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Divine Intervention: 9 Clues That Point to an Angel in Human Guise

Divine Intervention: 9 Clues That Point to an Angel in Human Guise

When you think of angels, what picture pops into your head?

You probably see them as these ethereal, beautiful beings with majestic wings and a bright halo.

They are sent to Earth to guide and protect us, and while they mostly do this from afar, there are times when they have to intervene themselves.

In order to do this they must take on a human form and they have the power to change the course of our lives by just one interaction.

So how will you know if you met an angel in human guise? Watch out for these 9 clues!

1. You Met a Kind Stranger in a Time of Need

Picture this: you’re stranded on the road, your tire flat, everything around you is just woods. You see a car approaching. It’s like a scene from a horror movie!

But this person isn’t Michael Myers, but instead, they offer help, give you food and water, and they drive you to the nearest gas station.

This stranger offered you wisdom and protection and you feel a quick connection with them. You feel comfort and peace with them. You totally forgot your car broke down!

You might think you’re lucky that this happened but it isn’t just mere luck!

2. Getting Great Advice

You might think ‘But I can get great advice anywhere!’ and while that is true, angel wisdom will come to you when you least expect it.

It will come from an unexpected source, like a child or a stranger, and it will change the course of your life.

When you get advice from angels, you’ll feel like a lightning bolt zapped through your body, but in a good way!

3. You’ll Feel Peaceful Around Them

Have you ever met someone that just calms everything around them?

Whenever you’re around them it just feels as if your soul got fed homemade chicken soup. These divine beings have a tendency to radiate love and peace into their surroundings.

This peace and comfort means that you’re most definitely in the presence of a angel in human form!

4. You Have the Urge to Approach Them

Trusting your intuition is very important and you might have gotten the urge to approach someone before, but dismissed it as you being weird.

Even if it’s out of character for you, trust your intuition when it comes to this clue, because it’s usually an angel drawing you in to offer divine guidance!

5. Clicking With Them Instantly

Meeting an angel will be like meeting someone you’ve known your entire life. The reason behind this is the fact that they know us better than we know ourselves.

They also know how to connect with our deeper selves and make us feel understood!

The instant connection is a telltale sign that you’re in the presence of an angel!

6. Acts of Sympathy

Angels are very well known for their capacity to offer sympathy and kindness. They will go out of their way to help others and offer guidance.

If you see someone helping out of pure love, without any intention of getting something in return, you’ve met an angel!

7. You Can’t Take Your Eyes Off Them

Angels obviously don’t appear on Earth with wings and a halo, but you might be able to set them apart from others. Angels in human form often radiate a sort of divine light from within.

They don’t shine literally, but you’ll sense a supernatural quality about them.

When you meet someone who seems to radiate light from within, it’s usually an indication that they’re an angel in human form!

8. They Understand You

Angels are able to understand and connect with us on a profound level. They empathize with our thoughts and feelings, even when we didn’t say anything about it!

They can connect with our deepest self and go beyond the surface of who we are.

If you met someone who knows exactly what you’re thinking and/or feeling, chances are they’re an angel!

9. Someone Random Will Support You

If you’ve ever needed help, support or guidance and someone random showed up to help you, then vanished into thin air, it could be a sign that an angel was with you.

This is what we can call a ‘divine intervention‘ and it happens when we least expect it!

The Universe sends you their best helper when you’re giving up hope!

The Takeaway

Meeting an angel in human form is a life-changing experience. It’s a precious gift that isn’t given often.

Angels come into our lives to steer us in the right direction, offering guidance and unconditional love.

Keep an open mind and an open heart, trust your gut and you will start noticing angels in human form all around you!

We might learn something from these divine beings, that we need to be loving, kind and compassionate. Never forget to express gratitude for their guidance and for being there.

Let this serve as a reminder that we are never alone and we always have someone to guide us through the plan the Universe has created for us!