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10 Signs You Are Dealing With A Spiritual Narcissist

10 Signs You Are Dealing With A Spiritual Narcissist

At this point, we have all heard about narcissists and how they can harm us. However, a spiritual narcissist is a whole different story – a much more dangerous one.

If you think you may be involved with one, here are 10 clear signs that prove a person is a spiritual narcissist.

What Is A Spiritual Narcissist?

Spiritual narcissists are people who use spirituality to feed their own ego. Most people who start their spiritual journeys become aware of their ego and they connect with their true selves, disregarding the material world and what the ego wants.

Ego death is one of the most profound experiências of spiritually awake people. However, some people start feeding on their ego, using spirituality to feed it even more.

When someone’s main idea about themselves becomes that they are a ‘spiritual person‘, this is when the spiritual ego is born. If you come across a person who is always talking about how spiritual they are and how nothing can go against them and their spirituality, it is a clear sign they are putting too much valor on it.

Their spirituality becomes so advanced that they start becoming too aware of their grandiose position in spiritual realm. This creates a spiritual narcissist.

In real life, espiritualidade is your guide and motivation to discover your true self, become one with the Universe, and become the best version of yourself. Spiritual narcissists do not stop there.

10 Traits Of A Spiritual Narcissist

Just like narcissists have inflated egos, spiritual narcissists think that their spiritual achievements are too precious and special that they are know-it-alls and they cannot connect to other people.

On the outside, they may appear compassionate and generous but other people usually pose a threat to their delusional grandiosity. If you are in doubt whether someone you know is a spiritual narcissist, here are dez signs that they might be:

1. Overly-publicized Spirituality


If someone you know is always publicizing their spiritual practices and your Instagram is bombarded with their selfies while doing yoga or meditating – it can be a clear sign they are doing it just for show.

Spiritual journeys should be private and while it is okay to share some of it, oversharing can be a sign of spiritual narcissism. Constant praises and questions about practices feed the ego and a person can become too conceited.

2. A ‘Special’ Connection

If a person claims that their connection to the Universe is more special than other connections, it is a sign that they are distinguishing themselves from others and feeding their spiritual ego.

They want others to see them as superior or special. A deeply spiritual and healthy person will immediately recognize that this is driven by ego since all beings in the Universe are equal.

People who think they are special often form small cults around them which feed their inflated egos even more.

3. Superiority

While this is closely related to the feeling of a special connection, it is not always the same. People with inflated spiritual egos may often disregard your spiritual journey while praising theirs. If you are only discovering things about spirituality, instead of helping you and rooting for you, they may see your progress as insignificant because they have already dealt with that, making you feel inferior. A spiritually healthy individual will always know that everyone is special in their own ways and no journeys should be compared.

4. Trying to Convert People to One Way of Thinking

If a person has found what works for them during their spiritual journey, it does not mean it will work for everyone.

Trying to impose one way of thinking on others is an underlying ego issue where that individual thinks only their way is the right way. While you can give advice, you also need to be careful how you do it and if you are being too condescendente.

Imposing one way of thinking can result in people being confuso, not in tune with themselves, and not listening to what their soul has to say.

5. Never Admitting to Being Wrong

Espiritualmente saudável individuals are fine with making mistakes. In fact, mistakes are what make us grow and learn.

However, spiritual narcissists can NEVER be wrong and if you call them out, be prepared for a harsh debate.

This is because their ego does not let them ever be perceived as wrong. Being wrong means having flaws and they certainly cannot accept that.

6. No Curiosity for Life or Others

Spiritual narcissists often find it difficult to connect to others or to explore their life. They think that they have experienced it all, often making assumptions that nothing can touch them and they avoid life’s desafios.

This can be extremely harmful to them because real life has a great way of humiliating us. Even if we are spiritually awakened, our souls need to crescer and learn more from life.

It is a beautiful experience and limiting yourself to only one stage is not the point.

7. Only Using Spiritual Words

People who are practicing espiritualidade often come into contact with various books, articles, and videos related to it. Becoming knowledgeable about spirituality is wonderful as it helps you discover new perspectives.

However, if your vocabulary is filled with only spiritually related words, you may be trying to appear as this special ‘spiritual person’ which may come from the ego.

Egos love to be at the center of attention and you may attract it by using words nobody else is familiar with. A spiritually healthy person will always try to speak in a language others understand while trying to explain certain notions.

8. Trying to Ascend to Higher Realms

If a person believes their powers are so special that they are no longer human, this is a sign they need to reevaluate their knowledge and dig deeper into what their soul is saying.

These people often want others to perceive them as special and important so they cannot be seen as other humans.

9. Being a Channeler

Saying that your connection is somehow special and that others can access it only through you is another characteristic of a spiritual narcissist.

No connection is special as we are all a part of Oneness and we all have to tune into our own connection with the Universe. If someone tries to convince you otherwise, try to stay away and save your energy for your introspective meditation practices.

10. Wearing a Mask of Niceness

What makes spiritual narcissists difficult to reconhecer is their positivity, niceness, and wisdom. Many feel like they are truly nice people who want to help others.

But there are healthy fronteiras where the practices can be helpful and when they turn into much more sinister, ego-feeding rituals. When people idealize gurus who are spiritual narcissists, they are seen as nice and wise.

The best way to test them is to challenge them. If they are provoked, they are not truly at peace and they may be doing all the nice work just to feed their ego.

Trust Your Spiritual Journey

It is important to stay aware of these problematic behaviors and spot them before they drag you into their spiritual practices. Think with your own head and let your heart guide you.

Seeking advice is beneficial if it is from those who are not flaunting their spirituality and dragging you to believe only what they say. Your spiritual journey is yours only and it is important to confiança your gut.

If you spot a spiritual narcissist, it is best to stay away and not spiritually engage with them. They cannot know you better than you know yourself. You will be rewarded with freedom, happiness, and love