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Personal Year 9: It’s Time To Move On To Something Better

Personal Year 9: It’s Time To Move On To Something Better

Personal Year 9 – Discovering one’s personal year number is an incredible and wonderful knowledge to gain. It opens up new insights to us, which cannot be attained through any kind of limited worldly experience, and helps us understand where we are going in life.

You see, a lot about us and our stories is already predetermined, and we are not as free as we would like to believe ourselves to be. The universe weaves its net around us without ever consulting what we want, and the only thing left is for us to adapt to the course of events.

However, in our ignorance of this truth, many operate under the illusion that they are the sole and chief masters of their destinies. foolishly thinking that whatever happens to them is their own responsibility.

Few are wise enough to understand and accept the fact that most things are beyond our control. That most things are in actuality governed by forces invisible to our mortal eyes.

Those few know, that the answers important for life are not to be found within the confines of our limited understanding, but can only be accessed by relying on the mystical arts.

One of these arts is numerology, which uses its wisdom to help people find their direction and guide them through their journeys.It is, unlike any other empirical science, capable of giving knowledge and precognizance of what has not yet happened, but will.

The most usual way it does this is by assisting us in identifying and interpreting our year cycles, or so called personal year numbers. By determining this, it enables us to know what events and experiences to expect in our near futures, and how to prepare for them.

Recently, you have taken an interest in the amazing art of numerological prediction, and doing so, you found out a lot about yourself, your life, and other things relating to its future. Among all of this, you discovered your personal year number as well.

Nevertheless, lacking in practice and education with regards to the esoteric knowledge, you decided to consult the experts in it, and so you came to us.

Well, rest assured that you have done right by doing so. Because here, in this article, you will receive all of the answers you have been looking for. Here, we will help explain to you what your personal year number means, and what it tells us about your life and its future course.

Personal Year Number 9 Means That This Will Be a Time of Great Reevaluation For You


Year cycle 9 will represent a period in your life when you will have to take stock of your life, and reassess everything in it. First and foremost, it is year when you will have to stop postponing many of the things that you have left unfinished so far.

Whether it is professional obligaitons, or confrotnig family issues, you have to deal with them once and for all. Your future will not wait on you forever, so therefore you have to get going and make things happen.

However, so long as you allow your past to get in the way, you will never achieve any kind of progress. In short, you have to get serious, and begin putting things in order. Otherwise, you will continue to stagnate. (in numerology number 9 is a sign of new beginnings).

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You Have To Seperate The Important From The Unimportant In Your Life


Before you can move forward into a happier and better future, you need to unburden yourself from whatever is obstructing you on your way to success.

You have to minimize your obligations and focus just on those things for which you can clearly see an identifiable benefit. Whatever is not giving you anything concrete and positive should be thrown into the figurative trash bin.

Yes, this will be at times hard to do, but it is a necessary step to make if you are to go further in life.

So cut off and get rid of whatever is needlessly draining you of your energy and distracting you. Because, only that way can you finally start to blossom and flower as an individual.

Throw Away Your Emotional and Psychological Baggage


Personal year 9 cycle is also the time to confront some of the psychological and emotional burdens you have allowed to weigh you down.

Naturally, this is nothing to be ashamed of. We all have our little traumas. However, the problem arrises when we allow it to affect our happiness and peace of mind.

In short, let bygones be bygones and put the past in the past. There is no use in reliving past failures and tragedies. For there is no happiness in constantly looking backwards.

Instead, focus your gaze firmly on what is to come, and recomplensate the defeats of yesterday with tomorrows victories.

Be Open With Your Feelings


There would be nothing worse for you, than to allow your anxieties, fears, and sadness to remain locked up inside of you. Such a feeling when trapped and unventilated, will only serve to worm through you, leaving you rotten and empty as a consequence.

Therefore, you have to let go of your inhibitions, and allow your emotions free rein. Learn to directly confront them, and find a way to work through what you are feeling in a healthy manner.

Don’t torment yourself by letting it press on your brain and heart like some kind of bad tumor. Nothing good will come out of that, and letting your negativity fester inside of you will only lead you to develop dangerous coping mechanisms.

In other words, don’t be afraid to cry and be vulnerable, at least not in front of yourself. We all have our weak sides, and acknowledging your own will only do you good.

Personal Year 9 Is All About Trying New Things


Since this year will be a very eventful one in your life, it might be a good time to try new things. You should not, after all, limit your ambition because you are a talented, gifted person who can achieve much as long as you apply yourself to it.

