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Soul Urge Number 11: Your Potential Is Limitless

Soul Urge Number 11: Your Potential Is Limitless

Soul urge number 11: Everyone in this confusing world of ours has their own little nook and cranny where they belong. We are all unique little snowflakes of creation, and each one of us has our own road to follow.

However, very often the cause of our misfortune in life is that we don’t really know or accept our true nature and disposition. We don’t know who we are, and instead of following our destinies, we resist them.

Like a fish swimming upstream, we try hard to succeed in something we were never meant to accomplish. Looking at our television screens or going online, all of these wonderful role models and perfect lives are presented to us.

So we try desperately to come at least as close to that ideal as we can. Instead of going our own way, which is most often the cause of our sadness in life.

Therefore, one must carefully trace out their journey and accomplish what is the prerequisite for everything that comes next. which is to get to know oneself.

The best and easiest method to do this is to turn to the wonderful and powerful science of numerology. For through its wisdom, it is possible to gain an invaluable insight into one’s own character and personality. which, once familiar to us, can help us direct ourselves and choose what way to go in our lives.

That being said, the very fact that you are reading this text is proof that you have already done so. You had your numerology chart made, and in it it was revealed that your dominant trait number was the soul urge number 11.

Still, despite all that information, there remained a few unanswered questions, and so you decided to come to us for clarification.

Rest assured that you have done the right thing in doing so. Here you will get an expert opinion that will explain exactly what this soul urge number says about.

Here, in this text, we shall explain to you what the exact meaning and significance behind this number is and how it relates to you and your future.

Soul Urge Number 11 People Are Natural Born Philosophers


Having this soul urge number signifies that you are someone who has an above-average understanding of the world and the people in it. You always had this quality, and others very often noticed how wise you were for your age and condition.

This isn’t, fortunately, something you have lost over the years. You still have remarkable insight and intuition when it comes to everything that happens around you.

making you the perfect confidante and the first person anyone thinks to go to when they have some kind of problem to talk about.

However, this does not relate to just mundane, everyday things. In you, intuition is combined with a powerful intellect, and you are able to break down and analyze anything. Being a natural-born academician, no matter what you delve into, you quickly comprehend.

Whether it is philosophy, science, politics, etc., it comes easily to you to grasp it. In short, your intellectual potential knows no limits.

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Soul Urge Number 11 People Are Extremely Sensitive to Other People’s Feelings


Unlike the stereotypical intellectual, individuals with soul urge number 11 are not cold and calculating. Although they are logical thinkers capable of huge amounts of mental exertion, they are also sensitive.

Nothing escapes these empaths, for whenever someone is hurting, they feel it in themselves too. That is why people of your caliber are such good listeners and advisers. You always have the right word to say to someone who is going through a difficult time.

You have an understanding of them that not even they themselves possess. However, this sort of power of intuition can sometimes lead to it being abused for not so noble ends. Just as you can shore up others with the right comment, you can also tear them down just as easily.

So be careful how you use your insights; be responsible, for people need you and you need them. Don’t lose their trust.

Best Career Choices For Soul Urge Number 11 Individuals


Your knack for pondering things makes you, just like all other soul urge number 11 personalities, very well suited for mentally stimulating professions. In this regard, there is no limit to what you can do. Being both a tremendously creative person as well as a rigorous logical thinker

So whatever you get into, rest assured that you could be very successful at it. Nothing is off limits to you.

Whether it is working as a teacher, journalist, writer, scientist, etc. You have what it takes to make it big, and you can excel at no matter what you choose to do.

The only thing you have to do is believe in yourself and have confidence, and nothing will be too demanding for you and your powerful mind.

Most Soul Urge Number 11 Personalities Tend To Come Out Of Disfunctional Families



The reason why the majority of people with soul urge number 11 have this perfect combination of brain and heart is because they had difficult childhoods.

It was these qualities that helped them survive their early years and navigate the complicated landscape of a troublesome family.

They had to know how to understand the motives behind the actions of the adults around them. as well as how to handle the emotionally charged atmosphere in their homes.

So they developed their wise and intellectual natures to help them do just that. If this describes you, then you now know that this was the origin and source of this talent of yours. This is exactly why you have such a good grasp of the importance of healthy interpersonal relationships.

Now, in your adulthood, you try to mend and fix the issues you saw your own family members struggle with. which is why you have such a positive effect on your surroundings, for you are always motivated by noble and positive desires.

All you need to do is keep at it; the world needs people like you.

The Negative Aspects of Soul Urge Number 11 Individuals


Unfortunately, you sometimes allow your feelings to get the better of you. which can make you a bit too emotional and prevent you from having a proper grasp of what is important in life.

So, for example, when someone is doing badly, you often tend to push aside your own needs for theirs. You neglect whatever it is that you have to accomplish just so you can help someone else who is struggling.

Of course, that is all fine and noble, but when it starts interfering with your own life, it can become damaging.

Therefore, while retaining your helpful disposition, you ought to prioritize your own wants. For it would be silly to go about solving the problems of others while your own day-to-day life remains a mess.

In short, find a way to combine your altruism with pragmatism, because you have no reason to act like Mother Theresa. Helping yourself and others is not mutually exclusive.

Soul Urge Number 11 People Are Culture Shapers and Free Thinkers


Given the fact that people with soul urge number 11 are such original and uninhibited thinkers, their minds are often breeding grounds for groundbreaking ideas. Few personality types have such a lively intellectual life and are capable of as much mental creativity.

While others stick to their usual routines and do their best not to break with social norms, these little geniuses do their best to break free of them.

They don’t like anything to hinder their powerful imaginations and their thinking, and they will challenge whatever tradition they think is restrictive or outdated.

