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9 Hidden Signs Your Partner Is Spiritually Possessive (& What To Do)

9 Hidden Signs Your Partner Is Spiritually Possessive (& What To Do)

Your partner is someone who should be inspiring you and supporting you. Life is much more beautiful with the right partner by your side.

However, possessive partners can hide behind the curtain of ‘I just care about you too much.’ How can we spot spiritually possessive partners and how should we deal with them?

Spiritually Possessive Partners

When it comes to possessiveness, your spirituality can be a victim too. Your spirit loves when it is free and when it spends time with people who think like you. Your soulmate is someone who likes the same things, does not want to change your spirit, and does not need a different version of you – you are exactly perfect for them.

However, when your partner becomes spiritually possessive, they want to control what your spirit wants and how you behave. They want to be the ones who ‘possess’ it. This is not a healthy relationship dynamic and you should be very careful of the signs that suggest your partner might be possessive.

Signs Your Partner Is Spiritually Possessive

These are some of the indirect signs your partner is trying to control you and ‘possess’ your spirit.

1. They control where and when you go out

If your partner constantly forbids you to visit certain places because they may be ‘ruining your image’ or they do not allow you to go out whenever you want, it is a clear sign they want to control what your spirit wants.

For example, some of you may love going out at night and visit local jazz bars. If your partner does not allow you to go out at night, this may crush with your spirit’s desires and make you unhappy.

Never allow anyone to control you this way. Try talking to them about what you like, and if they persist, they are not the right person for you. You may need to find someone else who also loves jazz bars at night.

2. You always have to fulfill their needs

Some partners are extremely needy and they want you to always fulfill their needs even if it means disregarding yours. For example, their problems always seem bigger and your problems are never huge enough for them to pay attention to them. They always expect support from you, but rarely give you their encouragement when you need it.

This is a sign that they want you to be their spiritual ‘servant‘ – someone they can rely on but someone they do not support all the time. This is not fair and you should draw their attention to this problem. You do not want someone who never acknowledges your problems.

3. They are too clingy

If your partner never leaves your side and always wants to be around you, they may be too spiritually obsessed with you. This is not healthy as each partner should have their own individual lives, friends, and hobbies.

It is nice to spend time together, of course, but if you become the only person your partner spends time with, it may be spiritually exhausting for you. Try to find hobbies you both enjoy separately and enjoy evenings with friends separate from each other at least once a week.

4. They want you to believe what they believe

Your partner may be spiritual or religious and they may be deeply into it. But if they try to disregard what you believe in and want to forcefully convert you to what they believe is right, it is a sign they are spiritually possessive.

Never let someone influence what you believe in or disregard your spiritual practices.

5. They distance you from your friends

If you feel like your partner always talks bad about your friends and never lets you see them alone, it means they are trying to distance you from them. This is a possessive and dangerous thing because you need your friends in order to have a happy and fulfilled life.

Try to explain to them how your friends are an important part of your life and if they do not understand it, they are not the right match for you.

6. They try to change you

Whether it be looks or hobbies, if your partner is trying to change who you are, they are spiritually possessive. It is never good when someone feels they have the right to change you – because if they do not like you for who you are – why are they with you?

You need to remember that your soulmate will never try to change your soul, your mind, or your body. If this happens, you need to stay true to yourself and never let someone change you.

7. They control what you can and cannot wear

This is another hidden sign your partner may be spiritually possessive. However irrelevant clothes may seem, they represent who we are and what we believe in.

If our spirit feels the best in floral dresses, our soulmate will see us as the most beautiful person in that kind of dress. If your partner cannot see it, then they do not see you spiritually, only superficially.

8. They always contact you when you are out

You are out with your friends but your partner cannot stop calling or texting you. It becomes too annoying and you consider turning your phone off. This is not a healthy behavior because people who love you will let you have some time away from them.

If they start acting jealous, that means they have not done any spiritual work and they are still stuck in their insecure and jealous self. You need to explain it to them and they will listen if they value you.

9. You cannot make decisions without them

Spiritually controlling partners will never let you decide anything on your own. They want to be involved in every decision you make. This is because they want you to fit their mold and they cannot accept your individuality.

This is another unhealthy relationship type and their possessiveness will make you feel insecure about your decisions overall. Tell them how it makes you feel and hopefully, they will understand you.