So, for example, this could be the perfect moment for you to finally start working harder at your job. If you have for a long time been wishing for some kind of promotion or raise, then you would do well to begin more actively proving yourself to your superiors.

Get involved in projects and tasks that you would have normally done in the past, and experiment with new challenges at work. In such a way, you will most certainly attract the notice of your bosses and get what you want.

However, innovating in your life routine can go in an even more radical direction, and in case your career does not satisfy you, you can always change it. For with the influence of personay year number 9 in your life, you can expect a wonderful outcome to no matter what oyu chose to do.

Therefore, don’t hesitate to do what you think is right for you. The time has finally come for you to start over and go after your dreams.

Great Changes Await You In Your Future


The coming days and months might be full of uncertainty for you. A lot of changes will play out, which will on occasion feel a bit disorienting and confusing. So you have to stay prepared to confront the transformations as they come. (in numerology number 9 is also a sign of of personal and spiritual growth).

That being said, these changes will probably be life changing and positive in character, and uplift you into a higher place of existential happiness. In fact, many of them will represent watershed moments in your journey, and mark the beginning of a new era in it.

An era that will be completely and profoundly different from what you have experienced in the past.

Maybe you even know what we are talking about here. Perhaps, some kind of major turning point is approaching on your calendar already. Whther it is graduating college, being hired for your first job  or getting married.

However,  the importance you ascribe to it is still undervaluing it, and in actual fact this event will prove to be more significant for your future than you expect.

Nothwithstanding, even if you don’t have antihng planned or set up definitely in the coming days, rest assured that life altering occurences will happent nevertheless. So get ready for a major transition and personal revolution to happen to you.

Personal Year 9 and Love


In case you are currently engaged in some kind of a romantic relationship, then this could be the year when you and your partner will go through a lot of break throughs. In other words, things will move fast and you two will have a lot on your plate, so to speak.

Therefore, you ought to be ready for some very radical and profound changes that will leave your love life completely transformed. So you would do best to prepare for them as well as you can. If nothing else, then at least to stregthen yourself mentally for the challenges to come.

All in all, these upcoming events will be very dramatic in nature, and they will affect and influence your life with your partner in quite a crucial way. Marking a turning point in the further evolution of your relationship.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to say what direction these changes will take, and they could be either positive or negative. However, they should, in general, be helpful to you, and enable you and your partner to move forward into the next level of your relationship.

Personal Year 9 and Health


Personal year number 9 cycle will be a period when you will do a lot of questioning about yourself and your life. A lot of things will have to be sifted through in it, and you will have to make some major personal reforms.

(number 9 in numerology is usually associated with life altering changes, and spiritual growth)

This might at times cause you to have bouts of self doubt, and the days and months ahead could be rather stressful. So much reexamination will unavoidably prove to be very exhausting, and even though these are mostly psychological and emotional efforts you will undertake, they could affect your health.

Stress will be the main culprit and the treat to your well being, therefore make sure you immunize and harden yourself against it. The best method to do is, is to simply accept your own imperfections and the imperfections of life.

After all, you are not perfect; no one is, and the sooner you learn to accept this, the better of you will be. In short, our short little journey on this earth is all about trial and error. Don’t blame yourself too hard if occasionally you fail at something, and especially don’t allow it to affect your health.

This Will Be An Era Of Great Self Discovery For You


The eventfulness you will experience in your near future, is not just going to affect your external life. There will be a lot of progress and change in your inner self as well. In short, number 9 will affect your spiritual and mental development in a very strong and significant way.

Enabling you to progress into a higher intellectual and emotional plane. You might even discover new interests, new hobbies, and even go through some kind of a religious rebirth.

However,  whatever form this process of maturing takes, you will most certainly, as a result of it, achieve greater inner stability, fullfilment and peace. Things are finally going to fall into place, and all of the old insecurities and weaknesses that once plagued you will disappear.



As we have seen, having a personal year (number) 9 is a sign that your life journey in entering a cycle/phase of consolidation and maturing. It is a sign that your existence is a about to progress forward into a more serious and significant stage of development.

All, however, will not be excitement and positivity, and, at times, you will have to face some very painful and diffcult decisions.

Still, at the end of the day this will also be a tremendously transformative period, at the end of which you will be a new person. A person able to confront life with a new freshness and a new zeal.


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