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Angelic Whispers: 7 Signs Your Guardian Angel Is Trying To Contact You

Angelic Whispers: 7 Signs Your Guardian Angel Is Trying To Contact You

Anytime someone says the word ‘angel‘ we automatically have a specific vision in our mind.

These are beautiful creatures in flowy robes with wings spreading wide and mighty. They are noble and strong, here to give us divine guidance.

But this divine guidance doesn’t come through the regular old language that we’re used to.

天使使用 many different methods of communication and every single one has a specific way of doing it.

Whether you’re someone who believes guardian angels are at our side or not, you can’t ignore these signs!

1. Angel Numbers!

Obviously, their main form of communication is through Angel numbers!

If you keep seeing strange sequences of numbers all over the place, your guardian angel might be contacting you!

These sequences can appear in several different patterns, like 1212, 1221, 1122so on.

A lot of people believe that this is a sort of roadmap to life, a divine intervention!

2. Dreams!

Another way your guardian angel might contact you is through 梦想! When we sleep, we aren’t in our usual state of mind. When we sleep, we are more relaxed and open.

This allows our guardians to reach us easily. The only downside of this is that we don’t usually remember our dreams, so the messages we receive might be forgotten.

My advice is to keep a notebook and pen beside your nightstand and jot down your dreams every morning when you wake up.

There might be something in there that will improve your life!

3. Shifting Room Temperature!

When your guardian angel is near the temperature shift feels like a warm blanket being wrapped around you.

Unlike the scary chill you feel when something sinister is near, your guardian raises the room temperature around you.

This is a great time to seek guidance and if you were even in doubt about their presence, this is them confirming they are with you!

4. Feathers Everywhere!

Another common sign that your guardian angel is near are 羽毛!

If you start finding feathers in unusual places, don’t try to figure out how it got there, but try focusing on what it means!

尝试 remember what was stressing you out before you found the feather because this feather can be a guide in the right direction, especially if you asked for guidance beforehand.

If you asked if what you are doing is the right decision, a feather in unusual places is most likely a ‘yes.’

5. Clouds!

If you see a cloud that strangely looks like something you are deeply connected to, don’t be freaked out! It’s just your guardian angel speaking to you through shapes.

When you see these shapes, you better start searching within. Tune into yourself and become aware of your thoughts.

By doing this, you are more likely to understand what your guardian is trying to tell you.

6. Help from Strangers and Animals!

There were probably times that you believed that someone was ‘heaven-sent‘ and chances are, they probably were!

Angels are no strangers to using human or animal helpers.

Sometimes you might be racking your brain on what to do in a certain situation and suddenly someone might come up to you and say the exact words you needed to hear.

Or you might see an animal in nature that caught your eye and later on, you look up the meaning of the animal and it’s strongly related to your situation.

When something unexpected like this happens, it’s your guardian angel is communicating with you!

7. Feeling a Presence!

Often when we’re alone we might feel another presence. People usually get 担心的 of these encounters because they associate them with evil spirits.

However, if you’re being watched over by your guardian, you will never feel threatened! You’ll feel loved, protected and safe!

How Do I Ask My Guardian Angel For Guidance?

If you want to ask for guidance, you first must open up a pathway in your mind.

Set yourself up somewhere nice and cozy and start by taking deep breaths through your nose,以及 exhaling out your mouth. Do this as many times as you need until you feel calm and relaxed!

Start paying attention to the things around you, anything you have in your apartment or if you’re outside, concentrate on the nature around you!

Take this awareness and use it to ask for help, you may say something along the lines of: ‘I ask you for guidance in my time of need.

Final Thoughts

These are some of the most common ways angels communicate with us, but your guardian might find a better way to convey a message that is unique to you.

Our minds overthink a lot and they are quick to brush off anything that seems remotely supernatural, so it’s important to keep an open mind when dealing with your guardian.

Another thing you need to remember is that your guardian probably knows you better than you know yourself. So it’s never a bad idea to confide in them, whether your problem is big or small.

Remember that your guardian angel is always with you and they are always on your side!