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Dark Secrets of Zodiac Signs – They Don’t Even Admit It to Themselves

Dark Secrets of Zodiac Signs – They Don’t Even Admit It to Themselves

We all have some things we hide from others that we wouldn’t want them to know about. Maybe we are afraid of criticism and condemnation.

On the other side, perhaps we just don’t want to share it with anyone because we would like to keep a piece of intimacy to ourselves.

Each sign of the Zodiac has its own virtues and flaws, but also a lot of insecurity. They hide deep secrets within themselves.

Many already have an opinion formed about a certain sign, but there is also that hidden side about which little is known.

Each zodiac sign hides much more than can be seen at first. So, it means that we all have our secrets and insecurities that we struggle with. 

Here are some of the secrets that every zodiac sign keeps carefully.

1. Aries

People born under this sign are known as a warrior and a fighter for their beliefs and opinions. This is what the world sees because they show it exactly. 

But their secret is that deep down they are not at all as confident as they are performing nowhere near. So, this makes them feel like the world’s biggest fake man.

2. Taurus

You are a man for whom a safe and stable home is very essential, whom you have provided yourself and enjoy it. But despite your hard work and thought, your secret is that deep down you think that you are not doing well enough.

To sum up, you think that you are not doing everything you can and that the smile you wear on your face is just a mask.

3. Gemini

This zodiac sign is the soul of every party and the driving force of communication. Also, this sign of the Zodiac encourages everyone around them to accept their nature and be themselves.

On the other side, the secret of the people with this zodiac sign is that they think that their lives are often about to fall apart and in pieces.

The more they try to embrace their own nature, the worse things go.

4. Cancer

Although people born under this sign have innate parenting skills and firmly believe in building strong family roots, the whole idea of family and traditional life is a big challenge for them.

However, as much as others believe in this, their biggest secret is that they are not sure if they even want to have children.

5. Leo

Everyone looks at Leo as a confident individual who speaks boldly and acts just the way he feels. But deep in himself, Leo knows that his secret is that he is actually not that person.

In fact, Leo wants a simple life with less drama and difficulty. Behind the scenes, Leo is a simple person with simple needs.

6. Virgo

Virgos are analytical and rational. They are also loyal partners and friends and you can always rely on them if you need help. 

But even though they are very good at helping others, their secret is that they don’t know how to let others help them without feeling guilty or ashamed about it.

7. Libra

Libras were created to achieve order and harmony in their life. But their dark secret is that they feel that they are very far from what they represent and what they stand for.

They feel that their life is actually chaos, not harmony, and that they are therefore a “faker”.

8. Scorpio 

Although they are known as a magnet for people and often have deep relationships with others, the secret of members of this sign is that they often suffer from others. 

In fact, they tend to solitude and they adore spending time alone, the way they want. This is a classic and egotistical Scorpio.

9. Sagittarius

They are known as a great risk taker, a dreamer, and an adventure lover. But their secret is that they constantly feel fear and worry.

They are wondering all the time if they made a mistake somewhere or if they made the right decision. They don’t realize that everything in life is temporary.

10. Capricorn

For Capricorns, life is all about discipline, long-term goals, and plans, which they usually impose on others. 

On the other side, their secret is that they would like to be more spontaneous and less burdened, but they don’t know how.

11. Aquarius

While you are the ultimate truth seeker and fight for the justice of those around you, you hide a secret from everyone. The secret is that this struggle exhausts and tires you.

That is why you sometimes fight because it is expected from you, or to find the meaning that you lost along the way.

12. Pisces

É um dreamer and healer. If someone near you suffers, your first urge is to help. But the secret you hide from others is you are under great pressure every day to achieve what you dream about.