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80 Yin Yang Tattoos: Finding Harmony in Body Art

80 Yin Yang Tattoos: Finding Harmony in Body Art

Yin Yang tattoos earned their spot in the tattoo world during the ‘80s and ‘90s quando Chinese tattoos really grew in popularity.

This comes as no surprise since the Yin Yang symbol has a very profound meaning!

So if this symbol holds great meaning to you, or maybe you want to bring more balance into your life through skin art, then these tattoos are for you!

Before we dive into the beautiful Yin Yang tattoos we have prepared for you, let’s take a closer look at the meaning behind the symbol you’ll have on you for the rest of your life!

Meaning of the Yin Yang Symbol

When you decide you want to get a symbol as a tattoo, first you need to make sure that you understand the meaning behind it!

Of course, if you’re getting a tattoo of a heart or a peace symbol, there isn’t really much to be discussed there since these symbols are recognized globally by everyone!

But for some other symbols from branches like religion, philosophy, ou tradição, make sure you do your research beforehand!

Yin Yang is a complex relational concept in Chinese philosophy. Yin is the female dark e frio potência, while Yang is the masculine light e warm power.

This concept dates back to Taoism and it teaches that everything in the cosmos exists harmoniously with one another and the Yin Yang symbol is used to represent this concept!

Ter um Yin Yang tattoo doesn’t stray from the original meaning of the symbol.

A Yin Yang tattoo means that the person who has it on their body is well-balanced and they strive to live a balanced lifestyle!

Without further ado let’s take a look at some of the best Yin Yang tattoos out there!

1. Water Yin Yang Tattoo

2. Colorful Fluid Yin Yang Tattoo

Break the regular color scheme of these tattoos by adding some color to it!

3. Koi Fish Yin Yang Tattoo

4. Koi Fish Around Yin Yang Symbol Tattoo

The appearance of Koi fish with Yin Yang tattoos has a specific meaning: presenting two different forces working together in harmony to create a smooth flow of energy.


5. Fire and Water Tattoo

The whole point of black and white in Yin Yang symbolism is that they are opposites. Fire and water are opposites as well and they are able to work harmoniously!

6. Mountains and Sea Tattoo

This isn’t that big of a difference like fire and water or black and white, but the mountains and the sea both have very different vibes and energies, yet they are harmonious together!

7. Koi Fish with Ornaments Tattoo

8. Wolf and Deer Tattoo

Yin represents cold and dark energy which the wolf possesses and the Yang represents warm and light energy, just like the deer!


9. Watercolor Yin Yang Tattoo

10. Skeleton Koi Fish Tattoo

11. Hand-Drawn Yin Yang Tattoo

12. Flowy Dragon Ying Yang Tattoo

The dragon and the Yin Yang both hold special places in Chinese philosophy.

Unlike the mainstream perception of dragons as evil creatures, Chinese philosophy deems them kind, gentle, and wise!


13. Behind the Ear Koi Fish Tattoo

14. Simple Black and White Koi Fish Tattoo

15. Brush Stroke Yin Yang Tattoo

16. Melody Between Fire and Water Tattoo

17. Tiger Yin Yang Tattoo

18. Sketch Koi Fish Tattoo

19. Watercolor Koi Fish Tattoo

20. Chibi Fox Tattoo

21. How to Train Your Dragon Tattoo

Since dragons have a significant meaning in the Chinese culture, why not use that idea but make it cute?


22. Smoking Yin Yang Tattoo

23. Fine Line Koi Fish Tattoo

24. Elbow Koi Fish Tattoo

25. Matching Bestie Yin Yang Tattoo

Matching tattoos where one of you is Yin and the other Yang symbolizes how both of you are different yet you work in harmony and balance each other out!


26. Flower Yin Yang Tattoo

27. Melting Yin Yang Tattoo

28. Flower Yin Yang Tattoo

29. Ornate Koi Fish Tattoo

30. Bunny Tattoo

31. Full Yin Yang Buddha Tattoo

32. Fire and Water Infinity Yin Yang Tattoo

33. Sunset and Sunrise Tattoo

Yet another opposite, sunrise and sunset represent two very different times of the day and they need to work in harmony!


