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7 modi potenti per superare velocemente una rottura

7 Powerful Ways To Get Over A Breakup FAST

Getting over a breakup can be a very difficult task. You feel as if you are grieving someone who is still alive and you think about all the memories you have together.

Do not worry, there are several ways you can get over someone you just broke up with.

Pain of a Breakup

Breakup is never easy whether you were the one leaving or the one being left. Your loved one is no longer with you and it can cause a lot of stressful moments and anxiety attacks.

You always think about all the good times you had with them and all the possibilities you may have had.

It is not uncommon for you to feel as if you did not try enough and did not do all you could to save the relazione. The truth is, you probably did and it would end either way.

When two people meet, they are either soulmates or they are not a great match. Your body will sometimes confuse love with anxious attachment. If you are anxiously attached, you will feel butterflies next to this person and will do everything in your power to keep them.

This may result in a lot of self-esteem issues and arguments. Love is different – you are calm, stress-free, and relaxed next to that person.

Ways To Successfully Get Over A Breakup

If you are suffering from a breakup and you are losing all hope for real connessione e romanticismo, we are here to tell you that you should not.

We will show you how to heal and how to rebuild your hope. Here are seven powerful ways to get over a breakup – fast.

1. Let Yourself Grieve

Most people try to fight feeling bad immediately after a rottura. This is not a sano way of dealing with it as the realization and grief are coming sooner or later. You cannot fight feeling bad about it, you can only pretend.

All breakups hurt one way or the other and it is important to deal with the pain properly. Let yourself grieve and feel the pain with all of your being. This way, your healing process will start faster.

Cry as much as you can and scream it out if necessary. Take some time off and focus on your pain. Ask yourself: Would the right person for me ever cause me this much pain?

Were they really the ideal partner or were those my projections? Usually, when we dig deeper, we realize how most of the time, we were the ones who made them special in our minds.

2. Write Pros/Cons

Take a piece of paper and write down all the pros and cons of your partner. Write down everything that made you love them and everything that made you upset. You will be surprised how long the list of negative characteristics actually gets.

When we are in love and when we are together, we tend to overlook some negative aspects of our partners. We see them as this ideal person when, in fact, they are far from it.

How did they make you feel when you were upset at them? When was the last time you cried about them?

3. Book A Trip

terminale a-occupatoIs there a place you have always wanted to go to, but never got a chance? It does not have to be another country, it can be another town near the city you live in. Book your next trip there and leave everything that reminds you of them behind.

When we travel, we somehow reinvent the image of ourselves and it can be very beneficial in these situations. You will enjoy spending time alone and you may meet new people who will inspire you.

Traveling is a great way to forget your troubles at home and to distract your mind.

4. Meditate and Manifest

Quando meditare, you allow yourself to grieve and feel all of the negative emotions. However, meditation can calm us down and make us convert those emotions to positive ones. It is a great way to manifesto anche.

You can finally calm down and try to manifest someone better. Imagine yourself with the next partner who will be PERFECT for you. They will never make you feel bad and they will love you incondizionatamente.

Feel their hug, their arms around you, your lips touching. That is all you need to attract a better partner.

Recognize the old relationship for what it is and be open to a new, better one.

5. Hang Out With Your Friends

People around you do not like seeing you sad, so try to hang out with your amici as much as possible. This will make you appreciate people who are actually there for you and who care about you – not those who hurt you.

Go out together, organize a cinema day, movie night, a hike, or a night out in the town. Wear your new lipstick and do your hair differently. You will feel fresh, loved, and motivated to move on.

6. Work On Self-Love

Working on yourself may sound difficult at first but this is the best way to heal. Always ask yourself if the best version of you would ever grieve this much over someone who does not want you.

Would you even date them in the first place? Work on yourself so much that you no longer allow people who do not appreciate you around. Start going to evening classes you like, do some art, go out for a spa day, and pamper your body and soul.

Do a lot of introspezione and learn what triggers you to feel pain. Was this true love or is your ego hurt?

7. Digital Detox

a-bello-scenarioIt is advisable to not use social media for a while as it may innesco our emotions and remind us of the person we are grieving. Try to spend time in nature, read a book, or dedicate yourself to work.

You will feel much better when you are left alone with your mind and thoughts – although it may not feel like it at first. But, this is a great way to heal and to see your past relationship from all sides.

You will feel much better when you distance yourself from social media and your phone.

Have you ever experienced a rough breakup? What did it teach you? Did you use any of the methods mentioned in this article?