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Full Moon Rituals: Things You Should And Shouldn’t Do

Full Moon Rituals: Things You Should And Shouldn’t Do

A full Moon can either be your best friend or your enemy. Doing certain activities during a full Moon can be a great way to advance in your life or to sabotage yourself.

Let us examine which activities you should and should not do during the full Moon.

Full Moon and Its Significance

The other night I was not able to fall asleep until 3 A.M. I was wide awake in my bed, trying to fall asleep by numerous methods. Later that morning, I went to work and during a coffee break with my coworker, I mentioned how tired I felt.

She told me that she also hadn’t been able to fall asleep and said: “It’s because of the full Moon!”. I was not even aware of that until she mentioned it.

She asked me if I had been doing anything that I shouldn’t have during the full Moon and I was amazed at her knowledge about it. In this article, I will share everything she told me about rituals that should and should not be done during a full Moon.

A full Moon is known to affect humans in quite mysterious ways. Many scientists believe that it affects our mental health, blood pressure, and sleep patterns. It is not a new concept either – ancient civilizations used to perform special rituais during a full Moon.

They knew that its energy could either help you or make you ill. So, let us see what we should and should not do.

Things We Should Do During A Full Moon

These are the things we should do, if we have a chance to, during a full Moon.

1. Meditation

It is important to find time and meditate during a full Moon. It is time to reflect on our practices, opinions, and life choices, and decide whether they serve us or not and if we should change some of them.

Autorreflexão is important if you want to grow spiritually and a full Moon is a perfect time to do that. It will help you concentrate and enlighten you with some new ideas you might love.

2. Beauty Rituals

Did you know that some women only get their hair cut during a full Moon? They believe that it grows faster and becomes thicker if you do this. A full Moon is a time for ‘letting go’ and beauty rituals are exactly that – getting rid of the old and welcoming the rebirth phase.

Fill your bath with essential oils or bathe in milk – you will feel rejuvenated and your body will thank you.

3. Charge Your Crystals

During a full Moon, you can leave your crystals out in the open so they can charge with this extremely poderoso energy. You will feel their new power immediately and your crystals will shine brighter.

4. Time To Move

Moving your body during a full Moon will make your body mais saudável and your sleep will be better. If possible, dance to your favorite music or go on a calming evening walk around nature.

It will let your body get some oxygen and you will feel much better. This is exactly what you need during this time – a healthy body and a rested mente.

5. Manifesting

Whichever dreams you may have, try to do your manifesting rituals during a full Moon. It is a great time to send out all your desires and wishes to the Universo, and they will manifest much quicker.

Seeds planted during a full Moon will be the ones to grow to their fullest potential! Prepare a nice setting for your manifestation ritual, light a candle, play relaxing music, and feel rested. Get excited because all your wishes are about to come true!

6. Journaling

Write down everything that bothers you about your life at the moment. Once you do it, dissolve that piece of paper in water and throw it away.

This means that all your problems will soon go away as well. After that, write down everything you want to have and experience in this reality, as a form of manifestation.

It is a powerful method to use in order to say goodbye to reality and to welcome the new, much-desired reality into your life.

Things We Should Not Do During A Full Moon

As already mentioned, a full Moon’s energy is very powerful so be careful where your mind is at during this period. These are the things we should not do.

1. Negative Thoughts

This one is self-explanatory but it should be mentioned. Many humans tend to pensar demais things during important times in their lives. We get caught up in our everyday lives and forget how negative thoughts can affect us.

Try to stay positive during a full Moon because negativo energia is not good for manifesting or dealing with stress. Try to meditate or spend time with people you love, it will help you ease your worries and make you believe in a positive outcome.

2. Starting New Projects

Whether it is a new relationship or a new project, it is not the right time to do it during a full Moon. Manifestação new things is one thing but actually starting something new is not a good idea.

It is because the Moon is in the middle of its cycle. Try to postpone starting any new activities or ideas you may have in mind. New relationships may not work out as well so give it some time before you go on a date.

3. Making Complex Decisions

O seu emoções are running wild during a full Moon. This can be a turbulento period so making any important decisions should be postponed.

You cannot think straight if you feel sobrecarregado, so quitting your job or moving to another city might not be the best idea during this period. It may result in a lot of arrependimento and you may wish you did not make a certain decision.

This is not the time to start new things so try to think them out. Wait for a bit and you will make wiser decisions once you are calmer and can think clearly,

4. Do Not Add More Stress

mulher-camaIf you decide to take part in a new hobby or a new evening class, you may find it harder to commit to during a full Moon. This is because new activities can be quite stressful and you may be adding more stress e ansiedade during an already emotional period.

Try to stick to your daily routines and mundane tasks – it may be boring but it will not last forever. You should rest and meditate.

I hope this was as helpful to you as it was to me – I really had no idea that a full Moon can affect me this much!

I guess it is time to relax and not worry too much during a full Moon. Next time I will prepare a nice warm bath and a journal – and hopefully get a better night’s sleep!

Fun fact: Do you know the origin of the word lunatic? Luna is Latin for Lua and it can affect the human brain so much that we can do the unthinkable things that others see as insane.

This is why it is important to be aware of the Moon’s effect on us and how we should behave during this period. It is not easy to simply reject all those emotions but at least we can try – it is easier to deal with it once we are aware of it.

Have you had any positive or negative experiences during a full Moon and how did you feel?