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Preventing Tragedies: Cryptic Visions And Their Meaning

Preventing Tragedies: Cryptic Visions And Their Meaning

Have you ever experienced a visão that made you question your reality? Have you ever seen a person and a few moments later they were gone, no trace of them?

Some visions are shocking and some are calming, but most of them are cryptic and we cannot decipher them easily.

Also, did you know that they can help us prevent tragic events?

Types Of Visions

A few years ago my friend told me about a visão she had of a little girl playing on a beach. The vision came to her quite randomly during the day and she did not know how to feel about it.

It was so vivid and felt incredibly real. She decided to disregard it, not paying attention to it too much, thinking she might have remembered an old video or movie.

Three years later, she called me from her vacation and told me: ‘I cannot believe this. Anna is playing in the sand and it reminds me of the vision I had so many years ago!’

Knowing Anna was her daughter, I realized that she must have seen her own future that day.

Another story I remember is when a boy had a vision of everyone in his family being fatally injured on a beach.

They were indeed on vacation and he urged everyone not to go to the beach that day and to go to a zoo. Later that day, it was confirmed that there was a terrible accident involving shark attacks on that beach.

His vision saved him and his family from a terrible tragedy.

Visions are powerful, and we need to know what the meaning behind them could be. There are several types of visions and the most common are:

  1. Visions during the day: They appear suddenly, without context, usually when we are doing everyday chores. They can appear as memories or flashbacks.
  2. Visions during sleep: Some visions appear in our sleep and can be quite cryptic. You may see scenarios that are unfamiliar but feel real. They may include a sound like a voice or evoke a certain feeling as well.
  3. Visions of people or objects that are not there: These can be visions that happen during the time we are awake, where we see people or objects that are not there. They may come in the shape of animals as well and can appear in people we already know.

What Are The Most Common Meanings Behind Cryptic Visions

There are five most common meanings behind cryptic visions we have.

1. Warning

meaning-frequent-bad-dreams-nightmareVisions that feel errado and make a real connection to your life should not be taken lightly. As seen from the example above, the boy had a clear vision of his family being hurt at the beach.

These visions are usually very direto and show us exactly what we need to be careful about. If they appear in your dreams, you will be woken up feeling terrible.

Visions of terrible accidents or bad things happening can be used to try and prevent tragedies.

2. Guidance

Some visions may offer orientação. For example, if you are at a crossroads in your life and you are not sure what choice to make, visions that will guide you may appear in the form of light, a beautiful animal, or a person who represents the choice.

You will know this vision means guidance because it will feel correto, and you will feel content thinking of it.

This type of vision can also help you prevent a tragic event if you do not choose the correct path.

3. Predicting Future

Some visions, as the vision my friend had, can predict the future. Some people see their old selves in the mirror constantly and this could mean they will live to see themselves in the idade avançada.

Others may see family members who are not even born yet or see themselves in jobs they have never worked. Also, visions that predict the future can be both positive and negative.

If you see a vision that looks like it might happen and it is not positive, use it as a aviso sign to prevent undesirable outcomes.

4. Messages from Higher Beings

Some visions can be mensagens that higher beings want to deliver to us. These usually appear in the form of light or in our dreams. They can be calming or warning messages.

For example, if you are going through a difficult period in your life, they may appear to calm you down and let you breathe for a bit. They may even use words that you would like to hear and let you relax.

If they are warnings, they usually come in form of aconselhamento ou um mensagem you may come across.

5. Healing

fairy child parentOur souls are not perfect and once we step into our espiritual journey and start being in touch with our true selves, visions may become more frequent.

They can reveal areas you need to work on and show you what part of you needs cura. They may trigger you by revealing your unresolved issues or trauma that you need to work on.

If you see a vision of a child crying, for example, and it triggers you somehow, you might need to heal your inner child in order to move on to the next level of your journey.

These visions can be used to prevent spiritual turmoil and tragedies as well.