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How To Pray When You’re Angry? 5 Ways To Keep Believing

How To Pray When You’re Angry? 5 Ways To Keep Believing

Sometimes you’re angry and broken because something unexpected happened. Sometimes you don’t know how to move on, but you know that your faith in God is still strong. You want to pray but you feel lost.

Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God. – Corrie Boom

Anger Is Blinding You


It’s not good when you’re angry for a long time. Anger can destroy you.

It can poison your soul and mind. It can take away everything good for you.

Anger can’t bring you good things, and God doesn’t want you to be angry.

He doesn’t want you to feel disappointed and weak. He doesn’t want you to question His decisions.

You know that God is perfect and His actions shouldn’t be doubted. But, how to keep believing and praying when you can’t shake off that feeling of anger?

How do you run away from the darkness and betrayal you feel?

1. Be Honest

God loves you no matter what and He will always be there to guide you and save you.

He knows what’s in your heart. He knows your thoughts and emotions.

However, you should still be honest and let it all out. Pour your soul out and talk to God.

Speak about your anger out loud. Tell Him how you feel and be vulnerable.

This will make you feel free. This will make you feel better.

You have to clear out your mind. You have to tell everything that’s bothering you.

God will listen because He always listens. He will understand. He will be patient.

God is great, but you’re a human being filled with weaknesses. You will have to work hard to overcome this dark chapter.

Every journey begins with one step, and your first step is to stop ignoring your anger. Stop ignoring it and talk to God.

Open your heart and try to get rid of your dark emotions through words and confession.

All of this will help you to be in the right state for a prayer. You will be honest, emotional, and real.

2. Be Positive


When you feel angry it seems impossible to have a strong faith and pray. You feel like a liar and you’re so insecure and doubtful.

But, if you still believe in God, you know that this has to end. This awful period has to go away.

If you want to overcome your anger and disappointment, you have to become more positive.

It’s hard to do so when something destroys you, but try to see something good.

First of all, remember that everything has a reason. You’re angry because of something, but it was your destiny to experience it.

Try to be positive about your life, and be grateful for your existence. Be positive about everything good that happened in your life.

Be positive about everything good that will happen in the future. You’re a good person and you will survive this.

This kind of positive thinking will help you to be honest in your prayers. You will be able to grow your faith with optimism.

You will know what to say in your prayers because your mind will be focused on the beauty of life again.

3. Don’t Be Scared

Many people are often scared and angry at the same time. You’re angry because you feel abandoned and punished.

You’re scared because you don’t know how to move on with your life. You’re scared because you’re questioning things and losing patience.

If you want to pray again without negative emotions, let go of your fear.

You could experience more bad things. You don’t know what will happen. You don’t know why something happened.

Don’t be afraid. Be bold and try to embrace everything in your life.

It’s your life and you have to deal with it. God will help you when you need help.

God will also allow you to fight on your own when He knows you’ve got this.

Don’t be scared of your past, present, or your future. Be brave and believe in yourself.

When you get rid of your fears, you will know what to say in your prayers. Without fear, your heart will be in the right place again.

4. Stop Paying Attention To Your Anger

You’re angry and confused, and that’s fine. You don’t know how to proceed and your faith is weak at the moment.

But, try to ignore your anger. If you keep thinking about it, you’re feeding it. You’re growing it and it will live longer.

Try to ignore your anger when you can’t manage it. Don’t allow it to consume you.

It’s good to let it all out but choose a place and time for that. Don’t be controlled by your anger.

You have to give yourself a chance to feel and see other things. You have to focus on God’s great work.

God will heal you. He will forgive you. He will guide you to peace and clarity.

God deserves your efforts and hard work. He deserves to see your commitment.

5. Grow Your Faith Again

When your faith is weak, and you don’t even know how to pray, you have to start fresh.

You have to remind yourself of all the reasons you believe in God and His power.

You have to remind yourself how strong you are when you have faith.

Read the Bible whenever you can. Go to church often. Speak with kind, positive, and religious people.

Find a supportive community that will help you to heal. Find a way to grow your faith.

Strong faith will chase away your anger. Strong faith will help you to pray successfully.

Prayer is the link between God’s inexhaustible resources and people’s needs. God is the source of power, but we are the instrument He uses to link the two together. – Charles Stanley