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The Mystery Of Introverts – Why Being A Loner Is A Good Thing For Your Spirit?

The Mystery Of Introverts – Why Being A Loner Is A Good Thing For Your Spirit?

Being an introvert wasn’t always an easy thing, but it’s more accepted in the modern world.

There is a tremendous difference between being alone and lonely. You could be lonely in a group of people.

I like being alone. I like eating by myself. I go home at night and just watch a movie or hang out with my dog.

I have to exert myself and really say, oh God, I’ve got to see my friends because I’m too content by myself. – Drew Barrymore

Being An Introvert Has Its Benefits

Many introverts want to become extroverts. They think that their lives would be easier.

Introvert is a person who doesn’t like to socialize with other people too much. They like to be alone, usually in their home.

They like silence and they like to spend time doing the things they like.

Extroverts are the opposite. They like to spend time with others, and they like to talk with people.

Certain things in life are indeed easier for extroverts. It’s easier for them to meet new people.

It’s easier for them to ask questions and start a relationship. It’s easier for them to fight for their success and accomplishments.

But, being an introvert also has its perks. If you believe that your spirit controls everything, these positive sides of being an introvert will cheer you up.

1. You’re Independent


Introverts like to be on their own, and that means they don’t need help from others in most situations.

Introverts are independent and self-sufficient. They can achieve their goals with anyone’s support.

Being independent is great for your spirit. Independence will help you to be stronger and more grateful.

Independency will help you to feel worthy and capable. It’s good when you can ask someone for help. It’s good to receive some support from time to time.

But, when you can’t get that, you will still be okay. You will still find a solution.

On the other hand, extroverts are often lost when they have to handle something on their own.

Sometimes it’s impossible to get some help, and extroverts can’t find a way to fix things.

So, if you’re an introvert, try to be a little bit more proud of yourself. You are very resourceful and intelligent and you don’t even know it.

2. You’re More Realistic

Extroverts are often too busy to see the truth. Sometimes other people blind them and they can see their reality.

When you’re an introvert, you have much more time and peace to focus on your life.

You can see and feel all the things that other people miss. This can help you to make better plans and it can help you be more realistic.

Knowing the facts will teach you how to proceed. Knowing the truth will help you to move forward.

Some people think that introverts are negative when compared to extroverts.

But, they’re just more critical and logical. They’re simply aware of themselves and the world.

Being an introvert can help you to understand your purpose. You’re much more spiritually focused as an introvert.

3. You’re Intelligent

It’s impossible to say that introverts are more intelligent than extroverts, but some studies show some results that confirm this.

There are always exceptions, but introverts are usually more devoted to certain things.

Introverts have more time to read, study, and learn new things. They have more peace to explore wonders.

Introverts aren’t distracted by so many things and that’s why they’re usually very intelligent.

They have time to be interested and fascinated by things. They have time to explore those things too.

Intelligence is always welcome when we talk about spiritual progress.

4. You’re Emotional

Loneliness can help you to develop your intelligence, but it also helps you to develop your emotions.

Introverts are more emotional because they’re calmer and more relaxed. They have more time and space to process people, situations, and thoughts.

Their feelings are always deep and meaningful. They’re more observant and they care about other people’s feelings.

They spend so much time alone that they know how the human brain works. They can sense someone’s joy, love, and sorrow.

Being emotional is very important for your spiritual well-being. Your emotions are your energy.

Your emotions will help you to start a new chapter. Your emotions make you a good person.

Being an introvert is sometimes hard because of all those emotions, but don’t run away from them.

You were created to feel and share those feelings. You were created to control your energy with your powerful emotions.

5. You’re Unique

Extroverts and introverts are all special for some reason. Every human being is unique and that’s something that can’t be denied.

But, we can’t lie and say that we notice every person in this world. It’s also true that most people will notice an extrovert.

However, introverts are usually more special. They’re different and they usually have a lot more to offer.

Many extroverts are used to certain routines and certain talks. They don’t have a lot of time to dig a little deeper.

Introverts are focused on their life and their existence. Introverts possess a special energy inside their soul.

This doesn’t seem important for your spiritual energy, but it’s important for your confidence.

Lots of introverts struggle with low self-esteem, anxiety, and confusion. Knowing that you’re special will help you to love yourself more than before.


Being a loner was considered weird in the past, but luckily society’s standards have changed.

Still, people often feel insecure if they’re introverts. They often feel judged and misunderstood.

Every personality trait has some good and bad sides. I gave you some great reasons why being an introvert is a good thing. But, you know that being an introvert also has some downsides.

The point is – to be yourself and find something in everything. Celebrate yourself and don’t worry about a thing.