34. Fox Tattoo

35. Matching Couple’s Tattoo

36. 3D Yin Yang Tattoo

37. Meditating Buddha Tattoo

38. Tree of Life Tattoo

Pairing Yin Yang and the Tree of Life adds even more depth to the original symbolism, meaning that if you want to grow as a person you need to bring harmony and balance into your life!

39. State Oriented Tattoo

40. Geometric Yin Yang Tattoo

41. Futuristic Yin Yang Tattoo

It’s always fun to take the traditional and do something new and fresh with it!


42. Delicate Realistic Koi Fish Tattoo

43. Woman Yin Yang Tattoo

44. Simple Yin Yang Tattoo

Keep it simple and traditional by choosing a centuries-old design!

45. Yin Yang Koi Fish Tattoo

46. Flower Tattoo

47. Tattoo of Life

O black dot representa o mau e o white dot representa o bom.

O black dot surrounded by white representa the bad in the good e o white dot surrounded by black representa the good in the bad.

The Yin Yang symbol represents life. Good and bad coexist.

48. Snake Tattoo

49. Ornate Yin Yang Symbol Tattoo

50. Small Finger Tattoo

51. Ghost Yin Yang Tattoo

52. Tribal Turtle Tattoo

53. Matching Couple’s Koi Fish Tattoo

If you’re looking for a matching tattoo, apart from the regular design, why not go for Koi Fish?

54. Traditional Koi Fish Tattoo

55. Abstract Yin Yang Tattoo

56. Shark Tattoo

57. Dragon Tattoo

Opting for dragon Yin Yang tattoos is always a good idea! A white dragon represents purity while a black dragon represents revenge!

58. Yin Yang in Between Koi Fish Tattoo

59. Pug Tattoo

60. Universe Tattoo

61. Cartoon Shark Tattoo

62. Mandala Tattoo

63. Tiger and Dragon Tattoo

The tiger in Yin is patient and knows when to strike while the dragon in Yang is bold and fiery. Both of these forces exist to balance each other out.

These two energies can be used to balance your chi!

64. Samurai Yin Yang

The samurai represents honor, discipline, and bravery. The yin-yang symbolizes harmony and the balance of opposites. The koi fish stands for perseverance, transformation, and good fortune. Together, they convey a message of inner strength, equilibrium, and the ability to overcome challenges.

65. Hands Yin Yang

The hands symbolize human action and connection, while the yin-yang represents the duality of opposing forces working together in a complementary relationship

66. Water Yin Yang

67. Dragon Tattoo

68. Dreamcather Tattoo

69. Tiger Tattoo

70. Tree Tattoo

71. Splash Color Tattoo

Happy personas and individuals who are always trying to look attractive and positive will love this art. It stands for courage and symbolizes attractive souls.

72. Crab Tattoo

73. Panda Tattoo

A tattoo of a panda hugging a yin-yang symbol represents harmony, balance, and gentle strength. The panda, often seen as a symbol of peace and calmness, embraces the yin-yang, which stands for the unity of opposites and the balance of energies.

74. Butterfly Yin Yang

75. Lotus Flower Yin Yang

76. Wave Yin Yang

Wave tattoos typically symbolize the power of nature and inevitable new beginnings. However, this design carries a unique meaning. The black part of the symbol represents the merging currents of black and white, suggesting that life is not simply divided into good or evil, but is a blend of both.

77. Raven Tattoo

78. Snake Tattoo

79. Cat Tattoo

The cat, a creature often associated with mystery and independence, adds a playful and gentle aspect to the traditional yin-yang symbol. This design suggests the importance of embracing both light and dark, positive and negative, while highlighting the serene and harmonious coexistence of opposites in life.

80. Matching Butterfly Tattoo