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Shamanic Stones: A Deep Dive

Shamanic Stones: A Deep Dive

Shamanic stones are ancient, vibration-calibrating energy centers that a skilled shaman can use for various purposes, including healing and tapping into the spiritual world.

Various shamanic stones have been used throughout history.

Among them, we find crystals, gemstones, and even meteorites.

Every stone is unique in its qualities and energy framework.

Some stones ward off negative energy; others soothe anxious minds.

Some enhance intuition, while others facilitate a deeper connection with the other side.

How are shamanic stones used, though? And what for?

Which stones are more powerful?

Here’s everything you need to know about shamanic stones – and more.

What Are Shamanic Stones?

Indigenous people used shamanic stones since the birth of humankind. Why? Because these stones have spiritual properties that, when used correctly, can have many benefits.

Shamanic stones are integral to a shaman’s way of life in various traditions. Rituals and practices are far less potent without them, making it hard to tap into the world’s energy.

Each stone is unique, and many crystals and gemstones are worth delving into.

The right type of crystal can make all the difference in accessing the spirit world.

Shamanic stones aren’t just shamanic, though. Anyone can use them for many possibilities, including meditation, mindfulness, energy healing, and divination.

Shamans use them in holistic and spiritual practices, often to create a bridge between the two worlds – spirituality and materialism. Many gemstones have that kind of power.

Having stones is one thing – but using them demands a certain degree of know-how.

More than that, every stone needs to be frequently cleansed and recharged.

Most shamans know how stones work and can utilize them more effectively.

Even though shamans can use a wide range of stones, one particular stone is defined as the shaman stone – and they’re also called Moqui Marbles, Moqui Balls, or Mochi Marbles.

Let’s start from there.

What Are Moqui Marbles?

Shaman Stones are found in the Navajo Sandstone geological formation.

What are they? Moqui Marbles are small brown-black balls composed of iron oxide and sandstone. Why are they called Moqui Marbles? The word comes from the Hopi tribe.

The Hopi people are known as the Moqui – hence the name.

Shaman Stones often come in pairs. One is rough, and the other is smooth.

There are many fascinating legends about these stones among indigenous cultures. Reading them can give you a glimpse into the spiritual properties of these stones.

Shamans use them to harness ancient wisdom and guidance from Earth.

With their help, they connect people with the planet’s energy and its ebb and flow.

Thanks to their highly potent properties, they can be used for various rituals and practices.

Let’s take a look at some of the more prominent Moqui Stone qualities:

Energy Healing

Moqui Stones brim with Earth’s natural energies – making them extremely powerful.

You can use a Moqui Stone to tap into this spring of life and balance your body’s chakras – especially the Solar Plexus chakra, responsible for self-confidence and transformation.

Shamans often use these stones to help people find balance and sustain it.

With a Moqui Stone, they can harmonize the body and cultivate inner peace.

How do you use them? A shaman can apply them in numerous ways, including placing the stone in your hand or resting it somewhere on your body to target a specific energy point.

Being in the nearby range of this stone can be soul-healing in and of itself.

• Protection

Shaman Stones are one of nature’s finest protectors against negative energy.

Placing it inside your home helps ward off any wicked influences that may creep inside.

Moqui Stones are known for their ability to ground energies detrimental to your health and well-being. Even carrying them inside your pocket acts as a strong protective talisman.

With this barrier, you benefit from psychic protection, preventing energy leaks.

You stay grounded and centered, maintaining a firm link to the spirit world.

Shaman Stones or Moqui Stones offer more than physical protection. Standing in their aura gives you control over your emotions. Your soul benefits from a protective layer.


The positive, uplifting energy of a Moqui Stone can invite change and transformation.

In other words, it leads to inner growth, helping you shed the old and embrace the new.

Shamans use Moqui Stones to help people sustain harmony as they change the spiritual kind. With the stone’s energy, balance is upheld while rising to a higher state of being.

During spiritual awakening, it’s a helpful tool for staying on course.

A shaman may advise you to use it during meditation to help you center your thoughts.

More than that, these precious, energy-infused stones can also trigger an awakening. People tell stories about how finding them initiated their spiritual, transformative journey.

With that being said, these stones are very versatile and potent.

