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Guardian Angels: 5 Unexpected Ways To Connect With Them

Guardian Angels: 5 Unexpected Ways To Connect With Them

Do you feel lost in your life and you need guidance? You tried everything, from meditation to manifesting but you can’t seem to see your path that would take you where you need to be.

You might need to find a way to contact your 守护天使 and seek advice and protection.

Why Do We Need Guardian Angels?

Guardian angels are our protectors and they always have our best interests in mind.

People who have not spiritually grown and are not in touch with their spirit, can easily not be open to receiving guardian angel’s messages and signs.

You may have heard about people who hear someone calling their 名字 during sleep and once they wake up, they realize nobody is there.

However, they see that they are almost late to an important event and that this calling is some sort of protection.

Ways To Connect With Your Guardian Angel

Here are some surprising ways you can 连接 to your guardian angel if you feel abandoned, lost, or unmotivated. They are always there, we just need to open up to them and ask them for guidance.

Positive Action

爱 - 社区 - 团结If you are someone who loves helping others, now is the right time to do it. Join a humanitarian action or help animals in your area.

Being someone who helps others will make you a positive person who is ready to receive blessings.

What we put out to the universe will come back to us, so if you help others, someone will help you. Your guardian angel may be in the form of another human or animal that will show you the 正道.

You will be open to positivity and 感激之情 which are all positive emotions. When you are positive and others bless you, your guardian angel looks after you.


Being grateful is a huge step towards being 受保护的 and blessed.

If you spend your days thinking about all the things you do not have and disregard the things that you do, can make you a very negative and ungrateful person. This is never a good position if you want to be spiritual and stay in touch with your guardian angel.

Your negative headspace can cause you to be 悲哀 for no reason and desperate for things you do not have. Being grateful for things you already possess in your life will open doors for new positive things to enter your life.

Sometimes we forget that we wished for something once we have it for too long. Remember how much you wanted what you have now. .

It will help you 重新连接 with yourself and be open to new exciting things in your life.

Paying Attention To Beautiful Smells

If you suddenly feel a beautiful smell around you coming out of nowhere, it could be your 守护天使 trying to catch your attention. Try to repeat your positive mantras when this happens and be grateful that they decided to reach you this way.

You can use this opportunity to ask them for advice or guidance.

Pay attention to any physical sensations you may feel like a soft touch, a ray of light touching your face, or a sweet taste in your mouth out of nowhere.

These all may be signs that your guardian angel is trying to affect your 感官 and draw your attention to positive things in life.

Envisioning Angels During Meditation

are-your-guardian-angels-nearWhile meditating, try to feel 纾缓 as much as possible. Do not think about any triggers or topics that stress you out. Include positive thoughts only.

It may be hard at first but you will get used to it after a while.

Then, try to envision an angelic silhouette right in front of you. Feel their warmth and positivity through all of your senses and greet them.

Then, you can just feel their 存在 and let them go, or ask for guidance and positive affirmations. You may not hear it at first, but pay attention to hidden signs and meanings in the future as they may contact you more and more after this connection.

It is always advisable to do this when you feel happy and secure, and not to do it out of 绝望不安全感.

It is because we may attract negative thoughts when in a negative state of mind so it will not result in the best way for us.

Talking To Them

You are free to 谈话 to your guardian angels whenever you feel like it. You know that, right?

You can simply ask them to appear in your dreams and tell you how to do certain things or you can simply 思议 them and tell them what bothers you.

More often than not, only one time is enough for you to receive answers. They may not come 直接 from them but they will make their way to you through various ways.

For example, a friend may call you and tell you how they found this new meditation technique that turns out to be exactly what you need. Or you may connect to an 动物 that will heal some part of your soul.

Whichever way you get the signs, use them and do not ignore them.

Things To Remember

It is important to remember that you are always one step away from your guardian angel’s 指导. You simply need to tune into your soul’s energy and be ready to receive.

Guardian angels are there to protect us and lead us to the most fulfilling life possible.

However, things that push them away from us are negativity, depression, ungratefulness, and selfishness. Be careful about those feelings as they may draw you further away from your best self.

Do not let others influence you as well, what works for others may not work for you and vice versa. Once you learn ho to read you guardian angel’s signs, your life will become much 更容易.