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12 Astrological Houses – External and Internal Plans

12 Astrological Houses – External and Internal Plans

The natal chart or horoscope is a unique whole that shows the positions of the planets in the sky at the moment of birth. Based on that, it is possible to read certain rules and laws of the psychological structure of a person whose natal chart is. 

Ci sono three basic components of every natal chart: Signs, Planets, e Houses. Every astrological house has a zodiac sign and a planetary ruler who rules a certain aspect of your life.

The Astrological House

There are 12 astrological houses that make up your mission in life or an area that you are destined to be great or to challenge you the most. In fact, astrological houses make two people who share the same zodiac sign totally different.

However, your natal chart, which is very specific, will not repeat for at least another thousand years. The planet that rules every house at the moment you are born determines your personal characteristics

Astrological houses define the central themes of your life. Each house refers to certain points about your life, such as emotions, feelings, relationships, jobs, ideas, and more.

Actually, this is the relationship between humans and the ever-changing pattern of stars and planets.

The meaning of each of the 12 houses can be interpreted on two levels. The first level expresses the theme of the house on an external level – in the material world.

The second level expresses the theme of the house on an internal level – psychological.

The 1st House

The first house is the house of identity, physical appearance, and personality. The traditional ruler of the first house is Aries and the planet is Mars. The top of the first house is called the Ascendant or the undersign. The first house shows that someone really is

The external plan reveals self, identity, appearance, physical body, personality, image, general character, public life, ego characteristics, activities, manners, and brain and head.

The internal plan reveals our approach to new situations, the mask that we put in contact with the environment, the first impression we leave to others, the way we present ourselves to others, ego in action, domination over the environment, and who we want to be.

The 2nd House

The second house is the house of the estate, material resources, and values. The traditional ruler is Taurus, and the planet is Venus. 

The external plan reveals our personal property, money, movables, talents, finances, the way we earn and manage money, debts, wealth, material resources, and assets.

The internal plan reveals our personal value system in life, our innate talents, attitudes toward money, what we want to possess, the way we experience freedom and security, and personal material desires.

The 3rd House

The third house is the house of communication, mental development, and intellect. The third house is ruled by Gemini, and the planet is Mercury. 

The external plan reveals the way we express our personality in communication, brothers and sisters and close relatives, neighbors, all kinds of communication, criticality, journalism, intelligence, and memory.

The internal plan reveals the rational mind, mental processes, style of thinking, lower mind, mental experience of the environment, and the connection to the outside world.

The 4th House

The 4th house is the house of home, family, and origin. The traditional ruler is Cancer, and the planet is the Moon.

The external plan reveals home and home life, family, family origins, the influence of family, our genetic heritage, early growing up, the parents, real estate, and the end of life.

The internal plan reveals a sense of security and emotional belonging, a connection with family, the experience of mother and father, old age, subconscious mind, inner child, and intuition.

The 5th House

The 5th house is the house of fun, creativity, children, and procreation. The ruler of the 5th house is Leo, and the planet is the Sun. 

The external plan reveals children, first child, love, romances, hobbies, all kinds of games, creativity, self-expression, risk-taking, attitude toward parenting, sports, stage, relationships, the way of courtship, and passion.

The internal plan reveals the potential to create, how we experience fun, the potential for play, love, sexual relationships, energy, personal will, and excitement.

The 6th House

The 6th house is the house of work, service, health, and routine. The ruler of the 6th house is Virgo, and the planet is Mercury.

The external plan reveals health, acute diseases, injuries, training, organization of the day, diet, work habits, types of jobs, what we do for life, hygiene, nutrition, and dressing.

The internal plan reveals daily routine, how we carry out our obligations, daily rituals, taking care of our body, and how we function in everyday life.

The 7th House

The 7th house is the house of marriage, relationship, and partnership. The ruler is Libra, and the planet is Venus.

The external plan reveals marriage, relationships, partnerships, the type of people we attract, the first spouse, our social identity, all contracts disputes, people in life, and associations.

The internal plan reveals our attitudes toward relationships, what kind of partner we want, our experience through relationships, our awareness of society, and the way we behave in public.

The 8th House

The 8th house is the house of transformation, passion, death, and rebirth. The ruler is Scorpio, and the planets are Mars and Pluto.

The external plan reveals death, making love, money that is not earned, inheritances, other people’s money, power, transformation, magic, mysteries, and addiction.

The internal plan reveals intimate bonding, relationships, sexual relations, healing, survival instinct, fear of death, passion, energy, spirituality, rebirth, and the underworld.

The 9th House 

This house is the house of spirituality, higher knowledge, and traveling. The ruler is Sagittarius, and the planet is Jupiter. 

The external plan: religion, life philosophy, higher knowledge, morality ethics, vision, science, spirituality, vacations, travel, and laws and legal system.

The internal plan: the relationship to religion, God and Universe, higher consciousness, higher mind, perspective, beliefs about the nature of existence, and the way we search for the meaning of life.

The 10th House

This is the house of career, social status, and success. The ruler is Capricorn, and the planet is Saturn.

The external plan: career, profession, society, reputation, peak of life, long-term goals, what kind of bosses we are, awards, honors, power, the way we express ourselves, and authority.

The internal plan: the attitude toward authorities, our ambitions, our abilities, ego experience, the highest point of consciousness, and success in public.

The 11th House

This is the house of friendship, community, hope, and humanitarianism. The ruler is Aquarius, and the planet is Uranus.

The external plan: friends, associations, groups, social engagement, social activities, expression in society, political parties and communities, ideals, hopes, desires, and career money.

The internal plan: dreams, hopes, friendships, social awareness, group consciousness, the influence of friends, attitude to freedom, and self-realization.

The 12th House

This is the house of self-knowledge, awakening, obstacles, and suffering. This house is ruled by Pisces and the planet Neptune. 

The external plan: secrets, great personal challenges, everything hidden, crime, loneliness, illusions, drugs, the secret side of life, karma, meditation, mental illness, and sacrifice for others.

The internal plan: self-destructive behavior, spiritual path, unconscious content, refuges, ego dissolution, material world, our hidden traits, and unconscious fears.