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The first thing you see in this picture reveals your deeply hidden nightmare

The first thing you see in this picture reveals your deeply hidden nightmare

Hidden nightmares… many of us have them, even if we are completely unaware of them.

It’s not for nothing that they are said to be hidden.

Perhaps it is something that we suppress deep inside because it was not a pleasant experience for us.

And these personality tests serve precisely to reveal things that are hidden deep in our subconscious.

What did you notice first in this picture?

What caught your attention?

Look at this picture first and then read about your deeply hidden nightmare in the following sections!

The horse

If the first thing you notice is the horse in the center of the picture, this indicates that your biggest fear is rejection. This is something that many people are afraid of.

You are afraid that everyone you love will let you down and that you will lose them forever.

Your fears are irrational because you haven’t done anything at all to make them react this way.

Because of this, you may find it difficult to express your feelings to anyone.

You do favors for them and take care of everyone, but you have trouble expressing your feelings to them.

You are afraid because you think they will say that your affection and love is not enough, that you can try harder even though you give your all.

On the other hand, you are also afraid that they will take advantage of you when they realize how much they mean to you.

But when it comes to your family, you shouldn’t behave like this.

Your family will surely look after you as well as you look after them.

Perhaps you grew up in a family like this, where no feelings were shown and you were always somewhere in the background.

That’s why you have these nightmares from your childhood. And you haven’t overcome them yet because you’ve never dealt with them.

It is also said that people with social anxiety have an uncontrollable fear of being judged or rejected by other people. They also avoid social situations altogether if they can.

So it may also be that you are afraid of social contact and that you prefer to be alone and at home without having to talk to anyone.

One of the best ways to deal with this is to let things take their course and go with the flow. If someone doesn’t feel the same way, don’t worry, it’s not a criticism of you as a person.

Take small steps to get out of your comfort zone.

Don’t overload yourself too much.

If you have a specific intention to overcome this trauma, then, as I said, you need to take small steps to achieve great success.

The soldiers in the background

When you first notice the soldiers in the background, the image tells you that your biggest fear might be being played.

You are therefore always alert and think that the other people are just trying to trick you.

These thoughts can weigh you down to a great extent and that’s why you can’t find inner peace.

You don’t believe anyone, even though the people around you have given you no reason not to believe them.

You are a somewhat sensitive person when you are dealing with your lover who keeps his walls up. Since everyone moves at their own pace, you should be mindful of this when you’re trying to make love.

And what do you think is the reason why you’re actually behaving this way?

The reason may be that you have been deeply hurt by someone in your past.

It could be your romantic partner who has betrayed you or someone in your family who has hurt you a lot.

As a result, you don’t believe anyone now and are always alert.

Of course, it takes time to heal from a situation like this, but you need to make yourself feel better sometimes.

You can perhaps start by not having high expectations of others.

If you take such a position, then no one can hurt you.

Get involved in relationships but don’t expect much from them at the beginning.

Over time, you will definitely realize whether this person deserves your trust or not.

Your nightmare is hidden deep inside you because you don’t want to show other people that you are hurt.

You always act as if you don’t care, but deep down you are afraid that you will be hurt again.

It should be noted that if someone doesn’t feel the same way as the above statement provided, then don’t worry, it’s not a knock on you as a person.

While it’s good that you’re paying attention. You always have to be, but you tend to overdo it a bit.

Besides, you can always try to talk about it openly with the people who are important to you.

Tell them how you feel and open up.

They will certainly be willing to show you that you are important to them and that they won’t leave you.

The soldiers

If you notice the mounted soldiers first, it indicates that your need to keep up appearances scares you or is your greatest fear.

In the picture, the soldiers represent vigilance, which means that you should let your guard down and lower your inhibitions.

What does that actually mean for you? How does it affect you?

You are shy or have nervous feelings that prevent you from saying or doing what you really want.

What are you afraid of anyway?

Is what you want perhaps something you don’t want others to know?

Are you perhaps afraid that other people will judge you because of your decision and your choice?

Is other people’s opinion more important to you than your own?

Do you sacrifice your happiness and satisfaction because of other people?

Do they do this with their decisions just to satisfy you?

Certainly not.

You should do the same and try to think about how other people will react if you do something that makes you happy.

You also worry a lot about how your partner will react to your appearance and behavior.

Sometimes you are also tense because you want to look good with a new partner. However, it’s important to know that your relationship won’t end just because of looks or unkempt hair.

It may sound cliché, but you should be exactly who you are.

And worry less about what other people think of your life.

They will comment on whatever you do anyway.

The woman

Did you notice the old lady in the picture first?

If you noticed the woman first, this indicates that your biggest fear in relation to love is probably losing sleep or not being able to sleep properly.

The old lady may be the largest image in this illustration, but you didn’t notice her first for nothing.

So the thought of entering into a romantic relationship excites you, but somewhere along the line it also scares you.

You aspire to find someone to grow old with and spend your whole life with.

But at the same time, you’re afraid that you’ll never find that person or that they’ll disappoint you.

You should relax and enjoy this search.

Date people you like.

Have long conversations to get to know the personality of these people better.

If you realize that this person is not the best fit for you, you can easily distance yourself and explain to them why you are acting this way.

Enjoy the dating process before you have found that one particular person who wins you over at first sight.

If you overcome your fears, you will realize that you have been worrying for nothing.

Our nightmares may seem ridiculous or harmless to other people. But those who deal with them and fight against them know exactly how difficult it can be to overcome them.

The most important thing is to deal with your nightmares and not suppress them.

Take small steps and be positive. These nightmares didn’t happen overnight and so they certainly won’t go away quickly.

Be patient and work on getting all deep negative thoughts out of your head.

We wish you every success!