhanvatari Mantra, Chakra Mantras, and Hanuman Mantra.

Naivedya Mantra

The Naivedya mantra is a mantra used during the Naivedya ritual. Naivedya means – “offering to God”. It’s connected to offering food to your God.

Naivedyam practice is common in Hinduism and it’s important for showing gratitude to a certain Hindu Deity or Deities. This represents your devotion and love. You’re showing your strong faith and sacrifice.

Naivedya is the offering, and when the food is blessed by the gods, we refer to it as Prasad. Naivedya or Bhoga is all about gratitude and spirituality. It’s strictly forbidden to taste the food during cooking. The food should be blessed first and then you should eat.

The Naivedya mantra is used during this ritual. It’s important to express your feelings and gratitude through words. Even though some people think it’s enough to offer the food, it’s important to use the mantra.

There is no specific Naivedya mantra and some people simply pray during the offering of the food. However, I will mention a few mantras often used by the people who practice Naivedya.

There are also some chakra mudras connected to these mantras. Mudras are usually performed with the right hand. It’s also important to sprinkle water around the plate of cooked food that is being offered.


Brahmarpanam Brahma havir brahmaagnou brahmanaayutham

Brahmaiva taena gantavyam Brahma karma samaadhina


The ladle is God, the oblation is God, and it is offered by God in the fire, which is God.

God shall be attained by him who is absorbed in God as the act of such sacrifice.


Om bhoorbhuvassuvah amrutho(u)pasvaranamasi

Pranaya swaha apanaya swaha vyanaya swaha

Udanaya swaha samanaya swaha brahmane swaha


The three worlds are pervaded by the Lord, the creator.

I offer this to prana – respiratory system

I offer this to apana – excretory system

I offer this to vyana – circulatory system

I offer this to Udana – reversal system

I offer this to Samana – digestive system


Aham vais(h)vaanaro bhoothvaa praaninaam daehamaas(h)rithah

Praanaapaana samaayukthah pachaamyannam chathurvidham


Becoming the fire of life in the bodies of living creatures and united with Prana (ingoing) and Apana (outgoing) breaths, I digest the four kinds of food.

The four kinds of food are:

  1. That which is chewed by teeth – rice, vegetables
  2. That which is swallowed – milk 
  3. That which is sucked – mango, sugar cane. The immovable beings such as trees receive food this way.
  4. That which is licked – honey etc.

Naivedya Mantra Benefits

Now that you know the Naivedya mantra meaning, it’s important to learn more about Naivedya mantra benefits.

Every mantra is beneficial, and every mantra can purify your life. It’s believed that Naivedya is used to purify and bless the food before eating, but there are many other benefits of this spiritual practice.

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If you know anything about spirituality, you know that gratitude can heal you and bring you a lot of desires and dreams. When you’re grateful, you radiate a special energy. Your high vibrations attract good things into your life.

Gratitude helps you to create a strong bond with the higher realm. You feel better and calmer.

The Naivedya ritual is an expression of gratitude. It’s not just about the food and the blessing of the food. It’s about being aware that this food exists to nourish us.

When you show your gratitude all the time, you will start to feel good. The Naivedya mantra during the offering of the food will help you to express your true emotions. You will feel connected to your inner self.

Naivedya mantra meaning will help you to understand that you’re blessed even when it seems that none of your dreams came true. You will understand what truly matters in life.

Naivedya mantra benefits will inspire you to be more positive and thankful for all the little things around you. You will understand the power of spiritual forces. You will feel ready to give them everything they want and need.

Gratitude will save you from misery and sadness. Your energy will grow and you will cleanse your soul and mind.

With time, you will learn that the recipe for happiness is quite simple. You will learn that accomplishing goals is not as complex as it seems. Your newfound attitude and humbleness will show you the best path to satisfaction and peace.

You will feel so powerful and energetic. You will feel like you have a chance for a new beginning. This is why it’s important to explore every mantra even if it seems irrelevant to you at a certain point.

Spiritual Enlightenment

Gratitude and strong faith will lift your spirit. You will realize what matters and life will be better. Besides these benefits of the Naivedya mantra, you will also feel more spiritual.

You will feel purified and you will be ready for a new spiritual journey. You will learn that material things can be great, but they won’t feed your soul. They won’t help you to blossom as a person.

This mantra will inspire you to start a new spiritual adventure and you will experience spiritual awakening. You will discover so many fascinating things about life and spirituality.

