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Tarot Cards 101: Unlocking Hidden Wisdom And Guidance

Tarot Cards 101: Unlocking Hidden Wisdom And Guidance

Are you someone who’s seeking guidance or direction in life? Or maybe you’re really into astrology and you’re looking for a new hobby?

Either way, tarot seems to be a go-to way of searching for solace these days. People started to pick up tarot cards left and right.

I remember my first tarot reading. Well, to be precise, I remember how I felt. The woman was reading me my destiny and I had no clue what was going on!

What’s a priestess? What’s a magician? I was so confused the entire time that I didn’t even feel guided or particularly enlightened!

Now, I’m no fortune teller, I’m still at the beginning just like you and I’m telling you – it ain’t easy. So, I thought I’d share my findings and what made tarot easier for me!

Here are a couple of tips and tricks to start getting in the groove of tarot!

What Is Tarot?

Contrary to popular belief, tarot won’t tell you the future. It will, however, provide guidance and wisdom.

These cards are supposed to tap into your higher self which will bring to light your inner truth that you hid deep inside of yourself.

Basically, the cards will tell you what you already know but have buried somewhere deep in your psyche.

Imagine that you are a kid searching for something in your room, you can’t find it no matter how much you look. So you call your mom and she finds it immediately. 

That’s what tarot cards do for you. However, it only works well if you know yourself well.

It’s also good to know that you don’t have to be psychic or have a spiritual background to read tarot!

What Are Tarot Cards?

You’ve probably seen a tarot card or even a whole deck by now! You could see all the beautiful pictures with vivid colors and exquisite details.

That’s because the cards tell a story and when you understand the story, you’ll understand the meaning of the card which will help you during readings.

There are 78 cards and remembering all of them is a real pain, but there’s usually a guide that comes with the deck or you can find many resources online!

Let’s try to simplify it though. We can divide the 78 cards into two categories: major arcana and minor arcana. And each of these has a specific number!

Major Arcana

Major arcana are the first 22 cards and they symbolize the bigger picture. These cards concentrate on a wider type of guidance that’s more general.

The cards can even be seen as a journey. From The Fool card (representing the beginning) to The World card (representing the end.)

Everything in between these cards are milestones we experience along the way. The Lovers can represent a big decision, The Hermit may mean you’ll go on a spiritual journey, etc.

If you pull a Major Arcana card, be ready to fasten your seatbelt because whatever you might be experiencing is a big deal!

Minor Arcana

Minor arcana are the 56 cards that are left and they symbolize a more specific picture. These cards are also divided into four suits: Wands, Cups, Swords and Pentacles.

  • Wands – Just like the fire signs of the zodiac, Wands are about passion and action. On the other side, this card can warn you that you need to slow down because you’re being impulsive.
  • Cups – These cards represent emotions, love and intuition. If you pull this card you may be dealing with matters of the heart.
  • Swords – These cards are all about logic and the mind. They don’t concern themselves with petty things like emotions. If you pull this card, then it means you’ve not been using your head.
  • Pentacles – Like the earth signs, these cards are down-to-earth. They deal with matters of the home, body and work.

How To Pull Cards

Now that we have the basics laid out, let’s try pulling some cards!

It can be scary at first, but keep in mind- the cards can’t and won’t hurt you. They can be harsh, but that’s only because we need it in that moment. 

Remember, you are in charge of the cards, because they are just mirrors that show what you already know deep within.

1. Set an Intention!

Setting a clear intention at the beginning of a reading is a very important first step. First, you need to ask yourself what you want and what you need. 

When you’ve set your intention, you may ask simple questions like ‘What do I need to know today?‘ or ‘What am I missing?

Don’t be afraid and just ease into it, your mind needs to be steady and start shuffling your cards. It may or may not matter where you practice.

Some people can do a reading anywhere and some need to do it at a specific place. It varies.

What’s important is how you feel with your deck and how in tune you are with it.

2. Follow Your Intuition!

Since you’re the one who will be pulling and shuffling the cards, you need to trust your gut.

While you’re shuffling you may feel the urge to stop. That’s your intuition at work.

You can even lay out the cards across the table and float your fingers above them. When your intuition tells you to stop. Stop.

You may feel a buzz, a tingling, you may be hot or cold, or maybe even none of these. That’s fine because this is an experience unique to you and you only.

Once you start getting to know your deck and building a relationship with it, everything will fall into place.

3. Get To Pulling!

Now comes the fun part, pulling the cards! There are many spreads to choose from, but today we’re keeping it simple.

A simple, daily spread would be the one-card spread, where you, surprise surprise, pull out one card. Try to interpret it to the best of your abilities.

Another simple spread is a three-card spread, where you, shockingly, pull out three cards.

Place them next to each other, the left one represents the past, the middle represents the present and the right one represents the future. This spread allows for growth or for present clarity.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

When doing a reading you need to combine everything we’ve learned here today.

You’ll need knowledge of the cards and what they mean, setting the right intention, learning to follow your intuition and you’ll need to try your best.

Don’t get discouraged and give up after the first reading, come back to it and try again. 

If you want to explore further and read about specific cards, look no further!

Practicing will get your mind and intuition sharper, which will make your readings more precise and unbiased.

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