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3 of Wands as Feelings

3 of Wands as Feelings

The 3 of Wands as feelings signify an ever-expanding perspective.

The card in and of itself possesses immense powers and multi-layered symbolism and meanings, making it a particularly spiritually-amped tarot card, regardless of its position.

As always, the position matters, but the 3 of Wands as feelings convey many important lessons, insights, pointers, and revelations that we must decode thoroughly.

Attempting to understand how someone feels about you by using tarot cards and referring to astrology is doable, but you have to approach the reading with an open mind.

Only then will the true 3 of Wands meaning come to light.

What Do the 3 of Wands Really Mean?

So, what do the 3 of Wands as feelings tell us? What does it really mean?

The primary source of energy present in this card is confidence. As the art on the card depicts, the symbolism represents the acceptance of new beginnings and horizons.

For that reason, the card usually indicates a positive message. But that’s not always the case. Sometimes the message can be more intertwined with fear and hesitancy.

This depends on whether the card is revealed upright or reversed. Not to mention that it also depends on the type of reading and other card combinations that take place.

There’s a lot that you have to take into consideration.

The astrological sign behind this card is Aries.

Knowing more about your Chiron in Aries alignment will help, too.

Nevertheless, astrology and tarot cards can help you regardless of the message. Even if the meaning revealed is negative, you can still use that insight to your advantage.

As a result, the 3 of Wands as feelings reminds you to stay positive-minded.

When the going gets tough, an optimistic mindset makes a difference and carves a path toward favorable outcomes. It turns negative situations into positive ones.

While this may be the very essence of the card, its multi-layered nature demands closer inspection. So, let’s dive into the spiritual significance and start unraveling its meanings.

The 3 of Wands as Feelings: Upright

The 3 of Wands as feelings in an upright position bring an uplifting message.

The person you’re thinking about holds you in high regard. They look up to you. Your daring spirit, intertwined with your boldness, strongly influences this person.

They feel compelled to follow wherever you go, trusting your every move and decision. Even when you make mistakes, the person in question is never disheartened.

For that reason, they support you in your every endeavor.

The 3 of Wands as feelings in an upright position imply a hopeful future.

However, that future can only manifest if you strengthen your bond. You must work together to learn to rely on each other and focus on empowering your connection.

The potential is there, but without action and commitment, it will remain untapped. As such, the card propels you to take action and make a conscious effort.

Otherwise, you may never truly find out what you can achieve together.

When the 3 of Wands as feelings is revealed in an upright position during a tarot reading, the implication is not necessarily confined to that of romance. It can be platonic, as well.

The message remains the same regardless of the type of relationship.

To make the most of it, communication is key.

Without proper and healthy communication, no relationship can thrive. As such, the card encourages you to improve your communication skills to be clearer and more concise.

Start by paying more attention. Listen. Listen before you speak.

Don’t neglect your intuition, either. Let your emphatic nature strengthen your bond. Work to make sense of your emotions so that you can learn to express them effortlessly.

By improving your communication, you will have taken your relationship to a higher level. From there on, the things you can achieve together basically become infinite.

The 3 of Wands as Feelings: Reversed


What if the 3 of Wands as feelings are pulled in a reverse position?

Does the meaning alter significantly? Does the message stay just as positive, or does it, as usual, take on a more negative connotation? If so, what wisdom is there to be found?

While the upright position indicates the symbolism of admiration, inspiration, and respect, the reversed position implies the opposite and can be very tricky to decode.

Therefore, the card points to a subtle feeling of contempt rather than admiration.

As opposed to inspiration, the person in question experiences discouragement.

Finally, instead of respect, they envy the life you live, and your qualities, too.

While this may sound distressing initially, a way can be found to navigate the situation and improve your relationship. However, it all starts by understanding the problem at hand.

To be exact, it starts with breaking the silence and addressing the elephant in the room.

Therefore, the 3 of Wands as feelings encourage you to take the initiative. Otherwise, you may never be able to take your relationship to a healthier, stronger level.

Take the time to consider the relationship you have with this person.

The 3 of Wands can often point to the toxicity of competitiveness. If both of you are extremely competitive in nature, it can render your relationship incapable of growth.

When you’re always trying to outdo one another, you may make progress personally, but your relationship can become toxic to the point where envy starts to creep in.

This will inevitably hold you back on so many different levels.

So, the best way to do it is to channel your competitiveness into motivation. Start encouraging one another. Work together. Accomplish this, and your potential will realize.

The 3 of Wands in Love and Relationships

The 3 of Wands tarot card depicts a new horizon. Although it appears to be a promising one, the journey ahead is not easy and will require significant dedication on your part.

Regardless of its position, the wisdom inscribed in this card will serve you well.

However, it’s up to you to use the insights you gain to your advantage.

The upright 3 of Wands as feelings ooze the symbolism of readiness. The person you’re thinking about – they’re ready to follow you as you work together towards a better future.

The only obstacles that remain are doubt and hesitancy. Rid yourself of them, and you will experience profound growth. Then, the true potential of your bond will unlock.

