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Angel Number 133 Meaning: You Are On Your Way Towards Happiness !

Angel Number 133 Meaning: You Are On Your Way Towards Happiness !

Angel number 133 meaning – Life is not something that can be easily predicted or planned out, and no matter how hard we try to develop a perfect scheme that we could follow, somehow things still find a way to turn out completely differently than we expected.

All of us want to be happy, and so in our imaginations, we have a crystal clear image of what a happy life would look like.

Yet when have to get down with the practical business of living, we end up making a lot of small compromiss than in the end result in a completely different outcome, than what we have hoped for.

Maybe, when we were children, we fantasized about becoming famous academicians, yet teh circumstances taht we were faced with did not allow such a choice, and so in the end we settled for something less.

But although, flawless happiness does not really exist, we can still hope to reach something that aproximates our ideal life, if we  don’t lose hope and keep going, regardless of how difficult and hopeless things get at times.

Because, life is no smooth saling, but a bumpy road with many twists and turns. it is both sweet and sour, and sometimes filled with joy and excitement, while at other times stagnant, hopeless and boring.

Lately, perhaps, you have had more to deal with this stagnant, boring side of life, rather that the fun and exciting one, and no matter how hard you tried you just couldn’t get out of this stagnancy of yours.

Then suddenly, you started seeing a a number appear all around you, number 133, wherever you would happen to look. Your mundane life, devoid of any extraordinary events, become interupted by a this strange repetative occurence.

It started showing up everywhere. Whether on book pages, walls or electronic devices, and you just could not avoid noticing it at least once during your day.

Not being able to ignore it any longer, you decided to look for answers and you came here to us.

Well, that was a certainly a righ choice, because otherwise you would never have found out, that this number, is no random accidental occurence, but a sign that the universe has heard your prayers, and is sending it to you as message of advice and wisdom, in order to help you break through your status quo.

The only thing left for you to do, is to interpret this message and to apply it’s wisdom onto your life.

Fortunately, at least in this regard, you wil have our help, and here in this text we will explain to you what the exact meaning behind number 133 is, and how it relates to you and to your future.

The meaning of angel number 133


This number 133, is what we in numerology call an angel number, and it is something like an instruction manual of life, which is you follow correctly will help you fix many of those errors you have perhaps unnoticingly made, and which have had a suptle but very much damaging effect on your happiness.

First, the very fact that you have receive it, meas htat you are someone very special in the eyes of the universe, and that God has a very special roel reserved for you, which is not that of an ordinary person.

Which is why, you are to be held to stricter standards, and regimen of behaviour, so you could live up to your full potential.

Now, among the errors we have previously mentioned, the greatest one that you are making is thinking to pessimistily and negatively about yourself and the world.

You have a very critical and sometimes cynical way of judging the world. And, more unfortunately still, you tend to be especailly hars on yourself. no matter how good your performance in something might be, you never fail to find a way to pick yourself apart and undervalue what you have achieved.

And in that sense, if you want to overcome your chance your current sitatuion in life, you need to change your mind frame as well.

You are a wonderful, beautiful person, but as long as there is this inner sabbouteur doing it’s working inside your mind, and contantly making our feel bad about yoursellf, you will never be truly happy.

So instead of always focusing on the negaitve side of things, in the future try to imbue more positivity and optimism in your mental outlook on things. And although you shouldn’t be delusional, you should always strive to find the good in any situation you are in.

And rather than being your own sabboteur, you ought to be your own greatest cheerleader.

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The message of angel number 133


Having the protection angel number 133 represents a wonderful advantage in life, and it’s presence is a guarantee that you can expect a very favorable outcome regardless of what you decide to undertake in life.

This, however, does not remove your responsibility or agency in your life, it still up to you to undertake whatever changes you would like to see in it. In other words, yo have to be willing to work hard, if you want to move forward.

Which also means, that sometimes you will have to step out of your comfort zone and take risks.

For example, if you want to progress in your career, than you will have to take on more challenigng projects or tasks, so you can prove how capable you are to your superiors, by outpreforming your peers. That is the only way you can attract their notice, and get that promotion you want for yourself.

And the same holds true for every other area of your life.

The hidden message of angel number 133


Working hard and focusing on achieving professional success, however commendable, should not lead you to forget the far more important task of taking care of yourself adn your own mental and bodily well being.

That means that, every once in a while, you ough to find time to unplug, lay back and relax. Either by yourself (wathcih television, reading or whatever else can be done in solittude) or with friends.

In other words, you need to find a sustainable model for living, one following which you be able to both excell in your career, and reatain a high quality of life and a high level of happiness.

What should you do if you keep seeing angel number 133 ?


But in order to live well, you need to know what your purpose is for living. You need to know what you are striving to achieve during this limited span of time you have to go through as human being.

It does not have to be anything grandiose (although that is not excluded) as long as it gives you a goal to strive for. It could be something as humble, as being a good parent to your child, a succesful professional in your career branch, or making a differrence in your local community.

