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How To Know If Your Guardian Angels Near? 4 Signs They’re Right By Your Side

How To Know If Your Guardian Angels Near? 4 Signs They’re Right By Your Side

 We all know that there is a greater force in this world that protects us. Our guardian angels are our best friends, and it’s important to notice their presence and their angelic messages.

Our Guardian Angels are our most faithful friends, because they are with us day and night, always and everywhere. We ought often to invoke them. – John Vianney

Guardian Angels Will Always Be There

Life is full of ups and downs. Sometimes it seems like you’re all alone in your pain.

Sometimes it feels like nobody cares about you and your struggles. But, that’s not true. Your guardian angels are always by your side.

Even when you can’t feel them. Even when you can’t see their spiritual messages.

They’re your eternal protectors and you should always believe in their power and love.

It’s normal to feel abandoned sometimes, but you have to snap out of your state.

In some situations, you feel good about yourself. You feel good about your life. You feel lucky and blessed, but you still can’t feel the angelic presence.

This is why it’s important to learn the signs that explain how close your guardian angels are.

1. Seeing Angel Numbers And Unusual Messages

Angel Numbers are everywhere, we just don’t pay enough attention to them. When you focus on your surroundings, you will notice that numbers are everywhere around you.

There are no coincidences and every number you see is there for a reason. Your guardian angels are sending you a message through that number.

Besides numbers, seeing or hearing specific words that attract your attention is also a sign that your guardian angels are near.

Hearing a song with interesting lyrics or seeing a scene on TV matters. Everything around you means something. You just have to learn how to interpret it.

Your guardian angels are always there, and if you look closely, you will see their angelic messages and instructions.

But, even if you feel lost and confused, you have to believe with all of your heart that they’re here. Maybe you’re too overwhelmed to notice their presence and care.

2. Smelling A Specific Scent

When you smell a specific scent that attracts your attention and pulls you away from everything else, your guardian angels are near.

In most cases, people are used to everyday smells. You know the smell of your perfume or your house.

You know the smell of your family and friends. You’re used to them and that’s it.

But, when you smell something specific, wonderful, and powerful, you’re actually smelling your guardian angels. Even if you smell an old scent that takes you back in time, it’s still a sign that your angels are near.

Your guardian angels want to remind you that they’re present. They love you and they want to guide you through life.

3. Seeing Beautiful Things


People have a lot of habits, and it seems like we’ve all seen everything.

When you see a beautiful sky or a sunset, it means your angels are near.

When you see a rainbow or an interesting shape of a cloud, it means your guardian angels are right by your side.

Seeing animals, beautiful flowers, and everything else that takes your breath away is a sign that your guardian angels are near.

Angels are a symbol of beauty, elegance, power, and spirituality. They will show themselves through interesting, mysterious, and beautiful things.

If you want to pay some respect to your guardian angels, take a moment and enjoy the view.

Whenever you see something worthy of your attention, don’t ignore it and be amazed by it.

4. Feeling Energy Around You

Maybe you’re wondering if your guardian angels are near because you feel their presence, but you’re not sure.

Maybe you feel that the temperature in the room changes a lot. You can feel the warmth and the cold.

You can feel the energy around you. You can feel that you’re not alone. Sometimes it feels like magic.

First of all, this means you’re very spiritual and open-minded. You’re spiritually aware and your mind is developed.

So, be proud of yourself, and don’t be scared. Celebrate yourself.

Secondly, you feel feeling angelic presence. You’re feeling their powerful energy and you should be happy about it.

You might be wondering what to do when you can feel their presence. You might be nervous.

There is no reason to feel negative emotions. Embrace their presence, and show the light of your soul.

Try to raise your spiritual energy and vibration. Try to radiate positive emotions and be grateful.

When your guardian angels feel your strong faith and immense gratitude, they will reward you.

They will send you a lot of spiritual messages that will change your life for the better.

If you feel ready and brave, you can try to communicate with them. You can try praying or meditating to see what happens.

Don’t be discouraged if you don’t get a clear sign or a message. It’s good enough if you can feel them with your body and mind.


Even when you think that your guardian angels are miles away, they’re always by your side. They’re always sending you messages, but sometimes you can’t see them.

There are a lot more specific signs that prove angelic presence, but the most important ones are explained in this article.

You need to believe in their love, power, and mercy no matter how you feel right now.