Now is the time to make a decision. But before you do, think carefully about what you really want. Knowing what you want and what you need will help you realize your vision.

Even though the person in question is willing to follow you wherever you lead, it is only by working together that you can take your relationship to the next level and thrive.

The tarot card instructs that you must take the initiative.

The longer you delay reaching for the stars, the more distant they become.

The reversed 3 of Wands in love and relationships are a warning instead.

Regardless of the type of relationship you’re in, when the 3 of Wands is reversed, it signals that there are things that you have to work on first, such as communication, for example.

Obstacles are present. Challenges await. And only by working together can you find a way to overcome them. But that can be tricky when things don’t go as planned.

Learning to adapt is key. Staying optimistic is key. Nothing is ever certain in life, but as long as you keep your eyes fixed on the end goal, you can make meaningful progress.

However, the meaning of the 3 of Wands in love changes depending on the stage of your relationship. As such, examining and studying the tarot card more thoroughly is important.

The 3 of Wands After a Breakup

The 3 of Wands is a great card to draw when starting a new life chapter.

No matter what happened in the past, now is the time to look forward. To embrace the future. To wonder, plan, and set sail. Let your adventurous spirit rediscover its spark.

The upright 3 of Wands in love implies moving forward. In case of a breakup, this means accepting what has transpired, taking your lessons, and moving on gracefully.

Does this mean the person in question is forever out of your life? Of course not. But right now, the only positive course of action is to forgive yourself and keep moving on.

This is the long-term solution, and it demands a lot of hard work and dedication.

If you manage to persevere, you will uplift and better your every tomorrow.

After all, deciding to focus on self-improvement is the best way to pave the way toward an eventual reunion if that’s what you want. Focus on yourself and on bettering your life.

During this time, you may even experience a so-called Tower Moment.

However, when the 3 of Wands is reversed during a breakup reading, it highlights the obstacles you failed to overcome, the challenges that ended your relationship.

Take the time to reflect on them.

Remember: tarot cards can help you in so many ways, but over-obsessing about tarot cards can even ruin your life. Take the insights you receive and use them to build yourself up.

This newfound clarity allows you to learn from your mistakes.

If you manage to do that and improve yourself, there’s a good chance that your paths may cross again. But, until then, practice self-forgiveness and maintain a learning mindset.

The 3 of Wands for Singles

If you’re single, this is one of the best tarot cards you can draw. Why? Because it implies growth, opportunities, adventure, the uncertainty of life, and the spontaneity of it all.

When the 3 of Wands is shown upright, it indicates a bright future.

However, you must be ready to seize the opportunities that come your way and be prepared by knowing what you really want, whether it’s something long-term or just fun.

Either way, you have to make a choice when the right opportunity presents itself. So, no room for self-doubt or hesitancy. Put yourself out there. See what happens. Live your life.

Seeing what lies ahead is half the work. Taking action is what really makes a difference.

The reversed 3 of Wands sheds a different light on the subject. Specifically, it reveals that there is yet self-work to be done for you to find success in love.

By practicing self-reflection, you can identify the nature of the problem.

Solving it won’t be easy by any stretch of the imagination, but deciding to do nothing will only embed the issue, keep you paralyzed, and prevent the start of any new beginning.

Recognize what needs to be done, and work diligently to improve yourself.

Embrace the mistakes you make along the way. Turn them into lessons.

The 3 of Wands in Career Readings

The 3 of Wands in love is similar to that of a career reading.

This tarot card indicates new beginnings and opportunities. Even if you might be content where you are right now, this card implies better experiences may be ahead.

Trust your vision. Stay open-minded. Who knows what the future holds? No one can know what lies ahead, but your intuition and the wisdom of the cards can guide you.

During this period, look for various opportunities that may present themselves. Whenever possible, venture beyond the confines of your comfort zone.

The three of Wands meaning encourages you to take the initiative. Have a plan, but be willing to adapt when and if necessary. Trust your vision, and execute it with confidence.

Even if the 3 of Wands tarot card is revealed in a reversed position, it still points towards favorable outcomes, so long as you find a way to navigate your challenges.

Some of these challenges may include mustering the courage to pursue your dreams and practicing making smaller decisions to introduce meaningful changes.

Above all else, it highlights the significance of self-confidence.

With self-confidence, you are more likely to succeed in all your endeavors.

The Symbolism of the 3 of Wands

As always, analyzing the art associated with the card shows a glimpse into the energies it holds. One by one, as the symbolism unravels, the card meanings become more apparent.

So, let’s take a moment to examine the art of the 3 of Wands card carefully.

The man in robes: His eyes gazing over the horizon, he stands tall, anticipating a new beginning. Clad in robes, he appears ready to tackle the challenges that lie in wait.

The three wands: Firmly planted into the ground, the three wands resonate with the symbolism of assuredness. All plans have been set in motion with utmost confidence.

The cliff: Standing on the cliff’s edge, the man faces either a terrible obstacle, depending on the card’s position, or the endless potential and opportunities ahead of him.

