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5 Tips for Surviving Mercury Retrograde

5 Tips for Surviving Mercury Retrograde

Why is Mercury Retrograde regarded as a time of turbulence?

Over the last few years, Mercury Retrograde has seemingly become the ‘Big Bad Wolf’ of astrology. Every time someone mentions that we’re inching closer to this time period, people go nuts.

This happens because it looks like Mercury is moving backward in the sky, and during this time stuff like technology, big plans and communication can all get out of hand.

And it’s true, Mercury Retrograde does mess with our routines, but it also gives us a chance to look at things from a different perspective.

We can use this time to revisit old ideas, reconnect with old friends (but not with that toxic ex!) or revise our goals for life.

If you’re thinking of doing anything that starts with re-, you’re on the right path this Mercury Retrograde. And if you don’t, well, you just might have to buckle up.

But don’t worry, here are some tips on how you can survive the upcoming Mercury Retrograde and get away without a scratch!

1. Don’t start new projects, but do complete old ones

During Mercury Retrograde, nothing goes as planned. No matter how good you think your project is going to be, you probably don’t have all the details or it simply won’t sound as good to others as it does to you.

Instead, revisit what you already have in stock. For example, I like to finish books I’ve started, but never completed.

This can refer to anything really, from starting a new job to even just starting a new painting. Instead, work on your resume or pull an old painting out of the closet and finish it.

2. Don’t buy pricey gadgets, instead, opt for repairing

Technology goes a bit haywire during this time period. I suggest holding off on buying that new expensive phone you’ve been saving up for. You’ve waited this long, so what’s a couple more weeks?

What you can do is repair your old phone, at least for the time being. But if you do need to buy a new gadget for whatever reason life threw at you, be ready for it to glitch and/or break.

All in all, it’s much better to repair what’s old, than what’s new. Imagine buying a brand-new car. Works fine for a couple of days, and suddenly it breaks down on the highway! Better to be safe than sorry.

3. Don’t change your appearance, you can always revisit an old look

Now, I know that those bangs and that tattoo and that outfit are very tempting right now. But if you want to avoid a mental breakdown later (trust me been there, done that), do reach for that trusty go-to look you always look good in.

Wait until the planets are all in order again to experiment with your appearance.

4. Don’t jump to conclusions, be understanding of others

Mercury Retrograde is a time of confusion and you need to be extra careful while communicating with others. This can be very frustrating when all of a sudden that one person isn’t responding or you’re constantly bickering with others.

But this is a great time to practice patience and understanding. After all, you’re not the only one going through Mercury Retrograde!

Maybe that person is dealing with their own faulty gadgets, a failed project or an awful haircut.

5. Don’t cancel that trip, but do expect changes

If you can, avoid making plans during Mercury Retrograde, but if you already booked that flight and that hotel, don’t cancel it!

Just because you might face some delays, it doesn’t mean you should stop living. 

Be ready for some mishaps and delays on your trip. Double-check if you brought the essentials and check on your room reservation. Be extra careful, but still enjoy that trip!

Mercury isn’t that bad, right?

All in all, Mercury Retrograde isn’t as bad as we were led to believe, but you should be careful when going against the flow of this cycle.

My advice would be simple, slow down and look back on everything you have and everything you’ve accomplished. Maybe there’s something back there that you missed, a hidden gem that might make your life better.

Although people associate Mercury Retrograde with bad things happening all the time, it can actually be a time of prosperity and new possibilities. So, be mindful of how you use this time, because your life is only in your hands.