Abstract avangard concepts are always forming in their heads, and more often than not, they play the role of being the intellectual leaders of their communities.

Serving as political leaders, activists, artists, or philosophers, they are the ones that uplift society towards ever greater levels of civilization and culture.

The Meaning of Soul Urge Number 11 in Numerology


Soul Urge Number 11 is usually considered to be what we in numerology call a master number. Having it as the dominant trait number of your personality signifies that you are someone born to lead and to change things.

Few people have as much talent, gift, and power as you do, and you are certainly someone who is meant to play a special role in the world.

Your originality and your unique point of view are what make you so wonderfully influential and give you the power to attract others to whatever idea or cause you choose to defend.

In other words, you are a combination of life energy and charisma that few possess and a person meant to excel at anything they do.

Mediocrity is certainly not one of your faults, and wherever you go, you tend to impress.

However, this number also reveals that you can be at times a bit hypersensitive to your emotional surroundings. Your intuition is second to none, and your kind temperament often makes it difficult for you to ignore the suffering of others.

which is what diverts your attention from focusing on your goals most frequently. Therefore, while we are not saying that you should turn a blind eye to the ills of life, you must become more immune to them. Don’t let every sob story pull at your heartstrings.

You are not there to clean up the chaos of the world, and sometimes the best way you can serve the common good is by going after your own purpose.

Soul Urge Number 11 People Have Very Strong Values


There is nothing Machiavellian about you. For you, your own principles are the most important thing in your life, and you have always remained loyal to your sense of morality.

No matter how great a prize might have been, no matter what was offered, nothing has ever tempted you to give up on what you think is right. So whenever you did achieve something of note, it was never through dishonest means.

Sometimes, however, you would get the feeling that perhaps people with a less rigid attitude toward right and wrong got ahead in life faster than you did. It seemed that those willing to compromise at least a little bit with who they are got what they wanted more often than people like you.

Still, you stuck with what you knew, never giving up on what you believed in. Only occasionally being racked by doubt as to whether you have chosen the right path

Yet, all of that was completely without cause. For although those who were less scrupulous than yourself might have managed to acquire the glitz and glamor of fading success, you have won the truest victory of all.

Rest assured that in the end, it will be your moral and honest way that wins out, and you will garner the happiness that they possess only in appearance.

So hold true to your beliefs and your principles. Because only they can serve as a true compass, leading you towards a fulfilling and joyful life.

Soul Urge Number 11 Is Incredibly Devoted


People with the soul urge number 11 as their dominant trait symbol are generally highly loyal to those around them. Whether it is their family, their friends, or their partners, they are always there to help and support those they care about.

With their wisdom and their affectionate, kind personalities, they often serve as the connective tissue of any social circle or group that they are in. Their patience and their knowledge of the human heart often give them the role of being advisers and caregivers.

However, all of that pales in comparison with their constancy and their devotion as friends, lovers, and family members. No matter what happens, they are always there to support those who are close to them without asking anything in return.

So to have such an individual in one’s life is truly a blessing, and having a soulmate with urge number 11  as a companion is always a blessing.

Soul Urge Number 11 and Love


Being such a hypersensitive individual and in tune with your emotions means that you could make a wonderful partner for anyone. However, not everyone would be suitable for your personality.

Although you have a very open and generous way of expressing your love, others might not have as much emotional depth and maturity as you do. They can be, for example, a bit shallow and not appreciate the love you shower them with.

So therefore, if you want to make sure that you end up in a satisfying and fulfilling relationship, try to find someone who is as compatible with you as possible. That way you won’t risk getting hurt, which for a person of your sensitive temperament can be a very harmful event.

That being said, once you do find someone on your level, your kind disposition will definitely ensure a very joyous romantic life for you. In other words, even if arguments do occur, your wisdom and cleverness will help you get through them.

Soul Urge Number 11 and Friendship


When it comes to choosing friends, you ought to try and be more careful and more selective. There are all kinds of human beings out there, and some will not necessarily bring the best energy into your life.

Because very often, when people with soul urge number 11 start socializing, they can come across a lot of jealous and envious types. You have to remember that you are no ordinary person, and your impressive talents and intellect can cause hostility from those who are battling their own insecurities.

The best remedy to avoid this, however, is to be very observant of the behavior of others. If they are displaying any kind of potentially toxic behavior, then you must give up a relationship with them.

for it will not be worth it in the long run, and they will just keep bringing you down with their negativity.

In other words, you must look for someone on the same level as you. Someone who will be on the same plane of success and accomplishment as you have achieved Only such a person will be safe from the temptation of envy and will have the potential to become a true confidant for you.

Soul Urge Number 11 Personality Types Are Attracted to the Occult


Since you are someone with an incredibly sophisticated understanding of the subtle, deep parts of life’s truths, you are also likely to be attracted to the more mystical sciences.

To put it more simply, as a soul urge 11 person, you have talent for the occult, and you should not waste it. Use your high intuition and your strong spirituality to delve into the wonderful and mysterious knowledge that the esoteric can provide.

With your soul-urging talents, you could accomplish great things and do a lot of good for those who need your wisdom. So don’t hesitate to throw yourself into this field. This is where you belong, and this is where you could realize your potential the most.

Conclusion: Soul Urge Number 11 Represents Intellectual and Profoundly Spiritual People


As we have seen, soul urge number 11 is a sign that you have every predisposition and advantage needed to ensure a successful and joyful life. You are a formidable character, capable of achieving no matter what goals and ambitions you apply yourself to.

In you, there is a perfect combination of the rational and the emotional elements, making you both a level-headed and a deeply feeling person. Such a double advantage is rare to possess, and it will enable you to accomplish whatever you set your mind to.

So be proud of who you are, for rarely anyone is as strong or as talented as you.

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