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Angel Number 878 Meaning: Change Is On The Horizon !

Angel Number 878 Meaning: Change Is On The Horizon !

Angel Number 878 – We all have our little plans and our little schemes for how we would like our lives to develop. But rarely do things unfold the way we predict or prefer.

The flow of life has it’s own logic independent of our wishes, and the world is not tuned and fixed in order to ocnform to our needs and desires.

But humans are egoistical by nature, myopic and narcisistic. We don’t realize that we are each of us is just a small particle of the universe, and occupy only a small role in this cosmic drama that is constantly performing.

So in the end things rarely ever evolve in the direction we  would like them to.

Our lives rarely take the shape that we imagined they would, when everything was still in the realm of dreams and possibilities, when our childish imaginations were unbounded by practical experience and the awareness of the limitations that real life puts on us.

Perhaps you too have lately felt this way, somehow your life, although on the surface quite normal and succesful, has felt a little bit like it was stagnating. You started feeling like you were somehow stuck in the same place, and that enough is happening or changing.

Suddenly, while you were enmeshed in this crisis, a number began appearing all around you, wherever you look. Whether on walls, book pages, or electronic devices, but wihtou any meaning or logic behind it.

You started suspecting that it had some meaning behind it, but you could not interpred what this meaning was exactly.

Rest assured, that your hunch was indeed correct, and that his number is a special sign, a message delivered to you by your spiritual guardian angels in order to communicate something very important regarding you and your life.

You have also done right coming here for your answer, bacause this is where you will be explained what the exact significanc f this number is. here we shall interpret what the meaning behing angel number 878 is, and how it relates to your life and to your future.

The meaning of angel number 878


Life offers a lot of obstacles, but none is greater than the one we make for ourselves.

The same is true regarding you as well, and it is your own inner insecurity and self doubt which present the biggest challenge standing in the way of your success and your happiness.

Angel number 878 symbolizes that you need to give less credence to those self critical inner voices, which are of no use to you, and which are only undermining your confidence and your strength.

Self awareness and self criticism are healthy insticts to have, a healthy individua lknows that just like everyone else he is flawed, but the problem arrises when it grows out of proportion and start inflicting damage on our self esteem and ability to function.

Your spiritual guardian angels are sending you angel numberr 878 as a message that you need to start dealing with this inner negativity, you need to try and switch your through patterns.

Instead of tearing yourself down, you should start building yourself up.

In short, you have to start thinking positively, only by filling your mind with positivity and optimism will you finally start to attract positive outcomes.

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The message of angel number 878


In order for anyone to feel happy and satisfied with themselves, they need ot have/possess an inner core sense of self.

Measuring our own value by how other people perceive us or what they think of us is a sure way for us to be vulnerable and weak to any bad word or opinion that we encounter from other people.

And such things are impossible to avoid, there will always be “haters”. By sending you angel number 878 your spiritual guardian angels are tellng you that you guiding priority in life shouldn’t be to chase social approval and success that will be admired by others.

Rather, your guiding priority should be your own inner sense of happiness and well being.

For examble, if you had a choice of two careers, and two jobs, pick up one that suits you the most, adn makes you feel satisfied and fulfilled, even if it is monetarily less rewarding that than the other one.

Happiness is the only thing that should count to you, and it’s absence and loss cannot be compensated by any amount of social acclamation and approval.

The hidden message of angel number 878


Above all else, however, you should pay attention to the relationships you have in your life. This applies most of all to your family.

By sending you angel number 878 ( in numerology it also symbolizes relationships and interpersonal connection)your spiritual guardian angels want to remind you of how important your family is.

You have to realize that no kind of happiness or sense of fulfillment in life will be possible without the love and the support that only your loved ones can give you.

It is they who are your safe harbor, your refuge from the stormy seas of life, and such precious thing, such precious resource shouldn’t be taken for granted.

So cherish and nurture the relationships you have with your family, make sure you do whatever is in your power for those relatonships to persevere and grow, cause there will come times when you will very much need them.

What should you do if you keep seeing angel number 878 ?


We don’t chose what circumstances we get in life, but reagardless that does not mean that we are helpless victims of fate. However hard or disadvantageous our start might be, we have to make the best of it.

In other words, if you want to see change happen, you have to intiate it yourself. The arrival of angel number 878 is indeed a wonderful piece of good luck for you, and it is a sign that fortune is on your side.

However, this does not mean that you can just lay back and do nothing, nothing can happen on it’s own, and if things are to happen you have to roll up your sleeves and go to work. You have to use the window of opportunity that fate is providing you with.

To be more specific, you have to start taking more risks in your life. You are always playing it too safe when it comes to your career, romantic life etc. and that is why you feel like there isn’t enough change happening, that is why you feel like you are stagnating.

So start pushing yourself out of your comfort zone, for example, when it comes to your career, try and challenge yourself more if you want to get credit with your employer and earn some kind of an advancement.

