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Save Your Love: 11 Helpful Spiritual Practices For A Deeper Partnership

Save Your Love: 11 Helpful Spiritual Practices For A Deeper Partnership

You have found your love in a person who is your 知心朋友 – there is no bigger gift. However, after some time your relationship can feel dull and complicated.

There are ways you can save it before it is too late.

Soulmate Relationships

When two soulmates meet, it is like they have always known each other. They instantly connect and enjoy each other’s presence. You can rely on this person and your bond is special.

These people bring calmness and security, and you will probably end up marrying them. But, no matter how intense and beautiful a relationship is, your love can be turbulent from time to time.

This is normal because we are dealing with human beings who have 不同的 personalities and habits.

It is important to note that even soulmate relationships can have obstacles and turmoil. After a while, you can feel disconnected from your soulmate and feel as if the relationship is not as interesting and intense as it once was.

It’s healthy to go through these problems. In fact, not experiencing these changes would be quite alarming. A lack of these fluctuations would mean that one or both of you are holding onto the past and trying to force the relationship to remain a certain way.

However, if your relationship remains turbulent or boring, do not worry, there are ways you can save your 精神 bond and restore it effectively.

9 Ways You Can Spiritually Save Your Relationship

Here are some spiritual practices that will help you save your relationship.

1. “Us Time”

It is important to spend quality time together without kids or other people. Plan date nights and forget about the world. This will help you go back to your early dating phase and rebuild your bond.

Try to spend time in nice locations, traveling, or going on cinema dates. I have a friend who is 45 and she always travels alone with her husband, without children, and her marriage is 茁壮成长.

2. Eye Contact

Try to reconnect with your partner by always looking into their eyes when speaking to them. Eyes are truly windows to our soul and they can tell you a lot about emotions behind words.

You can also get a better insight into how your partner feels when they are talking to you and if they are hurt, happy, or indifferent. This will help you reconnect with them on an emotional level and they will feel 更密切 to you too.

You can never go wrong if you maintain eye contact – it reveals much more than you think.

3. Explore What Your Loved One Is Teaching You

All turbulent situations in life are there to teach us something. Your relationship may be 教学 you things about yourself that you need to overcome. Maybe your partner is teaching you patience or unconditional love.

Ask yourself what feelings you cannot 战胜 and try to work on them. Maybe it is you who needs to look at things from a different perspective and feel how your partner feels in order to become a better version of yourself.

4. Have More Conversations

Being open in your conversations is essential. Try to openly discuss any problems you may have and how your relationship makes you feel. It is crucial to tell your partner how you want your relationship to be.

These conversations will help you be more open and get 洞察力 into how they feel as well. Try to be understanding and put yourself in their shoes. Do not have tense conversations that may provoke arguments. 

Instead, try to make them as 纾缓 as possible with as much of an understanding as possible This will heal any wounds you may carry between each other and make your bond stronger.

5. More Touch

If your partner has been distant for a while, try to reconnect with 触摸. This simple yet powerful method will make your partner feel your energy and presence much more intensely and you will love the attention you get back.

You can also give your partner massages and pampering sessions which will be a great way for them to feel 纾缓 around you. Touch is a great way of saying ‘I care about you and I am here!‘.

6. Laugh Together

All happy couples share the same sense of 幽默. You are someone who is there for your partner in all situations – bad and good. Try to be someone who makes your partner laugh a lot and they will feel 更好 在你周围。

If your relationship has lost its spark, try to go on a comedy show together or make some inner jokes that only two of you will know. This will make your bond much stronger and you will love how positively it affects your relationship.

There is no need to be sad and annoyed all the time – brighten up and enjoy life as much as you can.

7. Be Open To Criticism

This part may be much harder to accept for some but try to remember that 没人 is perfect. you also have some flaws that may be annoying your partner. When you start having open conversations, be prepared to receive 批评 and try to be understanding.

Nobody likes hearing bad words about themselves but try to be aware of the fact that this is someone who knows you the best and they may be teaching you a lot about yourself. Do not get offended – be 灵感 to change.

8. Forget The Past

If there are past mistakes or 问题 that are still lingering between you and your partner, they can be what is destroying your special bond. There are many meditation practices that can help you heal and move on.

Try to put behind you everything that does not serve you – and it will let you start anew. There are always things we wish never happened, but do not let them destroy your peace.

9. Self-love

Your relationship with yourself can make or break your 关系. You can be loved, but if you do not love yourself, others cannot help you and it may push them away.

Self-love is an important part of one’s 人格 and your spiritual journey cannot evolve unless you have it. Reconnect with yourself through meditation or doing your favorite activities/hobbies.

This will help you learn more about 你自己 and you will realize that you are your most valuable friend.

10. More Intimacy

Intimacy plays a huge part in relationships. Without it, you are only friends. Try to be more intimate with your partner as this will improve your spiritual bond as well. Try to be innovative as well!

Buy new clothes that 赞美 your body and go out for a drink. Suggest new stuff and you will be surprised how well it will go. This is an important part of your life, so be ready to 实验 and learn what each of you likes.

11. Meditate Together

You can always try to meditate as a couple and see how it feels. There are many 冥想 types that will bring you closer together and you will feel your souls connecting on a spiritual level.

Your partner will love it because it is a relaxing method that is proven to ease your mind and soul. Instead of arguing over unimportant stuff, try to 静坐 together and you may feel all the anger going away.

Whatever you do, try to make it worth your time and try to celebrate your 知心朋友 and your special bond every day.