The meaning of Shaman Stones can take on numerous forms.

With these qualities in mind – what are Shaman Stones used for?

What Are Shamanic Stones Used For?

Shamans use stones, crystals, and gemstones for various purposes.

In some cultures, they’re used during the 7 stages of shamanic initiation.

Some use them for protection. Others, to gain insights otherwise unobtainable.

However, the most common use of shamanic stones is for healing. Depending on the stone, it can be strategically placed to alleviate physical symptoms and restore balance.

Because of this, every shaman knows what chakra to target. Then, they place the corresponding stone or gem on that part of the body, helping it regulate its energy.

Shamans understand energy patterns very well. So, they use shaman symbols.

During a healing session, a shaman crystal can release blockages and pent-up negative energy like stress and anxiety, liberating your being with the help of Earth’s power.

But there’s more to shamanic stones than balance and healing.

In some cultures, they’re used for divination – reading the future.

Some shamans can gaze into the future and unravel the past with the help of these stones.

Such knowledge and wisdom can be crucial when going through hardship.

People can prepare for the change that the future brings or deal with past wounds and unresolved traumas with the help of shamans who utilize stones to discover insights.

Many people turn to shamanic stones for meditation. Why? Because some of these sacred gems can enhance focus, thin the veil, and foster a deeper connection with your inner self.

In some cases, people rise to a higher state of consciousness with the help of these stones.

Another use of shaman stones involves harnessing their protective qualities.

For example, even if you’re not a shaman, stones can be utilized as talismans or amulets, wearing them around your neck or wrist to ward off evil, negative, and intrusive energy.

For this protection, you want to use crystals that have grounding properties.

Shamans utilize stones and crystals in almost every culture – in one way or the other.

They use them for rituals, practices, and even ceremonies, tapping into their natural energy and elevating the spiritual awareness, perception, and well-being of everyone present.

Most importantly, they create a bridge – a direct correction to the spiritual realm.

With their help, anyone can cross the distance and find the higher truth.

How to Use Shaman Stones

Maybe you’re not a shaman. You don’t want to be one, either.

But if you’re even the slightest bit curious about stones, crystals, and gemstones – you can learn more about their spiritual properties and use them from the comfort of your home.

First, familiarize yourself with as many stones as possible.

The same rules apply whether it’s a shaman stone or a quartz crystal.

Each stone has its unique properties and symbolism. Select a few that resonate with your needs and desires. You can’t use them properly until you familiarize yourself with them.

Study each stone and crystal intently to unravel its energy and vibration.

After that, make sure that they are cleansed and recharged. We’ll get into this later.

For now, consider what you want to use the stones for.

For beginners, we advise meditation because it’s straightforward and rewarding.

Meditation has many benefits, and even more when amplified with the help of shaman stones. You can try holding them in your hands, feeling their energy coursing through you.

You can also place them around your home for protection against negative energy.

Place one on your nightstand to ensure deep and comfortable sleep.

If you’re familiar with chakras, you can use shamanic stones to target specific energy centers and restore balance within your body. They also help prevent energy leaks.

Also, you can wear stones and crystals as jewelry, taking their protective, soul-enriching energy wherever you go. Some stones are large, but you can find smaller chunks to wear.

Stones can be used in a variety of spiritual ways. So, it’s up to you to explore them.

However, remember to recharge and cleanse them now and then.

How to Cleanse and Recharge Shaman Stones

Stones, crystals, and gemstones can be cleansed and recharged in various ways.

However, some stones can react poorly. Cleansing methods can damage them.

Therefore, it’s essential to exercise caution and proceed with care.

A shaman stone can be cleansed by holding it under running water. Remember: these stones draw power from Earth. Water is a symbol of life, renewal, and purification.

You can use tap water, but the stones react better to natural sources, like a river.

The natural flow washes away any accumulated energies, recharging its potency.

A shaman stone can also be placed and immersed in a bowl of saltwater. Submerge the stone thoroughly and let it sit for a few hours. The saltwater purifies it from within.

Shaman stones don’t need to absorb Earth’s energy to be cleansed and recharged.

You can place them outdoors in direct sunlight for a few hours to rejuvenate them.