Show them that you can do much more that you they are used to getting from you. Even if it means taking on more difficult projects at work, it will be the right thing for you to do, and it will certainly pay off.

On the other hand if you feel like your current profession isn’t realyl giving you what you need in terms of chances for advancement, growth and sense fo personal fulfillment, than consider switching career lanes.

The thought of doing so might be a bit scary for you, but rest assured that their is nothing to fear.

Because whatever you decide to do, you can always know that your spiritual guardian angels will always have your back, and no matter what decision you make, they will make sure it results in the best possbile outcome.

The symbolism of angel number 878


This is also a time during which you will have a lot of success in your social life. Very often our own success is hindered by our inability to overcome our akwardness and discomfort around other people.

We cannot really get ourselves noticed in our work place, because regardless of how talented or capable we might be, it can never come to the notice of our superiors and collegues. Our shy natures tend to hold us back in career and life in general.

I am stating this in the plural, because more and more people nowadays do not have a social set of skills that could enable them to push through and succeed. But rest assured that this will not be your story. Angel number 878 signifies that you will be an exception in this regard.

If anything your social life and your social skills are going to (and are already) greatly improving.

The increased charisma and confidence that you are projecting will make you more noticable and attractive to both people outise and inside your work envoronment, resulting in ever greater professional advancement that you will have.

The meaning of angel number 878 in numerology


Angel number 878, in numerology, is considered a very  remarkable and rare number, and it’s influence will permeate every sphere of your life, opening new opportunities for improvement and growth.

However, since it is a higly layered and complex one, in this chapter we will have to delve a little deeper into it, in order to fully undertand the significance and the meaning it holds for you and your life.

So let’s begin…

The first number we see when we look at angel number 878, is angel number 8.

Angel number 8, in numerology, is usually taken to symbolize inner stability, maturity, and balance. Receiving this number signifies that the fragility of youth is being replaced within you with a more firm, confident and stable sense of self.

You are no longer the child you once were, a slave to your emotions, weak and easily pushed around. The experiences you have had made you stronger, but also wiser and more able to navigate the challenges of life.

Now you are becoming truly independent, able to stand firmly on your own two feet and capable of confronting the world all by yourself.

The other number we have is angel number 7, which (in numerology) symbolizes prosperity, improvement, and success. It means that the maturity and personal growth that you have achieved, and which oyu are going to achieve, will reflect itself in the outside world as well.

You are becoming  a more mature, stable and confident person, comfortable in your own skin, will certainly have benefits. Instead of spending so much of your time second guessing yourself, you will be able to focus better on pursuing success and happiness in your career and other areas of life as well.

This is a time when new doors will open up for you, and you will accomplish things that you hardly ever though of as possible before.

Combined together, these numbers give us angel number 878, which represents a new beginning and a start of a fresh new chapter in your journey, during which you will witness an amazing transformation occur in your life, one which will finally bring you the happiness you deserve.

The spiritual meaning of angel number 878


Life however, should not simply be focused in only one direction. There are more facets to it, multiple pillars that need to be erected in order for the construction lying on top of it to remain stable.

Remove or neglect to maintain one of these pillars and he whole structure falls apart. Giving yourself only to one aspect of your life, whether romantic, professional or family, means that you will have a very flimsy foundation to build your happiness upon.

No matter how succesful you might be in one area (for example your career) if you there is something missing or unfinished in others, then you will none the less be left with a feeling of unhappiness and emptiness.

So try to cover all of these different spheres without neglecting any single one, rather tahn being too zealous in one department while giving nothing in the rest of them, it would be better for you to moderate your effort so that you can manage to cover all of your bases.

In conclusion, only a balanced approach to life that encompasses equally all of the dimensions of expereince tha tit has to offer, can ensure you tehe happiness and the fulfillment you want.

The meaning of angel number 878 in love


When it comes to romance, you have much to look forward to. The arrival of angel number 878 means that your (love) relationship is entering a vey rewarding and interesting period.

Perhaps there are still some frictions and tension occuring between you and your (love) partner on occasion, but all of that should’t worry you. These are normal, and are notthing more than growing pains.

The fact that this  still happens, is only a sign that your (love)relationship remains as alive as ever. that there is still a spark of passion in it. But the flames of it are fortunately now becoming less dangerous, and more controlable.

The fire will remain strong, but will simmer quetly beneath the surface, without any risk of it exploding into a conflaguration any more.

On the other hand, if you are still single, rest assured that your wait is  about to end. Angel number 878 promises that very soon you will  find that one special person you have been looking for, and once you meet them you too will finally get to taste the sweet fruit of romance (love).

The meaning of angel number 878 in break up

Love is more than just a single event, it is a long process, a journey filled with many sweet, but also bitter moments. In any relationship, there comes a time when the love between two people begins to fade, and when nothwitstanding all of their efforts it somehow ends up falling apart.

