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5 Types of Powerful Love Spells

5 Types of Powerful Love Spells

Whether you like it or not, magic is all around us and many people turn to it when they need help or just want to satiate their desires.

The most common desire that spell casters are asked to fulfill is the desire for love.

But since there are different types of love, there are also different types of love spells.

These love spells deal with problems of the heart, such as fixing your current relationship, getting an ex back, making your crush notice you, etc.

Find out which type of love spell best aligns with your needs!

Is Using Love Spells Unethical?

This question is most often asked by skeptics.

Using a love spell is unethical only when you manipulate someone’s mind, and that is not what we’re doing here.

If the intention you have set at the beginning of your casting is pure, and you truly want long-lasting love, then you don’t have to worry.

As long as nothing bad happens to the people you care about, you’re good to go!

How to Find the Perfect Love Spell?

When casting at home, never underestimate the power of a love spell, no matter what it seems like you must be very careful.

The most important things you absolutely must do, are research and finding the right spell.

Never ever use one spell over another, or use one spell to stop a spell you previously cast. Instead use an established spell whose purpose is to remove your old one.

And please, if you have never done anything like this before, please reach out to a local spell caster or seek out someone online that will help you.

We have compiled a list of common spells that work wonderfully:

Attraction Spells

This is a powerful set of spells and people use it to attract: success, wealth and the most common one is love.

We have provided a simple spell you may use when you want to attract a lover:

You will need to acquire laurel leaves and a dying fire for this ritual. Make yourself comfortable and sit before the dying fire.

Concentrate on the fire and relax, think about your lover. The container with your laurel leaves is between your knees. You need to take a fistful of leaves and throw them onto the fire.

Keep concentrating on your lover and imagine the universe drawing you two together.

Lastly, wait until the fire dies down and repeat 3 times.

Crush Spells

A lot of people believe that crush spells are the easiest to do. And they are!

But these spells are also very powerful and shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you halfheartedly cast a crush spell it will backfire.

Nevertheless, crush spells have a very good track record and they rarely have any negative consequences.

They are very easy to cast, but very difficult to remove, so if you want to get rid of a crush spell you will need a spell specifically designed for that purpose.

The spell that we will cover is a very popular one I think. I’ve been seeing it all across social media.

You will need a pen, paper and a red thread. Write down your first name and the last name of your desired person.

Draw circles around your names, as nicely as you can. In case you only want a physical relationship, draw squares. Cut out the shape and spray some of your favorite perfume on it.

You can either put the piece of paper under your pillow or carry it in your pocket when you see them.

Commitment Spells

If you’re having doubts that your partner is not committed because they’re always sneaking around, or they’re just flaking constantly, you might want to try a commitment spell.

These spells also have a good track record and they rarely backfire if you do them right.

What you will need for this spell: red and white candles (one each), a red thread, a piece of paper, a picture of you and your partner, a black marker and some sort of black cloth.

Start by writing their name on the piece of paper with the marker. Then, light the candles, putting the white one to your left and the red one to your right.

Burn the horizontal ends of the paper with the white candle, and the vertical ends with the red candle. You shouldn’t burn the paper completely, just burn it lightly.

Put the picture or pictures on the paper and wrap all of that with the black cloth, but make sure it’s clean when casting this spell. Wrap this entire bundle up with the red thread, like a present.

Hold the bag over the red candle and say ‘Bring my lover back to me’ 3 times and repeat the process over the white candle.

When you’re done, seal the spell by burying the bag in soil. You may do this in your backyard or in a potted plant.

Marriage Spells

Is your marriage in shambles or do you and your spouse just need to get that spark back again? Marriage spells are the way to go.

They are actually a branch of commitment spells, meaning that these spells work much more often than not.

If you want to get your spouse back, you will only need a red silk cord.

When you go to sleep, put the cord under your pillow. When your spouse is asleep, tie 7 knots in the cord.

Keep the cord hidden and protected so that the knots don’t loosen up. If they do, the spell won’t work.

Obsession Spells

These are probably the most powerful spells out there. In order to cast this type of spell, you need to prepare mentally, your mind needs to be healthy and strong and you need to prepare immensely.

You need to do your research and have great knowledge about spell casting and witchcraft.

For this spell, you don’t have to use any ingredients, but you will need to do a lot of preparation.

You need to focus, strengthen your mind and your faith.  You need to visualize the person you’re casting a spell on.

See their face clearly in your mind and think about the reason for casting this spell.

You will need a chant that aligns with your desires, and you can always go with something along the lines of:

I pray to You and I hope that (insert lover’s name here) loves me deeply. I chant this three times today. Please hear me!

After this, just wait and be patient. Keep thinking positively and you will start to see changes in their behavior.

Happy Casting!

You can find various love spells online, but for those who are new to spell casting, firstly you need to figure out how spells work.

Without pure intention, belief and positive energy, your spell won’t manifest successfully.

If you combine all three of these things, which must come from within you, you will enjoy the fruits of your labor. 

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