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Come gli altri possono maledirvi o benedirvi: 5 modi per difendersi

How Others Can Curse You Or Bless You: 5 Ways To Defend Yourself

Living with people and around people can make you susceptible to other people’s energie.

Not everyone around you wants you to have a happy and healthy life, so it is important to know how to proteggere your energy from those who do not like you.

How Can Someone Curse or Bless Us?

Have you ever felt like cattivo things keep happening to you time after time? You feel as if you cannot seem to stand back on your feet before another thing crushes you.

Or, on the contrary, you feel as if only positivo things are happening to you, to the point where you are becoming suspicious?

Hang in there, because there may be a spiritual explanation – others may have sent positive or negative energy towards you.

When people think about you, there are people who:

  • want nothing but the best for you,
  • there are indifferent ones
  • and there are those who want to harm you for whatever reason (it is usually their own problem).

You cannot help people wanting to be nice to you or wish you well even though you were always good to them. Insicuro and jealous people sometimes subconsciously want others to suffer and not be better than them.

Just as you can send guarigione energy towards someone, you can also send negative energy and want negative experiences to happen.

This is never advisable, as we always get what we send out to the Universo, and these bad intentions can backfire. However, some people choose to ignore it and they send bad intentions – sometimes even unknowingly.

This is the lowest energetic realm and no felicità can come from it.

Signs You Are Blessed

There are several signs that you are benedetto.

As I have already mentioned, the biggest sign is that only positive things keep happening to you.

Also, you may experience:

  1. Good health – you may always feel healthy and have good test results even though you are not living the healthiest lifestyle
  2. Good mental health – you are always mentally healthy and you rarely feel depressed or stressed
  3. Being in a healthy relationship – your partner is always nice to you and you rarely argue
  4. Having a nice job – you earn enough money to spend it on things you both need and want
  5. Having grown spiritually – spirituality is always important in our lives, so if we feel fulfilled on that level, it is a sign we are blessed in a spiritual way.

Signs You Are Cursed

As previously mentioned, if you keep experiencing cattivo situations and only negative things seem to keep happening to you, you may be ‘cursed’, or someone wished bad upon you.

There are people who lose their jobs and soon after that, they fall and break something, or their health starts deteriorating.

This is never good and other signs may include:

  1. Bad health – you cannot seem to recover from an illness or you keep getting a new bad diagnosis
  2. Anxiety and depression – you may constantly feel anxious and stressed, cannot seem to relax or enjoy simple things
  3. Your relationships are suffering – you may experience breakup after a breakup, or your friends are no longer around you to support you
  4. Bad jobs – you keep getting bad jobs after bad jobs and your pay is not even close to the one you want
  5. Being spiritually drained – you may feel as if you are functioning on autopilot and you simply cannot find peace

All these negative signs may indicate that someone has bad intentions towards you.

However, there is no need to worry as your energy is the most important thing you possess and there are ways you can proteggere it and experience a much happier life.

7 Ways You Can Defend Your Spirit

Here are ways you can successfully protect your spirit and undo the bad intentions of others (some of these practices are seen as ‘praying’ in certain religions)

1. Meditate

Meditation is one of the most beneficial spiritual practices you can do. You are alone with yourself and your spirit and you can make it do wonderful things.

For example: You can imagine a huge shield around you and your energy that protects you from all bad intentions and bad experiences.

Meditation can help you think clearly and trust your gut instinct which will save you from harm.

It is a form of self-protection you may want to try out.

2. Positive Affirmations

woman-meditation-mindfulnessPositive affirmations are a great way to undo negative energy. It is almost as if good and bad are fighting each other – and we know which energy is always stronger – the good one always wins.

Your positive words towards yourself are what will make you be able to ricevere all the positive stuff.

You can even use mantras such as: ‘Only good things happen to me’.

Think of your own mantra and try to make it your ‘safe sentence’ whenever you feel down or in danger.

3. Manifesting

Manifesting is another powerful tool for getting your desired outcome or reality.

Be constant in your desires and imagine yourself living your best life. you can even write it down or make it your ritual – you can even start doing it every night before sleep and making it work for you faster that way.

Whichever way works for you, try to set out positive intenzioni towards yourself in the Universe, and let them deliver to you at the right time.

Once you imagine yourself living your best life and you truly believe that you deserve it, the Universe will deliver it to you no matter what intentions others may have towards you.

4. Wishing Well To Others and Doing Good

While meditating, it is important to wish well on others. But if you do not meditate, try to do it regardless. Sending out positive energy for others is a wonderful thing to do to protect ourselves. How?

Well, whatever we send towards others, comes back to us.

Positivo energy is powerful and it may come back to you in a double form. Doing good towards other people will make you susceptible to more good intentions and blessings from others as well.

5. Trusting the Universe

All the positive intentions are not enough if you do not trust the Universo. Your spirituality is your own work and you have to be aware that the Universe loves you, no matter how bad things have been.

Your energy and your intentions towards yourself need to be positivo and you have to ask it for the life you want.

Try not to focus on the negative side of life and try to remain positive regardless.

This is hard at first, but if you see negative things for what they are – just negativo experiences that are a normale part of life – your energy levels will shift automatically and you will become a more positive individual.

When you see people who are always positive and happy, you will notice that almost always good things are happening to them. This is because they attract what they are – not what they want to be.

Have you ever experienced being ‘cursed’ or ‘blessed’ by others? How did it feel and how did you overcome it?