The ocean: The waves represent the journey of life, the uncertainty, and the unknown. Somewhere in the distance, the goal is seen, but one must first cross the sea in between.

The ships: To add to the symbolism of change and adventure, the ships symbolize movement. However, they also introduce the dilemma of making the right decisions.

The distant mountains: Even though mountains usually represent obstacles that we have to overcome, in this case, they symbolize the end goal, the final destination in life.

In combination, these powerful symbols and meanings point to one thing: potential. The journey ahead is uncertain, but there can be no room for doubt as you take your steps.

Keep your vision fixed on the horizon. Remember what you started. Be decisive. Make progress confidently, knowing well that the cards have been dealt in your favor.

The 3 of Wands as Feelings: Combinations

When you’re doing a tarot reading, it is also important to know the ways by which the cards interact. The meaning of one card can alter greatly in the presence of other cards.

Let’s take a few moments to examine some of these combinations.

• The 3 Wands & the Ace of Wands

In this case, the first thing we can observe is the fact that these cards are not major arcana cards but minor arcana, which implies day-to-day challenges, obstacles, and hurdles.

When these two tarot cards are shown together, they complement each other very well.

The symbolism of inspiration and progress takes to another level entirely.

Together, their energies encourage you to take action and recognize your potential. In doing so, opportunities will emerge and open up new horizons worthy of exploration.

Both cards are associated with masculine energy that, when embraced, will up your self-confidence and give wind to your sails. Now is the ideal time to set your plans in motion.

Obviously, these cards highlight the importance of saying yes and embracing changes.

While the Ace of Wands corresponds to the Aries zodiac sign the most, the Chiron in Sagittarius placement can shed further light on the subject and help you understand it.

• The 3 Wands & the World

This minor and major arcana card combination signifies that the world is within your reach. No matter the size of your dreams, you can realize them with effort.

Sure, you are bound to face obstacles and challenges and fail more than once, but as long as you persevere, you will enjoy a future filled equally with success and contentment.

When these two cards are shown together, they suggest that the person in question is ready to make a commitment, whether it’s a business partnership or a love interest, instead.

Regardless, they are willing to begin this new chapter alongside you.

Together, you can accomplish so much, but there are hurdles you must overcome along the way, such as improving your communication skills and finding a way to work together.

The journey ahead is not easy, but it’s worth the effort.

• The 3 Wands & the Magician

These two cards work well in tandem. They intensify each other.

The 3 of Wands emphasizes new beginnings and opportunities, but the Magician provides strength, spiritual power, and preparation, all of which together help you in your journey.

Preparation is key, but so is spontaneity. So is being able to make decisions on the spot. Otherwise, if you’re hesitant to act, you risk missing out on meaningful opportunities.

These cards together remind you that you need to plan as much as you need to be flexible and adaptive. Only then can you hope to make good progress on the path before you.

When you’re wondering about someone and these two cards pop up together, the message conveyed is positive, urging you to nourish your connection and improve your bond.

Only by working together can you make sense of things and start your relationship on the right foot. Sure, it will take time, but you have all the ingredients at your disposal.

It’s just a matter of making a conscious decision together.

• The 3 Wands & the Lovers

When you’re thinking about that special someone, this is a tricky combination of tarot cards to get because while they indicate attraction, they also highlight a few obstacles.

Specifically, the cards encourage patience. Without it, you risk ruining your relationship. Let the person work on themselves, make sense of their feelings, and make a decision.

Don’t rush them. Don’t pressure them. Instead, give them time and space. It’s going to take a while, but being patient will show you that you can still manifest good outcomes.

While this combination does imply that the person in question fancies you, they are yet to deal with their personal issues. So, it’s up to you to give them time to find a solution.

Sometimes that takes months: other times, years. In the meanwhile, focus on yourself. Be the best possible version of yourself that you can be. This will have a positive effect.

These two cards, they draw attention to the importance of decision-making. You have to make sure that this is really what you want before making a choice.

Take the time to familiarize yourself with the Chiron in Gemini placement, too.

Knowing how the Gemini sign interacts with the Aries sign can expand your vision.

In Conclusion

The 3 of Wands as feelings is all about embracing new horizons.

However, the card further outlines what needs to be done before making a leap of faith, such as having a clear-sighted vision of the end goal and cultivating self-belief and confidence.

Above all else, it indicates the importance of having a plan. The journey ahead is more than unpredictable, but a plan will keep you grounded throughout the changes.

The 3 of Wands card promises opportunities with every step forward.

Remind yourself that you haven’t gotten here by luck. You have made plenty of mistakes along the way, learned from them, and now a new horizon has opened up. It calls to you.

Progress is taking place, all thanks to you. Keep moving forward.

Embrace the challenges that lie in waiting with courage and excitement. Who knows what the future holds? One thing is certain: the future is yours to write. The pen is in your hands.

Whether you’re thinking about someone in particular or doing a career reading, prepare yourself for a new journey and chapter, and don’t let hesitancy and doubt paralyze you.

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