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8 Phases of The Moon and Their Mystical Potency

8 Phases of The Moon and Their Mystical Potency

In ancient times, much like we do today, humans all across the globe found the Moon and the Sun entirely fascinating.

While today, we have various means to help us better understand the nature of these astronomical bodies, to the humans of old they were deities.

And despite the Sun being the giver of life, the Moon’s nightly glow is the source of endless inspiration and powerful magic.

Magical rituals, rites of passage, holidays and even wars were planned in accordance with her phases.

The feminine cycle is the ultimate projection of the Moon. Perhaps that’s why most witches are women.

Ancient Star Seers Recognized 8 Phases of the Moon

fasi della luna

Though we usually pay attention to the major three phases (New, Full and Waning), there are concretely 8 phases in the lunar cycle.

1. New Moon 

2. Waxing Crescent

3. First Quarter

4. Waxing Gibbous

5. Full Moon

6. Waning Gibbous

7. Last Quarter

8. Waning Crescent

Phase 1: The New Moon

superficie del pianeta

This is the very first phase, set in the first couple of days of the lunar cycle.

At this point, the Moon is either entirely dark or there is only the slightest hint of crescent light to be glimpsed.

The symbolism of this very early phase is a fresh beginning. If you wish to attune your ritual, magic or manifestation to the Moon Goddess, this is the time to start.

If you’ve been procrastinating with starting yoga, or any other new activity, this is the moment to end procrastination.

The Goddess is starting to move. Following in her steps can only be correct.

Set your intentions, meditate upon them and nurture them in your mind until the time is right to do more.

Phase 2: The Waxing Crescent

The waxing phase is where we slowly begin the open up, again, in tune with the Goddess. It’s the first light in the night sky after a period of darkness, hence it’s the perfect time for hope and growth.

This phase lasts a little longer than the last, signaling it’s time to build momentum and prepare to atto.

Like the Moon begins to show herself to us, so do we open up to other people.

With your intentions set and written down, don’t lose them from your sight. Nurture and grow them, and stay open for transformation.

The fragile crescent is also why this phase is called the Gentle Moon. Use this time for cura di sé and spreading love around you.

Phase 3: The First Quarter

The Moon’s light glows brighter, signaling the time has come to take action. You can follow this phase in the first 8 to 11 days of the lunar cycle.

Our meditated intentions and preparations are ready to be realized. At this point, the Goddess is nearing her supreme phase.

Like her, we’re not at our full potential yet, but we’re halfway there.

If your intention was to do yoga, try to incorporate a few advanced exercises. If it was art, challenge yourself. If it was to advance at your job, speak to your superior about it.

It’s time for risk-taking on the path to fulfill your goals.

Keep trusting in your inner wisdom. 

Phase 4: The Waxing Gibbous

The Moon is glowing brighter, and so should you.

The Goddess is almost at her full potency, absorb her wisdom and practice your own.

At the point closest to the ultimate goal, most of us get impatient and restless. We’re tempted to give up, but take this time to prove to yourself that you can be in tune with the divine.

Double down on your efforts!

Is the advanced yoga too hard? Adjust it a little, and continuare ad andare avanti.

Your art challenge didn’t turn out very well? Well, it’s art. It’s subjective. Continuare ad andare avanti. Your boss refused to promote you? Keep proving yourself.

Praticare la gratitudine. Be glad for the chances you were given, and patiently wait for the next phase.

Phase 5: The Full Moon

It’s finally time for the Moon to glow the brightest.

The circle is complete. Now is the moment to reflect on what you’ve done and celebrate your successes.

Meditate upon failures, and learn from them, but don’t despair. The cycle goes around. You’re sure to get your chance again.

If you journal, this is the time to summarize and honor your efforts.

Relax, meditate, and surround yourself with friends and family.

Treat yourself and endure on your path as you reach this phase.

Phase 6: The Waning Gibbous

As the Goddess begins to return to her dark self, you turn your insight inwards as well.

If you’re holding onto any bitterness over your unrealized plans, try to let it go. Try to let go of anything that doesn’t serve you. The time to trasformare has arrived.

Keep relaxing, clean your space and declutter your mind.

The last 18 to 22 days of the lunar cycle are meant for gratitudine e introspezione

Phase 7: The Last Quarter

You’ve celebrated your victories, counted your losses, and meditated on the lessons.

It’s time to implement them.

Slowly prepare yourself for the new phase and a new beginning

Whatever bad habits you’ve realized about yourself, break them. You’ve been transformed and the time has come to act like it.

Accept the closure. Forgive yourself for any unrealized goals.

Phase 8: The Waning Crescent

You and the Goddess have reached the cycle’s end.

Before it’s time to start anew, check that you’ve made peace with yourself so that you may experience the beauty of this phase in full.

The Waning Crescent represents the time for surrender and self-love. Prendetevi cura di voi stessi. Take a rightful rest before it’s time to move again.

The Hidden Meaning Of the Eight

Number 8 may not have a ring to it like 3, 7 or 12. But it has a profound meaning and a magical connection to the Moon Goddess.

This is the number of crescita, equilibrio, illuminazione e abbondanza.

Number 8 is linked to risveglio spirituale. People connected to this number often display genuine interest in mysticism and spirituality.

Illumination is a fascinating trait of this number, so deeply and obviously linked to the Moon. The Goddess herself illuminates the night and helps us see the path forward.

Balance and harmony, both associated with the number 8, are closely related to the Moon. 

A fun comparison can be found in the fact that the 8 turned upside down stays the same. Likewise, the Moon transforms through her phases but ultimately reaches her fullness.

Abbondanza is yet another unbreakable link between the Goddess and the number of her phases. 

Wherein the number 8 stands for abundance, the Moon creates it. She has a unique effect on the Earth’s waters and flora, hence it’s no wonder she was once perceived as the Mother Goddess, the wife of Sun.