Whatever will give your life some kind of a structure and meaning, regardless of how small it might seem. Because, only a life with some kind of purpose, story line and goal can be a truly happy and fulfilling one.

The symbolism of angel number 133


Angel number 133 is also sign that you ought to take care of what kind of energy you suround yourself with. The quality of our environment (emotional and social) very often determines our mood and our state of mind. It rubs of on us, so to speak.

So if you want to stay motivated and energized, be careful to distance yourself from any kind of vibes that could depress you or in general make you feel bad.

Whether it’s people or things, whatever isn’t making you feel joy, should have no room in your life. Toxicity and negativity is something you should never allow yourself to be exposed to.

The meaning of angel number 133 in numerology


Angel number 133 is, in numerology, considered to be a very powerful and important number, capable of influencing the life of whatever person is lucky enough to receive it.

Since, however, it is a highly complex and layered one, here in this chapter we will ahve to delve a little deeper into it in order to fully understand what it’s meaning is, and how it relates to you and to your future.

Let’s begin…

When we look at angel number 133, the first number we see is angel number 1.

Angel number 1 is, in numerology, usually taken to symbolize new beginnings in life, and it’s appearance means that you are now entering a period in your journey which will be marked by tremendous personal growth and new opportunities.

All you need to do is use these opportunities, and your life will very quickly change for the better. But this transformation, that will happen, is not only going to affect your external circumstances.

It will be a far deeper, more profound sort of change, that will also affect your inner most being.

In that sense, angel number 1 also means that you are becoming a new person, free from all of those old insecurities and fears that used to haunt you and prevented you from being truly happy.

In short, this number signifies that you are about to go through a complete turnaround in both your inner and outer life, and that every sphere of your existence will witness amazing improvements.

The next number we see, is angel number 3. Angel number 3, on the other hand, (in numerology) symbolizes self expression and freedom.

Having this number means that you are finally evolving into who you always wanted to be.

Your experience has fortified you, and you are no longer that scared, anxiety ridden kid, always looking for someone else’s approval. You now know who you are, and you are ready to defend it.

And with this new found confidence of yours, you are to stride forward into life, without fear and without doubt.

Combined together, these numbers give us angel number 133, which is a sign that you are moving into a wonderful new phase of your journey, during which you will be presented with many opportunities for personal advancement and achievement.

There will be no shortage of positive and encouraging events in it either, and your overall situation in life will change for the better.

The spiritual meaning of angel number 133


The key to happiness, however, is not just in acquiring economic wealth, social prostige or what not. Happiness is something that has more to do with the persons inner state, than with anything physical or materially tangible.

One has to feel comfortable in one’s own skin, in order to have that feeling of personal self satisfaction. So if you want to truly be happy, you have to build yourself up and make something of yourself which you will proud of.

The best way to do this, is to cultivate and nurture you inner capacities, most of all you mental and inner spiritual faculties. Because a persons power stemps from the power of his or her intellect, and from there also their sense of self respect.

So if you want to be someone who won’t be ashamed to look themselves in the mirror, you must mold and shape yourself into the sort of individual you want your reflection to show.

Fortunately, this is easier, that you think, and you can do it by taking at least little bit of time each day to read, or watch movies, analyze poltiic, or engage in any other kind of intellectually/mentally stimulating activity.

And it wont take long before the effect become evident, and before you become a really potent intellectual with a powerful sense of self, and a powerful self cofinfidence, happy and pleased with who you are.

The meaning of angel number 133 in love


Speaking of romance(love) , angel number 133 symbolizes that you and your partner have  wonderful future ahead of you, and that nothwitstanding the occasional challenges and problems that might appear in your (love) relationship, your overall prognosis is largely positive.

That being said, you and your lover still have some issues left, which you need to try and work out, if you want things to move ahead in your life together.

The truth is, not everything is bliss in your relationship, and there are a lot of things first that need to be brought into order, before you two can really come into your own as a couple.

The biggest being, your inability to fully open up and trust one another.

You haven’t yet, unfortunately, learnt to become totally honest and vulnerable to one another, and there is stil a lot of inhibition and anxiety in this regard, which is holding you back from building true and complete emotional intimacy.

So, if you want to move forward and progress towards a happier state in your (love) relationship, you need to learn how to overcome these fears, and tear down those last remaining emotional barriers/walls that are keeping you two distant.

Because love is incompatible with distrust and suspicion.

The meaning of angel number 133 in break up

The survival of a (love) relationship does not just depend on the strength of the affection in it, but also on how willing the two sides are to talk and to compromise with each other, in order to create a situation in which both will feel comfortable, satisfied and protected.

When that is missing, and when one person in the couple feels disadvantaged, neglected or denied in some way, that could spell the doom of the relationship.

Which could be said, is the reason why you and your partner broke up. There simply wans’t enough communication, and so after enough resentment and bad feeling accumulated, it exploded and broke your romantic bond assunder.

