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Dangerous Mantras: These Mantras Should NEVER Be Repeated

Dangerous Mantras: These Mantras Should NEVER Be Repeated

We are all aware of how powerful mantras can be. They can be our guides towards a better life and better experiences.

However, some mantras can be very dangerous if repeated regularly and you should pay attention to them.

Significance of Mantras

Mantras are the words or sentences we say to ourselves repeatedly. They are used in spirituality to focus your mind on a certain energy or positive outcome.

They can be a very powerful tool used to shift your mindset to a more positive one and change how you behave towards it.

Once you start behaving differently towards something, expecting a positivo outcome, it will come. For example, persistent people always say to themselves: ‘I can do this easily!’, and they, in fact, do.

These mantras can help us build our personalities and change our core beliefs.

However, there are some mantras that we may be repeating subconsciously that may be harming our progress and growth. These mantras can hide in the darkest corners of our minds and we are sometimes unaware of them.

For example, you may be actively applying for a job, but whenever you send your CV to a company, your instant thought is: ‘Ah, I am sure there are dozens like me and they will not pick me.

These thoughts become dangerous mantras that can harm your manifestation process or your self-esteem in general and we should be very attento how we think of ourselves.

Dangerous Mantras We Should Never Repeat

There are several mantras that we should NEVER say, or repeat. These mantras are usually self-defeating and negative mantras that can cause us much harm under the veil of being ‘realistic’.

1. I am not good enough

This mantra is one of the dangerous ones as it can stop you from reaching your full potenziale.

Believing that you are not good enough for something and that others are better than you will not only make you feel left behind but send this message to others to view you this way as well.

This is dangerous because it can cause stagnation and no growth and those are not positive things to experience. In order to get the things we want in life we need to believe that we deserve them.

2. I am happy, something bad is coming

Have you ever felt happy and blessed, and your immediate thought was that something bad must be coming – to balance it out?

In your head, there must always be balance, so you always expect bad things to happen after good experiences.

This is another dangerous mantra that can attract negativo experiences indeed, and make you susceptible to negativity.

Instead, try to accept blessings and positive moments as normal parts of life and try to manifest more of them.

3. I do not deserve good things in life

happy-sad-womanMany people believe that they should suffer in order to be good. This is a very dangerous stance that will bring a lot of disharmony to your mental understanding of spirituality, as well as suffering.

If you believe that you do not deserve positive outcomes, you will inconsciamente choose bad decisions and they will bring you negative experiences. Remember that we all deserve positive sides of life and that they are what is our human right.

4. People want to harm me

Distrusting everyone can be a form of trauma response. If someone hurt you or disappointed you in the past, you may feel as if nobody around you is trustworthy.

This can be very dangerous as it can make you pull away from people who are actually very good for you.

Having good people around you is crucial for growth and happiness and if you push them away, you may find yourself alone without anyone to understand you.

5. I attract bad experiences all the time

Imagine this: A person wants a new job. However, they get transferred to another city to work at their current job. They become sad because this is not what they want and they are away from their family.

Then, after a while, they get sick, and their boss fires them.

They may think: Why are only bad things happening to me all the time? – without realizing that all these situations prepared them for their desire to come to fruition. They get a call very soon from a new office in town – which is exactly what they wanted.

Do not think that you are a magnet for negativo experiences – try to see them as a normale part of life and as something that needs to happen in order to get what you want.

6. It is too late for me

If you think that it is too late for you to get your desired outcome, you are right. If you think it is never too late – you are right!

Whichever attitude you have towards what you can or cannot do, is the correct one, because you are deciding what your abilities are.

Thinking that it is anche late for you to change your career, start a business, or get married is another dangerous mantra that can set you back and destroy your progress toward your manifestations.

7. I can’t change!

Thinking that you cannot change is another pericoloso mantra. Change is a positive thing that will help us grow spiritually.

Without change, we will stay in the same place and never get to experience a better version of ourselves.

Thinking that you cannot change is sometimes egoista as it hides the belief that you do not want to change and that you are perfect as you are.

Positive Mantras To Use

Instead of saying all these negative mantras that reflect your emotions at that moment, try to replace them with positive mantras that will replace their negative energy with positive ones.

So, instead of saying ‘I am not good enough‘, try saying ‘I am more than good enough, I believe in myself‘, or ‘I may have been not good enough in the past, but I am learning and I am good enough now.’

This attitude will shift your energy into a positive one and you will build a healthier attitude towards your problem.