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Sono un seme stellare? Cerca questi 9 segni!

Am I a Starseed? Look for These 9 Signs!

Do you ever feel like you don’t quite fit in? Is your intuition sometimes so strong that you think you’re psychic? Do you feel like you have a bigger purpose here on Earth?

If you strongly answered these questions with a ‘‘ then you might not be from this world!

You’re probably one of the many Starseeds walking the Earth. Starseeds are individuals who have their origins in the solar system, you’re a child of the stars!

You have lived many lives before this one and you have vast knowledge and wisdom.

Starseeds are a type of Operatori di luce, deeply connected with the universe, they have abilità psichiche and they have shown up on Earth with a specific purpose.

Without further ado let’s dive into 10 signs that indicate you’re a Starseed!

Signs You Might Be a Starseed

So you’re wondering if you have a bigger purpose in life and if you even come from planet Earth?

These are signs to look out for if you suspect that you’re a Starseed:

1. You Feel Like You’re an Outsider

Starseeds don’t often fit in society. You just feel out of place.

You might be feeling homesick about a place you don’t even know about! You can’t exactly share these feelings with others because they can’t relate to them.

No matter how hard you try, you just don’t seem to fit in anywhere!

2. Your Intuition is Strong

Starseeds sono highly intuitive and they trust their gut with all they have. You pick up cues e red flags easily and even messages from other spiritual beings!

You don’t limit yourself when it comes to possibilities, since you don’t rely on logic to do take risks. Your intuition leads you through this and it has never let you down.

3. You’re Very Emphatic

Empatici usually possess a Starseed soul as well, so you might want to find out if you’re an empath first!

Obviously, a person with this level of intuizione e sensibilità is usually an empath, but as an otherworldly creature, these mundane routines and matters can drain a Starseed.

You also tend to put other people’s needs before your own and while it’s commendable, it’s also a double-edged sword. You don’t know when to stop and take care of yourself!

People tend to take this kindness for weakness and in turn they take advantage of you!

4. You’re Curious

You’re very interested by things like filosofia e metafisica. You’re curious by nature and you believe that there’s an answer to everything.

You don’t mind spending all your time researching topics that have caught your eye.

Anche Conspiracy Theories keep you occupied for days on end. While searching for answers, you like to look at all angles and all the possibilities.

You have the need to know why things happen and divide the truth and the lies.

5. You Have a Bigger Purpose

You can’t quite figure it out, but you just know you have a bigger purpose here on Earth. As a Starseed you’ve travelled through galaxies in order to drop some wisdom on Earth.

If you’re constantly asking yourself ‘Why am I here?’ then darling, you’re a Starseed.

6. You’re Spiritual

In order to exist across so many dimensions and universes, you need to be spiritual and believe in the divine.

From your past lives, you have vast knowledge about the spiritual realm e il work of karma.

Questo doesn’t mean that you are religious, since religion and spirituality aren’t the same thing. Being spiritual means you understand the workings of the spiritual world.

You accept these beliefs with an open mind and messages sent by divine powers.

7. You Recharge by Being Alone

You need some tempo da soli, you need your own space in order to concentrate on the messages you receive from your spirit guides.

Since others are drawn to you, being an empath and a Starseed, lots of energies drain you out. With time, you may become an introvert. The more you learn about yourself, the more introverted you’ll be.

You need to realize that you shouldn’t be explaining yourself, because you’re alone on this journey.

8. You’re Fascinated by History

Starseeds come to Earth from other realms across the galaxy, so it’s no wonder they’re very fascinated by ancient civilizations e different time periods.

You draw your lessons from history, especially the ones you resonate with the most, and you connect with them.

Chances are you reincarnated into that time period at some point and now you are the one carrying the collective consciousness of that time period or civilization.

9. You’ve Been Told You’re an ‘Old Soul’

You have been considered wise from a very young age. Since you hold many secrets of the Universe, this comes as no surprise. 

You’re still curious, so you seek wisdom from your elders, even though you’re the one who’s been travelling through millennia. 

You’re wise beyond your age since you’ve gathered wisdom from your reincarnations!

In the End

Figuring out if you’re s Starseed is the powerful step on your spiritual journey. 

Use these 10 signs as guides at the beginning of your journey and slowly start to unleash more. 

You’re here for a bigger reason than humans can ever comprehend, but you’re on your way to learn and bless us with centuries-old wisdom.