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The Divine Feminine: 10 Ways To Harness the Energy of the Goddess Within

The Divine Feminine: 10 Ways To Harness the Energy of the Goddess Within

Masculine and feminine energies exist all around and within us. They can’t exist without each other either. 

Everyone has both divine feminine and masculine energies!

Despite society teaching us that women are feminine and men are masculine, both of these energies exist in each person.

However, they might not be balanced. Most of us live in a world where action and hustling are a must if you want to survive. That means we’re tapped into our divine masculine.

The divine feminine is all about being present in the moment, being creative and listening to your intuition!

Embracing the divine feminine within you can unlock empowerment and strength!

Qualities of the Divine Feminine

The concept of the divine feminine is rooted in different religious and spiritual traditions, especially the ones that emphasize the balance between divine feminine and masculine.

Some of the qualities of the divine feminine are:

  • Nurturing and compassion – the divine feminine embodies the caring and supportive aspects of people.
  • Creativity and fertility – these two go hand-in-hand since the ability to create something out of nothing is associated with the divine feminine.
  • Intuition – the divine feminine represents a deeper understanding that all things are connected.
  • Emotional Depth – tapping into your divine feminine will allow a deeper understanding of your emotions and how to navigate them.
  • Strength and Resilience – even though the divine feminine is sensitive and caring, it’s still very strong. It gives you the power to endure challenges and navigate through them while still remaining you.
  • Empowerment and Equality – today, the divine feminine is associated with many feminist movements promoting gender equality and recognition of the fact that all of us have both masculine and feminine energy.

Embodiments of the Divine Feminine and Archetypes

Birth and fertility don’t necessarily have to be associated with giving birth.

What I mean is, all of us are able to grow, whether that be spiritual or emotional, and this growth celebrates the ability to create something that wasn’t there before.

Many archetypes of this fertility exist around the world in the form of goddesses and spirits.

Some of the most famous ones are:

Tapping Into Your Divine Feminine

Tapping into your feminine energy can help with communication, compassion, and intuition. Basically, it will enhance all of your qualities!

Let’s see what you can do to unleash the goddess within!

1. Take a Break

We live in a fast-paced world and we’re always striving for something more!

Take a break and let loose for 5 minutes. Don’t do anything, no music, no TV show, no nothing.

Be alone with yourself and experience yourself getting in touch with your femininity.

2. Embrace Your Sensuality

Tapping into your sensuality revolves around celebrating physical pleasures through self-care, different textures and tastes, etc.

Enjoy a warm bath filled with different fragrances or cook a meal that will excite your taste buds in order to get in touch with your sensuality.

3. Take up Journaling

Journaling allows us to look within and work on ourselves. It can help tap into your deepest thoughts and desires, while also helping you grow.

Through journaling you will be cultivating confidence and wisdom, which are pathways to unlocking the divine feminine.

4. Love Yourself

This one can be particularly hard for some people. In order to be nurturing and compassionate toward others, you first need to be nurturing and compassionate to yourself.

Look into a mirror and say positive, loving affirmations every once in a while every day.

You are deserving of love as much as anyone else!

5. Trust Your Dreams

Dreams are mostly windows into our subconscious and interpreting them will allow you to get in contact with your higher feminine self.

Being aware of yourself and fully present means that you are on the right spiritual journey to unleash the goddess within.

6. Yin Energy in the House

Cleansing your home and making it more serene and calm will help the feminine energies flow!

Yin or feminine energy is crucial in your home, so you can focus on light, colors and textures that will reflect a calm and soothing environment.

7. Put Yourself First

We all need time off to reconnect with ourselves. This time off from others can help you grow and feel amazing.

Meditate, exercise, read or go for a walk. These things will recharge your energy and give you confidence.

Take some time for yourself each and every day!

8. Trust Your Gut

Intuition is a very big part of the divine feminine because when we tap into our inner voice that will give us valuable information.

You should strive to get guidance from within yourself rather than seeking guidance and approval from external sources.

9. Think Before You Leap

Look within yourself before reacting to external sources. 

Talking to your inner voice before acting can cultivate harmony and peace within you.

You can always choose to take immediate action if you prefer, but seeking guidance from within is what divine femininity is all about!

10. Open Yourself Up

Open your heart up to new experiences and feelings. Don’t shut down a compliment since it was offered to you as a gift. 

In order to awaken your feminine you need to learn to give and receive.

Complimenting is just an example, you need to open yourself up to love, support and kindness. Let it abundantly flow into your life and you’ll see how your feminine energy blossoms!

All In All

Divine masculine and feminine energies lay in us all and we should be tapped into both of them to achieve maximum balance.

We live in a world that’s action-oriented and all of us can benefit from tapping into our feminine energy once in a while.