The higher forces will guide you through life. They will be here to show you the best way to realize your dreams.

You will start to live a life without worries and obstacles. You will learn that your faith and mental clarity can only push you forward in life.

You won’t be scared anymore. You won’t be confused anymore. You will become a strong and powerful person. You will have clear goals. You will have a simple life.

Spiritual growth will bring you everything you want and everything you need. This simple mantra will open new doors for you. Of course, you need to believe in this mantra and this ritual.

You need to have a strong faith and you have to do this because you truly want to. If you use mantras and spiritual rituals just because someone told you to do so, or because it’s normal to use them in your society, you won’t see any results.

The spiritual forces will reach out to people who have strong faith and true feelings. You need true intentions and true emotions to experience spiritual bliss.

Keep in mind that these things take time even when you’re fully devoted. Don’t give up and be patient.


At the end of the day, we all think about the people in our lives. You can have the greatest job and the best life, but you still want love and affection. You still want to share your emotions and faith with someone.

Even though it seems like the Naivedya mantra has nothing to do with love and relationships, that’s not true.

This mantra will help you to increase your spiritual energy. You will see things. You will appreciate small and basic things. You will know what truly matters. This type of clarity will help you to make better choices in life. You will become a better person.

When it comes to love, it’s important to follow your heart and be passionate. But, this mantra will teach you that it’s also important to respect yourself and your spirit.

If you’re single, the Naivedya mantra will help you to get closer to the spiritual forces. You will experience a lot of blessings and positive transitions. Your spirit will grow and you will become kind and generous.

You will be more understanding and realistic. These characteristics will help you to find a suitable partner for yourself.

You will feel confident and you will feel protected by the higher forces. So, try to use this mantra to get rid of your doubts and worries. Allow yourself to fly. Allow yourself to be free.

If you’re in a relationship, the Naivedya mantra will help you to be more respectful and thankful. You will see that certain small things don’t matter. You will see the bigger picture.

Love will become an important factor in your life. You will feel inspired to cherish your partner. Of course, if the relationship is not working, you will feel strong enough to end it.

Practicing this mantra will help you to understand the power of love. You will feel strong and loyal. You will learn that love is about happiness, support, and respect. If you’re unhappy it’s important to leave that unhappiness.

Your spiritual progress will teach you how to stand up for yourself in every moment. So, be the best version of yourself and fight for yourself in every moment.

If you’re going through a breakup, this mantra is very beneficial. It will help you to forget about your sadness. You will focus on yourself and your spirit.

You won’t spend a lot of time feeling bad and defeated. Breakups are complicated, but when you devote yourself to spiritual work, it’s much easier to survive.

You will heal faster with the help of the Naivedya mantra. You will find your happiness again and you will appreciate the experience you had with your former partner. Everything that happens in your life will teach you something.

Finally, mantras are about reconnecting with the spiritual realm. This mantra will also bring light into your life. Your love for spiritual forces will grow. You will feel blessed and rewarded.

You will see things clearly with the help of this powerful mantra. You will see the world with different eyes and you learn how to enjoy life. You will stop wasting your time on the wrong people and the wrong things.

Your new chapter will be filled with love and spiritual work. This mantra can bring you a lot of good luck and motivation. Explore it and try to practice it if you’re interested in attracting good health.


People like to work on their spiritual side because they want peace. Without peace and balance everything else is pointless.

If you feel scared or stressed all the time, everything else in your life is less important. This is why your aim goal should be peace, clarity, and balance.

To find peace, you need to feel healthy and complete. The Naivedya mantra will help you to feel invincible. You will be able to find freedom and harmony. You will finally feel important and see. You will be able to fulfill your purpose.

In Conclusion

Naivedya mantra is very unique and truly wonderful. It represents gratitude and respect.

While eating food every day, you don’t even think about some other things. You don’t even understand that food exists only for survival. It’s just a fuel. You shouldn’t be greedy or picky when you think about food.

This mantra is to understand that there is a bigger force in this world. Spiritual forces are real and it’s important to show them your love and gratitude.

It’s important to celebrate basic things like food and drink. So many people miss those basic things. When you learn how to be grateful for them, you will be cleansed and spiritual.

You will find what you’re looking for and things will make sense for the first time. You won’t be a lost soul anymore. You will easily find every piece of information you need. It will be easy to contact the higher forces.

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