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Top 5 Forbidden Loves of the Zodiac

Top 5 Forbidden Loves of the Zodiac

In astrology, there are certain signs that were star-made for each other. People born under the right signs find solace, excitement and passion in coupling together.

Then, there are people so incompatible that they take one look at each other and are like “hell, no”.

There are reluctant matches who have the potential to make it work if they have the will.

And there are those who can’t get enough of each other – to their own detriment.

他们是 the forbidden lovers of the zodiac for many reasons.

More often than not, passion is what holds them together. It is often the only thing that doesn’t require a herculean effort to work in their relationship.

Let’s Not Lose the Sight of the Natal Chart

虽然 the Sun sign has the primary role in our birth chart, don’t lose sight of the big picture.

You might have met someone in the past who – in theory – really shouldn’t be very good for you, but they are. 

Or, vice versa, you as a Scorpio meet a Cancer, who should be compatible with you, but it’s just not working.

There’s no way to know at a glance which sign rules what in a person’s natal chart, so be patient until you can check.

If someone is truly good for you and they happen to be ‘the wrong’ sign, trust your instincts.

他们的 natal chart overall likely works in favor of your compatibility.

5. Hades and Persephone: Scorpio and Pisces

forbidden love sad

Both Water signs, both highly emotional, both deep thinkers.

What could go wrong?

他们的 通讯 styles are vastly different. Especially in regards to romance.

Scorpio can be reckless and cruel, or even pushy and too intense sensitive Pisces.

Pisces already struggle with their 边界. Adding a possessive and jealous Scorpio to the mix promises toxicity galore.

Their relationship could potentially become controlling and manipulative.

Not to paint Scorpio as the sole problem in this pairing, Pisces can be prone to evading accountability. And Scorpio is very responsible.

Pop culture and social media romanticize this type of relationship to no end.

If you look to TikTok, popular YA romance novels, and even movies, this kind of ‘forbidden’ pairing is pretty much all there is.

It’s one of many potential reasons two such incompatible people could fall for each other.

All in all, it would take drastic corrections in both their behaviors to make this forbidden romance healthy.

4. Every K-Drama Couple Ever: Virgo and Gemini

A poker-faced businessman and a dreamer with pigtails is how I see this couple.

To begin with, Virgo is an Earth sign, while Gemini’s element is Air. That alone puts them at odds with each other.

Aside from passion and intimacy, two people born under these signs look for vastly different things.

They exude absolutely different behaviors.

Virgo is practical and realistic. These people are perfectionists, they want things done and completed a certain way.

Gemini is a dreamer. Geminis love to move around without a care in the world. They change interests easily and are creative thinkers, but they often aren’t the doers.

This type of relationship could become one where one partner carries 90% on their back, while the other barely does their 10%.

There’s a great potential for conflict with this forbidden pairing, and it would take a lot of effort to make it last. 

3. Chasing the Wind: Capricorn and Aquarius

Another Earth sign – Air sign pairing. Again, their elements alone imply huge differences between them.

Capricorn is the hard worker of the zodiac. Capricorns are driven to make things happen, to accumulate victories and wealth no matter what.

Aquarians, on the other hand, don’t care about accumulating 任何事情. They’re 冒险的easygoing, making the detail-oriented, ambitious Capricorn a terrible match for them.

现在 opposites do attract, which is likely the reason behind this pairing.

Their intimate relationship could work nicely, they’d probably have interesting insights to offer each other.

But it’s hard to imagine their connection to last. Their love languages are different, as well.

Capricorn shows affection through material things, and Aquarius does the opposite.

Besides, they’re both quite 独立. Neither would probably think twice before ending things for good.

2. Carrie and Aiden Type of Relationship: Libra and Taurus

Most of us are very familiar with the show about four New Yorker girlfriends and their struggles with romance.

Libra is the Carrie in this metaphor. The flirty, outgoing, undecisive it girl. Taurus is our Aiden, a homebody, who dreams of safety, a big family and comfort.

We all know how it ends.

For a time, it would likely be exciting. It’s new and different.

Libra is communicative and fun, outgoing and open. 

Taurus is loyal to boot, and a lover of luxury and joy. They are both ruled by Venus, so they have that in common.

然而,有 outcomes. 

Either Taurus controls Libra and gets in the way of their freedom.

Or they settle for an unfulfilling commitment where they can’t relax and trust their significant other.

1. The Most Toxic of Them All: Leo and Cancer

This is the 50 Shades of Gray type of forbidden romance.

Leo is an outgoing, open, attention-seeking and attention-giving individual

Though they maybe wouldn’t cheat in their relationship, they most certainly wouldn’t hold back on flirting and enjoying others’ attention.

And while for them this might not be anything major, for the sensitive Cancer it would be heartbreaking.

Cancerians tend to take everything to heart, they’re introverted and gentle. They probably wouldn’t be able to understand Leo’s flamboyant ways.

This is a pairing headed toward heartbreak and fighting.

Leo is not someone to be controlled, but Cancer would most likely try anything to get them to settle down.