The sun works wonders for resistant stones and crystals, infusing them with power. Sometimes, it makes them more spiritually potent, enhancing their energy and vibrations.

But a shaman stone reacts well to moonlight, too.

Harness the moon’s power by leaving the stone on your windowsill overnight.

The moon can work its ethereal magic and cleanse away any trapped negativity.

Shamans often use herbs for rituals, practices, and medicinal purposes. However, herbs can also be placed with shamanic stones to soak up and cleanse pent-up energy clusters.

Shamans often use drums and various instruments during rituals and ceremonies.

Likewise, sound vibrations can cleanse stones and renew them with life.

For example, you can pass them through a singing bowl. Even chanting works.

Another way to bring a shaman stone back to full strength is to bury it. Although it may sound odd, crystals can be buried in the ground to draw power from Earth’s vibrations.

So, there are many ways to cleanse and recharge a shaman crystal or stone.

We advise experimenting with different methods to find what works best for you.

The Spiritual Meaning of a Shaman Stone

We talked about shamanic stones and healing crystals – but let’s go back to the Shaman Stone: Moqui Marbles. The wisdom ingrained in this stone transcends time and space.

Infused with spiritual meanings, the energies trapped within it have uplifted many.

A Shaman Stone creates a direct link with the spiritual realm.

It’s why many shamans use it for their rituals and ceremonies – because they embody the oneness of the world, helping people expand their perspective and surpass limitations.

Spiritually, Moqui Marbles can initiate the start of a new beginning – a spiritual journey.

Their energy helps people access a higher state of consciousness.

That’s when you start to change and open your mind to something beyond yourself. You begin to perceive truths. Your mind expands beyond its limits, revealing a different world.

The material realm loses its grip on your soul, allowing you to soar free and grow.

Shaman Stones can also be a self-reflective tool, helping you uncover and refine your psychic abilities. What these abilities might involve – well, only time can provide answers.

Nevertheless, you may become more intuitive and closer to your inner self.

You can make choices that align with your soul’s interests.

Shamans often meditate and practice mindfulness with a stone or crystal in their hand to sharpen their intuition and make the best choices for themselves and their community.

With the help of a Shaman Stone, spiritually gifted individuals can gaze into the future. But not just the future. They can reflect on the past and bring back lessons into the present.

This is what’s known as divination – the art of foretelling and seeing more.

The spiritual meaning of a Shaman Stone can also help you reconnect with the Earth.

Spending time outdoors has too many benefits to name. With the help of a Shaman Stone, you can inspire yourself to go outside and embrace the ever-expanding sky and horizon.

Shamanic Stones in Everyday Life

Shamanic stones extend beyond the realm of spirit guides and shamans.

You don’t need to be a holistic healer to utilize them for your well-being.

Anyone can use them and harness their inner power for various purposes.

With their help, you can foster a thriving environment within and around you.

One good example is to place them around your home – which anyone can do. Wherever you place them, you get their benefits. You can try to be strategic about their placement.

A strategically placed shamanic stone can be a loyal companion inside your home.

Any crystal can support stability and ensure long-term prosperity.

Besides placing them inside your home, you can wear stones and crystals.

Even carrying them inside your pocket can serve as a barrier against vile energy.

If you’re already spiritual, they’ll enhance every practice, from meditation and mindfulness to breathing exercises, helping you connect to the magic of the present.

It’s like a subtle, ever-present source of support and protection in your day-to-day life.

Every negative energy you encounter is grounded with the help of these stones.

Some are more potent than others. So, be mindful about which ones you choose.

Some can even help protect you against other people’s auras that aim to disbalance you.

Either way, there’s no reason not to incorporate shamanic stones into your daily life.

If you’re spiritually open-minded, you can use them in various ways to uplift yourself.

In Conclusion


Shamans use various stones, crystals, and gemstones for their rituals and practices.

But if we’re talking about the Shaman Stone – that’s the Moqui Marble.

Either way, stones can be used for numerous purposes, helping people create a bridge between the material and the spiritual plane. From there on, it’s all about self-growth.

A small collection of shamanic stones can make all the difference in your journey.

Read more about them, find what resonates with you, and use them to grow.

You might be surprised by their potency in unlocking your full potential.