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Cuidado com estas entidades das trevas durante a sua viagem espiritual

Beware Of These Dark Entities During Your Spiritual Journey

When you embark on your viagem espiritual, you will feel its benefits very fast. Positive emotions come with a positive and aware mindset so it can be a beautiful experience.

No entanto, existem negativo sides to spirituality, and they usually come in the form of negative or dark entities. We need to be aware of them in order to learn how to ignore them.

Be Aware Of These Negative Entities & Individuals

These are the negative souls you should be aware of during your spiritual journey.

1. Dark Souls

Dark souls are souls who you feel negative around. There always seems to be a bad feeling around them and after spending time with them, you feel exhausted, and bad things happen to you.

They see the negative in everything and have a very pessimistic approach to life.

Just imagine going on vacation with someone who simply cannot enjoy life. They seem to always find problemas in everything and cannot relax enough.

These people will make you feel bad as well and transfer their negative energies to you. You should avoid people who make you feel this way as they may have dark souls and are not good for you spiritually.

2. False Prophets and Charlatans

Fake spirituality is present everywhere and it may be masked so you do not recognize it at first glance. People who appear that they know it all and have achieved some spiritual peak but are not spiritual deep inside are charlatans who are doing it just for show.

If they get triggered easily or use bad practices, such as creating a cult-like atmosphere, avoid them. They usually want to build their egos and mask them as being humanitarian or spiritually superior.

Whenever someone makes you feel as if they are superior spiritually to you, know that it is not genuine. We all have different paths and approaches to life so each person’s timing is different.

Real spiritual people know this and never judge those who are still finding themselves.

3. Energy Vampires

These are people who drain your energy and who make you feel mentally exhausted.

They are always needy, rarely satisfied and you always feel like you need to do extra work for them to be OK. Energy vampires can slow down your spiritual growth by their negativity and can change your outlook on things.

They will exhaust all of your positive energy so they can feel better.

Imagine having a friend who is always complaining and you always have to cheer them up, but they never do when you need their support. This can make you feel like you are putting way more effort than they do and it can make you feel emotionally exhausted.

4. Manipulative Individuals

If you feel like someone is manipulating you and telling you what to do during your spiritual journey, it means they have other motives.

For example, fake psychics or fake gurus may tell you how to reach your best potential but you have to do it their own way.

They may even disregard your journey or your beliefs if they do not match theirs and make you want to ‘convert‘ to their ways.

These individuals usually make it seem as if they have reached their full potential and have experienced ‘spiritual awakening’ so their way is the only way.

They also shame others who do things differently. It is wrong because everyone has their own way of dealing with things, so do not let others manipulate you.

5. Unbalanced Practitioners

If there is an individual who forces their opinion on others and is only talking about spirituality, it may be someone who did not find equilíbrio in their life and uses spirituality as their escape from themselves.

You will recognize them as they always use spiritual words, jargon that only gurus use and their only perception in life is through a spiritual lens. They disregard anything that does not have to do with espiritualidade.

These individuals are not truly at paz because no balance in life is not healthy. They may harm our growth if we listen to them too much and start becoming like them.

6. Those With Ulterior Motives

Scammers and people who promise you spiritual awakenings if you BUY something they sell are usually manipulating you for their own good.

There are many of these negative practitioners online and they sell courses or guidebooks on how to achieve things you want.

What works for someone does not mean it will work for you, so try to evitar falling into their traps and spending money on something that may not work for you.

7. Negative Influences

There are people who experienced negative situations on their spiritual journey and they try to advise you against it because of this one event.

For example, some tried manifesting, but they did not get what they wanted and they gave up.

So when you mention manifesto, they immediately tell you it does not work. This is influencing you negatively because you may listen to them, without knowing how much they tried, if it was the correct way, or if they gave up too early.