Still, nothwitstanding all the intensitiy and the painfulness of the event itself, your break up does not signifiy a permanent end of your life together.

Because angel number 133 is a sign/symbolizes that even after all that has happened and all that has been said, you and your lover will find a way to overcome this separation of yours and reunite once more.

The meaning of angel number 133 in (spiritual) Twin flame


Loneliness is not an easy feeling to endure. Human beings are by their very natural social creature, and the presence of other people in our life is cruacial for our sense of well being and happiness.

The warmth and the intimacy that a friend provides is a must, if one is not to feel perfectly miserable and abandoned by the world. Unfortunately, very often the friends we have are not necessarily of a sufficient emotional and intellectual capacitiy to satisfy our needs.

We don’t really have the luxury to always surround ourselves with the best people, and in this superficial society of ours, filled with superficial and immature individuals, we take what we can get.

Still, no matter how large or small our social cirlce might be, we are left we a huge want left unsatisfied, and we continue wishing that we could find someone of quality, someone with whom we could establish a really strong and intimate bond of friendship.

Such people, sadly, are rare, and only few among us ever get the change of meeting someone like that in our life.

Fortunately, however, you are one of those lucky few, and the appearance of angel number 133 is a sure sign that very soon you will get to meet the exact kind of person you have been looking for.

It is a sign/symbolizes that very soon you will meet your very own spiritual twin flame.

This person, this (spiritual) twin flame, is someone wit whom you will establish a relationship closer and more rewarding that any other in your life, and they will more than make up for all of the disappointing and bad friends you have ever had.

The moment of your encounter is fast approaching , and as soon as it happens your friendship will immeadiately take root and start blossoming.

So be ready for an amazing new arrival in your life.

The meaning of angel number 133 in (spiritual) Twin flame separation

Sadly, however, you and your (spiritual) twin flame haven’t really gotten along very well lately. Some kind of an argument flared up, which brought out the worst in both of you, and not being abeleto resolve it succesfuly, you ended up separating.

You tried to talk it over, but it was in vain, and now you are in this painful and horrible situation, which you never expected to happen.

Still, all is not as bleak as it might seem, and in fact this separation is not at all as definite as you might fear.

Rest assured, that the appearance of angel number 133 is actually a sign that means/symbolizes the exact opposite, and it is a guarantee that you and your (spiritual) twin flame will find a way out of this, and that your relationship wil not only survive this cahllenge, but emerge out of it even stronger than it was before.

The meaning of angel number 133 in (spiritual) Twin flame reunion

Your reunion is definitely going to happen, but one it does that will be some things which you will have to change, if you want ot make sure that in the future it functions better.

Most of all, you need to learn how to communicate with one another more efficiently, and let your common sense/reason guide you instead of your emotions (anger).

Only that way will you be able have a strong and endurant friendship, capable of overcoming no matter what challenges it encouters.

The meaning of (spiritual) Twin flame message in angel number 133

Your relationship with your (spiritual) twin flame is a very special and wonderful privilege, that destiny bestows upon only a few .

So guard it as well as you can. Because if you let this precious gift fate slip out through your fingers, there wont be another like it again, and nothing will be able to replace the magnitude of it’s loss.

The spiritual meaning of angel number 133 in Twin flame

Your (spiritual) twin flame is someone in whom you will always find suport and reliance, whenever you face difficulties and hardships in life. But, remember, that if you receive love, you ought to give love back.

A well working relationship can only be a one that is based on mutual reciprocity. On give and take.

So be careful, not allow your egoism or selfishness get in a way of the good thing that you have.

The biblical meaining of angel number 133


Matthew 10:22 
“And you will be hated by all for my name’s sake. But the one who endures to the end will be saved.”

The arrival of this number is a sign that God is on your side, and that He is watching over you, helping and guiding you at all times.

He sees every thought and every action you make, and although your track record isn’t perfect, you are certainly one who has in general stayed morallly unblemished, and retained your integrity.

While so many others, have decided tha tit is easier to betray who they are to get where they want to be, you have never prefered short cuts, and instead have always chosen the more diffiuclt, but also the more honest road.

Now, finally you will get your just reward, and all of the hard work and perseverance you have shown will pay off.

There will, ofcourse, still be moments, when you will feel lost and confused in life, but rest assured that whenever you start feeling this way, you will always be able to find the meaning, strength and guidance you need to get through it, by looking towards Divine Wisdom for help (reading the Bible).



As we have seen, angel number 133 (both in it’s wordly and biblical meaning) promises that you will have a very rewarding life journey ahead of you.

And that you will have a future filled with many joyous and pleasurable experiences.

But , ofcourse, things will not happen on their own, and there is still some  responsibility on your part, if you want to see these promises become realized.

You will first have to be willing to listen the advice of angel number 133, and change some of those dangerous habits we have here mention, and which are holding you back from achieving a fulfilling and happy life.

Once you do that, you will see, how quickly your existence will blossom, and how radically eveything in it will change for the better.

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