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What Witch You Are According to Your Zodiac Sign

What Witch You Are According to Your Zodiac Sign

There are so many ways to discover and recognize the hidden power that lies deep within us. One of them is astrology. Our zodiac sign can shed light on personality traits, strengths, and weaknesses.

It also can help us recognize our predisposition to certain types of magic. 

As children, we could easily imagine that we had beyond-worldly abilities, that we could fly on a broomstick or manage the forces of nature. Probably many of us weighed potions and conjured up with a homemade magic wand.

Nothing could shatter our imagination and notion of the magic of the world we live in at the time. Unfortunately, when we entered adulthood, faith in the magic of the world began to weaken.

Reality and everyday life have clipped the wings of imagination, and duties have become more important than exploring the invisible world. 

So many people accepted the fact that they lost their magical powers when they entered adulthood. So, maybe we can prove to them that they are so much wrong.

Our inner witch never dies and we can use and develop our magic as much as we want.

So, are you ready to find out what type of witch you are according to your zodiac sign?

1. Aries – Storm Witch

Witches born under the sign of Aries are endowed with the ability to cast powerful candle spells. They also can tame the extremely strong forces of nature.

It is considered that they have no problem controlling wind, rain, and thunderstorms, and no doubt the weather is on their side.

Determination and aggressiveness are ideal for witches who use all available elements in their magic.

In addition, the leadership qualities of this sign are invaluable and help to use many different elements for one common goal.

2. Taurus – Animal Witch

Taurus witches are deeply aligned with the animal world and can call earthly creatures for help. Even the most dangerous predators trust their energy, and there is no doubt that Taurus has loyal furry friends at their disposal.

They are also brought together by a passion for an animate and inanimate world. They are happy to spend time with nature, among the herbs, and flowers that grow in the garden.

3. Gemini – Energy Witch

Geminis are energy witches. They have the natural ability to feel changes in the energy levels around them. They can easily send and receive energy to all kinds of places and people.

So, they have a very sensitive intuition. 

Geminis tend to think outside the box and go beyond physicality. They love lucid dreams and astral projections, thanks to which they can easily communicate with beings from non-physical dimensions.

4. Cancer – A Witch of Ingle

Witches born under the sign of Cancer tend to use their magic in rooms and houses, using the energy of household items and symbolic objects. 

Cancers are typical witches who cook their potions with a lot of love and respect. 

Their heart lives in an inglenook that they nurture and protect with all their magical powers. The knowledge they acquire is passed down from generation to generation.

5. Leo – The Witch of Loneliness and Individuality

Leo witches create the world in their own way. They indulge in the passion they want. They like to spend time alone and learn magic in every free moment.

Leo witches have a natural ability to attract the attention of others, thanks to which they can easily hypnotize and charm people and animals.

They also have an open portal of communication with higher deities.

6. Virgo – Ceremonial Witch

Virgos love challenges and very deep analysis of what’s going on. They are very flexible and learn so quickly. They also quickly adapt to new situations and improve their skills. 

They love spells, rituals, and ceremonies. 

They possess insanely powerful magic, but only when they achieve maximum concentration.

7. Libra – A Witch of Love

Libras are witches that lost lovers turn to for help. Libra witch is very willing to help others on their love journeys, exploring whether higher forces allow their ventures.

They can also cook the most seductive elixir, make the perfect match, and attract every soul with their seduction powers.

8. Scorpio – Witch of Ghosts

Witches born under the sign of Scorpio feel inspired and enlightened during the midnight hours when silence and darkness cover the world.

They perfectly see what is hidden, thanks to which they can communicate with ghosts living in the afterlife.

Even if they are dead, angels, or mysterious beings, they always can ask them for help and advice.

9. Sagittarius – Witch of Voyage

Sagittarius witches are happy to use magic tools and are aware that they are guides of energy and strength. They love unusual activities unless they involve some kind of practice that can take over their lives.

They love traveling to nature, especially to distant lands where they can cross new borders, physical and psychological. 

10. Capricorn – Witch of Control

Witches born under the sign of Capricorn easily ensure their magical dominance both in nature and in urban environments.

They love to use the power of their environment to use magic in their careers and everyday life. With great strength, they can do so many things.

Witches with a sign of Capricorn usually use crystals, gems, and talismans in their work.

11. Aquarius – Witch of Chaos

Witches with the sign of Aquarius like to break the rules and rebel against injustice. They fight very hard for something that is in their heart and communicate with the spirit mundo to win.

São também well-aligned with planets and stars. They know that the Universe is a giant interconnected network that they can connect with and easily use its energy to create their lives.

12. Pisces – Sea Witch

Witches with the sign of Pisces like to stay away from boring everyday life, so they let their intuition lead them. Their power is rooted in the depths of the sea. 

So, all their power comes from the depths and the water element.

With the help of the great power of the water element, they can adapt rituals and spells to their specific needs.