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5 Ways To Boost Personal Growth

5 Ways To Boost Personal Growth

Sometimes we have the perfect plan to succeed and flourish, but our bad habits keep dragging us down. If you want to grow as a person, it’s important to leave bad habits behind.

Make no mistake about it. Bad habits are called ‘bad’ for a reason. They kill our productivity and creativity. They slow us down. They hold us back from achieving our goals. And they’re detrimental to our health. – John Rampton

Perfection Isn’t Real

Before I give you some tips and tricks to remove bad habits from your life, it’s important to be realistic.

Nobody is perfect, and if you truly can’t remove some bad habits from your life, that’s okay.

You shouldn’t feel pressure to be flawless. You shouldn’t feel obligated to stop doing something you like.

You have so many qualities, and it’s normal to have some flaws too. If your bad habits aren’t endangering you or someone else, you shouldn’t be obsessed with them.

But, it’s normal to want to improve yourself. You could at least try to erase your bad habits.

Removing bad habits will help you to grow as a person. Here are 5 ways to remove bad habits and boost your spiritual growth.

1. Find An Explanation


There is always a reason for doing something. Your bad habits are caused by something, and it’s important to analyze the details.

There has to be a reason for your laziness or over-eating. There has to be a way for your smoking or gossiping.

Every good and bad habit has a cause, and if you truly want to get rid of one, you have to analyze it.

Maybe you’re doing something bad because you’re hurt. Maybe you’re dealing with trauma or a lack of confidence.

Maybe you’re struggling with some negative emotions, and it’s so easy to do something bad for you.

Sometimes you have a habit of doing something because another person is doing it.

The point is – everything in your life happens for a reason. Find a reason for your bad habits, and you will learn how to avoid them.

2. Be True To Yourself

Many people can’t get rid of their bad habits because they’re not being honest with themselves.

They keep lying to themselves that something is not a big deal. They keep making excuses for something they do.

If you’re ready to break some of your bad habits, be honest with yourself. Be harsh and remind yourself of all the negative side effects.

Remind yourself how your bad habit is stopping you from reaching your full potential.

Even if your bad habit isn’t the worst one, you have to do everything you can to think badly of it.

You have to make yourself hate the bad habit you’re dealing with. Don’t tone it down and tell the truth.

The truth will help you to stay motivated no matter how hard it is.

3. Stick To A Realistic Plan

Making a good plan to get rid of a bad habit is crucial, but your plan has to be realistic.

Some things can be changed overnight, and you have to go one step at a time.

You have to give yourself enough time to adjust to everything. Track your progress, and try to do better every day.

But, don’t have unrealistic expectations because you will fail. You need some small changes in the beginning.

With time, you will get where you want to be. Make a plan that will help you to forget about your habits.

Be disciplined and strict, but don’t push yourself too hard. After all, you’re just a human being and it’s hard to change yourself.

It’s also important to include others in your plans. Find someone who will help you if possible.

If no one can help you, at least tell your plans to the people you’re close with.

They will be your reminder and they will cheer for you. You don’t have to be alone in this.

It would be great to start a journey of breaking bad habits with someone else. This way, you will stay motivated and focused on your goals.

4. Be Kind To Yourself

Just because you’re working hard to break a bad habit doesn’t mean you don’t deserve a reward.

When you feel like you’re doing better, reward yourself. Don’t do anything major in the beginning, but a small thing can be so helpful.

Create a reward system and you will be more motivated to push yourself.

Even if you’re still working on it, reward yourself for making it that far. It’s not easy to change your habits.

If you make a mistake, don’t think about it, and just keep going. Don’t beat yourself up and don’t waste your energy.

5. Find A Motivation & Be Determined

There are a lot more tricks and tips that can help you to remove bad habits from your life.

But, before you do anything, you have to be serious about it. You have to find your motivation and you have to be decisive.

You can do everything right, but if your mind isn’t in the right place, you will fail eventually.

Take some time to think about your bad habits that are ruining your chances to grow.

Think about your possibilities and life without those habits. Find a reason that will keep you motivated even when you’re struggling.

When you make a firm decision about your journey of transformation, you will succeed.

When you find something that will keep you strong in every moment, you won’t lose your compass.

Your mind is your strongest weapon, and everything else is just a useful tool.

Stepping out of your comfort zone and choosing to proactively address bad habits will skyrocket your ability to create long-lasting change. – Amy Morin