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Why Opposite Zodiac Signs Are Attracted – Cancer & Capricorn

Why Opposite Zodiac Signs Are Attracted – Cancer & Capricorn

According to astrology, our personality is strongly influenced by our zodiac signs.

Natural personalities play a role in the compatibility of the signs in the horoscope, but sometimes that person is our total opposite.

So, before you completely reject the idea of a relationship with a sign that is the opposite of yours, you can think about it. If you look a little more at astrology, maybe that opposite can be good for you and your relationship. 

The Opposite Signs of the Zodiac – Polar Opposites

The opposite zodiac signs are those signs that are located at the spin of the Zodiac at the angle of 180 degrees.

In astrology, those signs are very different but they are still very attractive to each other.

The Polarity rules the connection and attraction between opposite signs. Polarity balances the character’s traits of opposite zodiac signs.

This is the reason why there is a big attraction between polar opposites.

In astrology, compatibility between signs is investigated. The signs of the same element will likely be naturally compatible.  However, there is the possibility of attracting polar opposites (opposite zodiac signs) and opposite signs can be compatible

It is believed that this happens because each celestial body has its own character determined by its geometric relationship with some other celestial body.

The only thing that connects all the zodiac signs is love. According to astrology, there is a high probability there are no incompatible signs.

The Attraction Between Opposites

Astrological signs that are located opposite to each other are very different, but they also have a lot in common.

That opposite sign often hides traits that attract us greatly. There are often qualities we would love to have in a sign that is opposite to the one in which the Sun is. Those are qualities we admire and seem important to us. 

These traits that we notice in the opposite signs are the reason why attraction between opposites appears.

Deep in the subconscious, signs think that they are not completed. They think they would be completed only with the opposite sign. 

Character Traits of Cancer

Cancer is a zodiac sign that is so emotional, kind, and attentive.

They are kind-hearted and compassionate, but sometimes they lack self-confidence.

The main characteristic of Cancers is that they like to care about people around them. Sometimes they are shy and quiet. It is very easy to hurt them and because of that, they hide their emotions not to get hurt.

They are not always open to meeting new people, so you have to be patient with them. 

They are so hardworking and unobtrusive, so that makes them great for teamwork. Cancers are very creative and it is necessary to work the job they like. 

The Cancers are gentle and extremely patient. Because of that, Cancer can be an excellent love partner. It is hard to get their trust, but when that happens, it creates a strong bond. 

Character Traits of Capricorn

Capricorn is known as a disciplined sign.

The main characteristics of Capricorns are intelligence, ability, and ambition.

They are very serious, realistic, and do not like to brag. Capricorns are a little bit pessimistic and all the time they expect some problems. They are funny but they hide it. To be happy, their business situation must be solved. 

In love, they are restrained and insecure, so it is difficult to relax. It is hard for Capricorns to show their emotions. If they start a relationship, it has to be serious. When they gain confidence in a partner and when they relax, you can trust them completely. 

Capricorns were born as leaders and they often have great requests from others. They are organized, responsible, and they like to work.

Career is the most important thing in their lives. They always want to be on the top. 

Cancer and Capricorn 

The common characteristic of Cancer and Capricorn is safety. In fact, they like to create safety.

Cancer seeks safety on an emotional field, while Capricorn seeks safety on a social field.

Cancer is focused on family and emotional success, but Capricorn is focused on work and career success. 

As already mentioned, Cancer is emotional and creative. Capricorn is self-conscious, formal, and sets clear boundaries. His discipline and self-control put emotions on the side.

As a love pair, they can be interesting. In this pair, opposites confront sensitivity and rules on one side, creativity and self-control on the other side. 

Capricorn can learn how to be inspired by Cancer’s creativity and emotional strength. Cancer can learn to became self-control, and how to creatively manage life. With Cancer, Capricorn also can learn how to show love and emotions.

The love relationship between these two is based on loyalty. They have each other in every situation, no matter how difficult it is.

The key to this relationship is respect, so they respect each other. A female Capricorn and a male Cancer are more likely to succeed than a female Cancer and a male Capricorn.