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7 Crystals That Promote Masculine Energy

7 Crystals That Promote Masculine Energy

Since the dawn of time, humans have found crystals to be fascinating.

Their value was akin to that of silver and gold, and they had a similar purpose.

Crystals were used as ornaments, or in spiritual and healing practices. In fact, little has changed in their use from the olden days until now.

In nature, they come to be through a process called crystallization, which can be triggered by cooling magma and evaporating water among others.

The process can last for days or millennia.

Crystals Were Equally Valued All Over the Ancient World

ǞǞǞ Mayan civilization, as well as Sumerian, EgyptianChinese, viewed crystals as things full of mystical potential.

Ancient peoples employed crystals in their healing, cleansing and protective practices.

Clear quartz was considered a potent source of power and energy, while malachite was used for protection.

Their Usefulness Far Surpasses Spirituality

Social media often promotes content that includes the use of crystals in spirituality, witchcraft and neo-paganism.

Those of us not overly familiar with the making of technology can lose sight of the extremely practical use of these beautiful formations.

They produce voltage when put under mechanical stress, and have revolutionized ultrasound, radiotimekeeping technology.

Not to mention, their usefulness in medical and therapeutic fields is incredible.

Girls Run the (Crystal) World

The ornamental use of crystals is naturally more focused on women.

However, the spiritual community and social media put an unfair amount of focus on the feminine use of crystals in spiritual practice.

Just because they’re colorful and shiny doesn’t mean they’re not beneficial for everyone.

Crystals Can Benefit Both Feminine And Masculine Energy

Firstly, we all possess both these energies within us. None of us are absolutely feminine nor absolutely masculine.

Masculine energy, therefore, doesn’t solely include men. The parts of us that are driven, dominant and goal-oriented surpass the limits between the sexes.

Men, however, possess much more masculine energy than women.

Hence, using crystals that exude this type of energy has a greater variety of benefits 为他们。

These 7 Crystals Promote Masculine Energy

1. Malachite

2. Tiger’s Eye

3. Black Tourmaline

4. Shungite

5. Pyrite

6. Obsidian

7. Sunstone

What Constitutes Balanced Masculine Energy And How Can Crystals Help?

When unbalanced, both feminine and masculine energy can be destructive.

Masculine energy can entail peace or destructive unrest. Clarity or blind obscurity. Strong discipline or rageful weakness.

Crystals possess subtle energetic vibrations. Paired with the right intentions and the will to work on ourselves, they can help us achieve inner balance.

In spiritual use, consider them the vessels of your intention.

Malachite For Transformation, Love And Balance

When meditating, place your malachite crystal over your heart. It can help open your heart chakra to receive good things.

Not only does malachite promote openness, it promotes 自我意识

It can help you recognize your own toxic patterns, so that you may be rid of what holds you back from true love.

Malachite provides the 勇气 needed for vulnerability, but also the 智慧 to boldly end what doesn’t serve you and never look back.

Tiger’s Eye For Strong Will, Power And Prosperity

If you plan to incorporate tiger’s eye crystal into your meditation, hold it in your dominant hand and stand up.

This way you’re sending a message to the Universe that speaks of your strength.

This is a crystal that promotes challenging yourself, looking ahead and letting go of weakness.

It activates masculine energy and makes you ground and stabilize yourself.

This can promote self-awareness, good decision-making and nourish your 诚信.

Black Tourmaline For Cleansing And Protection

Use black tourmaline in accordance with your specific needs.

It has the power to cleanse and unblock your chakra.

Place the crystal over the blocked chakra point (head, forehead, throat, heart, plexus, sacral or root) and set your intentions straight.

This crystal is commonly used in 灵气, 冥想, mantric meditation and other chakra cleansing practices.

In case you merely need protection from negative energy, simply keep black tourmaline on your person as you go about your day.

Shungite For Neutralizing

Shungite is the perfect and necessary crystal in our time.

It helps with balancing out our energies after being exposed to technology for too long.

You can place it on your computer, phone, or your working environment in general.

It protects us against Electromagnetic Fields, boosts immunity and even purifies drinking water.

Shungite helps to keep your body strong and your mind clear, so that your masculine energy may thrive.

Pyrite For Wealth, Abundance And Good Luck

Pyrite glows with appropriately golden hues

It promotes career success, gaining wealth and living abundantly.

With the good luck it brings, you’re sure to encounter many great opportunities.

To manifest all the aforementioned with the help of Pyrite, simply place it in your wallet and never take it out.

Financial 安全, among others, is a pinnacle of living in your masculine energy.

Obsidian For Truth And Healing

This is an incredibly potent crystal of volcanic origin.

It is likely the best-known natural crystal, aside from, maybe, quartz.

Even in the popular fantasy series by George R.R. Martin, “A Song of Ice and Fire”, it’s assigned the magical properties of the dragon glass.

It helps you unveil your hidden self, therefore it’s perfect for shadow work.

Obsidian may also help you attain clarity and encourage introspection.

This way, it’s a potent healing tool in ridding yourself of addictions.

Sunstone For Vitality And Leadership

While the Divine Feminine is connected to the Moon, the Sun is the ultimate Divine Masculine.

同样、 sunstone is in tune with the yang energy, it’s revitalizing and empowering.

It promotes personal growth, abundance and authenticity.

If you’re trying to work on your 领导能力, use Sunstone to manifest success.

This crystal also taps into the Sacral Chakra. Simply wearing it around your neck or wrist can promote passion and libido.