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8 errori che fanno gli spiritisti alle prime armi (e come evitarli)

8 Mistakes Rookie Spiritualists Make (And How to Avoid Them)

Spirituality is sought after with una mente aperta e a pure heart. We might as well consider this a fact.

Looking to learn more, feel more, and essere more is nothing if not commendable.

Still, we are only human.

Opening our hearts for good bears the risk of letting in some bad.

These 8 Habits are Common Among Young Spiritualists

1. Conceit

2. Impulse buying

3. Getting carried away

4. Preaching

5. Dangerous cults

6. Forgoeing professionalism

7. Pushing family members away

8. Not keeping an open mind

Speaking as someone who’s been through a few of these, they are a rich source of cringe down the line.

Those newly introduced to the occult or new-age spirituality can often be more susceptible to them.

So, let’s begin.

1. It’s Too Easy to Think We are Better than Everyone

Precisely because it is so easy, conceit tends to be the first “sin” of newbie spiritualists.

And I get it. You look around yourself and see all these insensitive people.

Maybe your best friend doesn’t care about the environment, or your dad practices a religion halfheartedly just because his dad did before him.

Aren’t you so much better than them, being aware and stuff?

Sadly, the answer isn’t so simple.

You do you. Stay kind, stay humble and learn.

Isn’t that the whole point of a spiritual journey?

2. Stay Away From Crystals

Joke. Crystals have their purpose.

They’re a wonderful source of energy from the very depths of the Earth.

Are you sure you are going to use them, though? 

Most of us at the beginning of our spiritual journey fly into the trap of impulse buying wands, crystals and various trinkets to look witchy.

Then we end up with a drawer full of forgotten treasures, and our hard-earned money spent in vain.

Be patient and take some time to study these things to make sure they can actually serve a purpose in your particular practice.

If all you want them for is a vibey decor, though, go for it.

3. Don’t Let Spirituality Become Your Defining Personality Trait

bastone di zucca

If it’s clothes, it has to be earthy. If it’s food, it has to be vegan. 

Someone asked for your opinion so you will make sure to recite the enlightened thing you’ve read on Facebook?

Relax. Authenticity is something to be cherished.

Don’t force things upon yourself or others. What’s meant for you will come naturally.

4. If People Don’t Ask, Don’t Preach

Every once in a while, we must ask ourselves: If my spiritual path is different, why can’t others’ be?

In fact, very few people actually care about your beliefs and practices. 

The food you eat out of good intentions, or the fact you pray in the woods instead of a temple, or that you choose thrift clothes over fast fashion – these are for you.

They make you feel good about yourself. They’re the little good you can provide the world, and your will to do that is commendable.

But other people may have chosen something else, as is their right.

And if someone recognizes you are doing good, they’ll show interest on their own.

5. Be Careful When Searching for a Coven

Humans seek community, that’s nothing to be ashamed of.

You want people to learn from you, to teach you, to share good and bad with you. 

You seek understanding in this process of reinventing yourself.

But, do not join any occult or religious group lightly. Though a group you’ve found online could as well be just a little company of lightworkers, you take your time.

Carefully research their meetings, goals and conditions before contacting them.

6. Don’t Risk Your Professional Career for a Little Witchiness

Most bosses and teachers don’t mind your spiritual identity. Rather, I’d venture to say they really don’t care.

But if you are in their face, or worse, your clients, with odd fashion and opinions, you are sure to get in trouble.

Professionalism is impersonal above all. For any business venture to go smoothly, all included parties must focus on it rather than themselves.

Ci sono discreet ways to incorporate your specific style into your work attire. Otherwise, rock the witchy look in your free time.

7. Go to That Holiday Dinner, for God’s Sake


Especially at the start of your spiritual journey, you likely won’t see eye to eye with family members. 

They’ll be a little curious, a little confused, a little worried. Specifically, the elders will have issues with your change.

Lots of baby spiritualists get carried away, and reject their family’s generational tradition, holidays and religious practice so completely they end up rejecting their family overall.

You don’t have to practice the specific faith of your family but find it in yourself to rispetto it. 

Don’t let spiritual musings wedge distance between you and your loved ones. 

8. Keep Your Open Mind Open


Clearly, being on this esoteric journey, you do allow yourself to experience new things and mindsets.

That is a commendable trait, so cherish it. 

Gatekeeping, judging others for their choices and beliefs seems like quite a backward way to enlightenment.

Above all, be kind.