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7 Zodiac Signs That Are the Most Selfish – Everything and Always for Me

7 Zodiac Signs That Are the Most Selfish – Everything and Always for Me

We all have a slight tendency to be selfish, but that is even okay as long as it can be controlled. Selfishness usually makes people extremely greedy and they only care about their own needs, regardless of how they affect others.

So, people like that are very egocentrico and can be expected to take any step just to fulfill their longing. It is impossible to make a compromise with them when it comes to desires and their hunger continues to grow every day.

Selfishness is a two-faced trait. We often think about selfishness as a negative trait. It is believed that selfish people think only for themselves and put their needs always before the needs of others.

On the other side, it should be emphasized that selfishness is not always bad, especially if a person can control it. Securing its own existence is a basic instinct of every man. 

The problem begins when this need for individualism is expressed by greedy actions. These traits can be seen through the eyes of astrology because the most selfish signs often have a similar attitude.

These 7 signs have a naturally expressed tendency to selfishness, some less and some more: Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Capricorn, Gemini, Aries, and Taurus.

1. Cancer

Cancers are emotional beings who are always looking for emotional support from others. Because of their comfort and safety, they often forget to take into account the needs of others.

In that way, they become unsympathetic and then there is no trace of those kind flowers. They have the potential to be greedy and selfish to satisfy their overly possessive, sensitive, and emotional behavior.

2. Leo

People who are born under this sign are known for their leadership skills. They are also prominent champions when it comes to eradicating problems. 

No matter who wants to reach the same goal, Leo will never pay attention to them and he will ruthlessly get rid of them.

3. Virgo

Virgos are known for their orientato agli obiettivi thinking and to encourage their goals, they can easily become selfish. They just want to sacrifice for their own benefit in everything they do.

They may seem very cute and artless, but if they used you to achieve something, only then will you see their right time. 

4. Capricorn

The dark side of Capricorn is expressed on many occasions, especially through greed and excessive ambition. Their hunger for success and respect can make them focus so intensely on their own goals, forgetting that other people also live in this world.

However, it should be noted that of all the different types of egocentrism, this type could be considered quite weak or innocent, because it may not have a root in malice and jealousy.

We shouldn’t be afraid of Capricorn’s egocentrism until we get in the way between them and their goals. If we do that, we should be ready to fight. 

5. Gemini 

Egocentrism is a defining trait of their personality. This is especially evident in them because they are simply not interested in growing up and they don’t want to mature. 

For them, life from a child’s perspective is more interesting and much more fun. Unfortunately, this has a downside. On many occasions, Gemini loses connection to reality and thinks only about pleasing their inner child.

This makes them think only about themselves regardless of others.

Furthermore, we mustn’t forget that Gemini has a great ability to manipulate others, which usually results in the other person following their instructions. Even the most confident person can be made to doubt their own beliefs.

Because of their ability to manipulate others, be very careful with Gemini. Only in this way, you will be able to see their true intentions.

6. Aries

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac wheel and this plays an important role here. People born under this sign want to be first in everything. For the Aries, nothing is more important than their own desires and they exactly know how to achieve it. 

Once they plan their strategy, their determination takes care of everything. Only a real miracle can stop them from getting what they want. Aries never gives up.

Aries has enough energy to push on all fronts and achieve his goals. Also, keep an eye out for small gestures, because Aries can interpret them as offensive, so then he can become an enemy.

It is much better to become their ally and feed on their energy because their passion and enthusiasm can take you to the top with them.

7. Taurus

When their most selfish side comes to light, their stubbornness and greed have no limits. If you tell them that they will never have what they want, you will awaken the beast in them. So, you will see what they can do.

When Taurus notices what he really wants, the only law he recognizes is “the end justifies the means”. They are ready to accept all the consequences, as long as they get what they want.

These great desires are very difficult to control for all born under this sign.

Also, Taurus is a sign that is known as a “money lover” and for excessive pleasures, which gives Taurus an extra dose of greed and selfishness.