Sometimes the break up is permanent and unavoidable, a symptom of a love spent, at others it is less a symptom of a dying (love) relationship and more so a temporary phase in it’s development.

The latter is true in your case, and receiving angel number 878 means taht the break up you and your partner recently had is far from being terminal. Although it might seem like the situation is very desperate, there is actually no reason for you to panic.

In fact, you can be certain that you and your lover will succeed in overcoming this challenge, and your(love) relationship will not only heal from this, but emerge even stronger than it was before.

The meaning of angel number 878 in Twin flame


Life is dreary when we do not have anyone with whom we could share our burdens and our experiences. It feels like we are in an empty cave, and whatever we do or say sinks into dark obscurity leaving only a faint echo.

We all need to leave some kind of impression, some kind of a trace no matter how faint, a remembrance at least in the minds of those who loved us and knew us. However, nowadays it seems more so then ever like we are living in a world of ghosts.

As the Simon and Garfunkel song goes “people (are) talking wihtout listening”, and although we are surounded with people, few of us have any kind of meaningful connection with others.

In a crowded world we remain lonely, and it a hard thing to find someone with whom we could establish a true bond, a mutual understanding and a real friendship, not just a passing acquintance. Someone who could be more than just good fun.

But although hard it isn’t impossible to meet such people, and angel nmber 878 is a definite sign that you will soon have the rare privilege of encoutering eactly someone like that.

In other words, you will soon meet your very own Twin flame. This twin flame is a person with whom you have a special bond, someone whom fate has determined should be your life long companion.

Now you might wonder how you will recognize this person when they do come into your life.

The answer is simple.

You will recognize your twin flamefirst by the amazing the attraction you will immediatly feel towards them once in their presence, a strong urge will overwhelm you to talk to them as soon as you see them. Secondly, you will notice them by how similar they are to you.

In their views, personality etc. and this will be a definite proof that you are indeed in the presence of your spiritual twin flame.

In conclusion, soon you and your spiritual twin flame will meet one another, and as soon as you do you will establish very quickly a special and long lasting friendship.

The meaning of angel number 878 in Twin flame separation

There will be times when you and your spiritual twin flame will have your issues in your relationship, but if you approach each other with enough understanding and patience then you will be able to overcome no matter what problems you may face.

Recently you two have, for whatever reason, separated, your friendship with your  twin flame has taken an indefinite hiatus, and now you are wondering what is coming next , or if indeed there is any future left for you two.

Fortunately, you have nothing to fear, although this may be a difficult period in your relationship, it is far from the end. Rest assured that angel number 878 signifies that you and your spiritual twin flame will be able to get through this, and that you will very soon reunite and reconcile.

The meaning of angel number 878 in Twin flame reunion

You take comfort in knowing that your and you spiritual twin flames reunion is a certain thing. You have nothing to worry about when it comes to your immediate future.

But you musn’t be complacent, the wounds are still going to be there even after your reconciliation, and if you allow yourself to make the same errors that led to your previous separation, the same thing will happen again.

So learn from this experience, and try to identify and solve the underlying problem, so that history does not repeat itself.

The meaning of Twin flame message in angel number 878

If you want for things to work out between you and your spiritual twin flame, the most important thing is for you to love and respect one another.

Only by combining the two can your relationship have a healthy and firm foundation.

There should be no room in it for selfish or self centered attitudes, and the only thing that can keep you together is respect.

The spiritual meaning of angel number 878

This sort of relationship, which you have with your spiritual twin flame, is not something a lot of people have the privilege to experience in their lives. You musn’t take it for granter.

Rather you should do whatever is in your power to make it work and to make it grow.

It is most certainly worth it, and it will prove to be your greatest support and source of strength in life, no matter what hardship or challenge syou may have to face.

The biblical meaning of angel number 878


“When his master saw that the LORD was with him and that the LORD gave him success in everything he did,”

Genesis 39:2-6

In it’s biblical meaning angel number 878 symbolizes progress, personal growth and success It arrival signifies that you will soon witness a radical change affect your life. There isn’t a single sphere that will be left unaltered.

Your long and patient work will finally come to fruition, and you will, after a long delay, receive the just reward for your hard work.

God has witnessed your perseverance and your faith, and He is sending you His love and His favour.

There will still be challenges for oyu to endure, and your strength will be put to the test. There will even be times when you will feel overwhelmed and lost, but if you keep your faith you will persevere.

Know that whenever you start feeling drained, confused, or directionless, you will always be able to find the meaning and the guidance you need to pull you through in the pages and the wisdom of the Holy scripture (Bible).



Angel number 878, is certainly a very promising number to receive. It symbolizes that you are now entering a fresh chapter in your journey, during which your spiritual and wordly life will be profoundly changed.

Your status quo will be shaken, and you will transform. Ofcourse, change can be scary, but this change will be entirely beneficial for you, bringing you happiness and success that you have never experienced before.

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