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Herb Magick 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Using Magickal Herbs

Herb Magick 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Using Magickal Herbs

Che cosa è herb magick? It’s the practice of working with herbs and plants, of course!

You can use plants in healing, eating, rituals, spells and more!

By exploring the fascinating world of plants and incorporating them into your practice, you’ll have powerful items right at the tip of your fingers.

You might ask yourself why work with herbal magick? To some, this might be a frightening concept since the world of plants is vast and complicated.

But don’t worry, today we dive into the magickal world of plants and herbs!

Getting Started With Herbal Magick

Getting started with herbal magick can be scary because there are so many plants and you’ll probably ask yourself ‘What do they all mean?’

But you’re not supposed to start with all the plants all at once. Take it easy.

Think about the plants you love most or are drawn to the most, and start with those.

I would suggest writing down those plants in a notebook so you can start your herbal Grimoire!

Once you figured out which plants ‘speak’ to you, start getting to know them! Meditate with plants, drink them in your tea (if they are safe to drink) and grow the plant and tend to it!

Using Herbs in Your Practice

There are many ways in which you can incorporate herbs and plants into your magic. If you are new to it all, spell casting and rituals, spend some time learning first.

If you’ve done your research already, here are a couple of ways you can incorporate herbs into your practice!

1. Create Incense

Magickal incense can be a blend of dry store-bought o DIY herbs. These blends need to be dry since fresh herbs burn with a bitter scent and not as easily because of the moisture in the plant.

Burn dry herbs over a fire-safe container or even over a bonfire!

If you’re making your own incense blends, decide on three or more herbs that align with your intentions. By doing this, the magickal incense will be full of your intention for your specific purpose!

2. Take a Magickal Bath

Taking a bath that previously had herbs marinated in it is a great way to inject that specific energy into yourself. Think about what you want to manifest into your life and choose corresponding herbs.

You can have them float in your water or put them in a little pouch for easy clean-up.

Add crystals and candles around your bath to boost this magick.

If you’re attracting love for example, use roses and rosemary, with some rose quartz and a lit red candle!

Use herbs that align with what you want to attract into your life!

3. Magickal Pouches

Questi magickal pouches, or mojo bags, are great for attrarre o warding off energies! It depends on what your intent is.

They are great for everyday use and you can carry them around with you o leave them somewhere in your home.

If you want to attract new beginnings and opportunities add rosemary for clarity, something sweet to attract sweetness, like sugar or honey, lemon balm as a door opener and spearmint for good luck!

If you need protection, add nettle for privacy, black tourmaline to ward off negative energies, pyrite for a strong aura, rosemary to return the bad energy to the sender and maybe add an evil eye charm!

It’s important to use dry herbs when creating pouches since fresh herbs can dry out into a bitter scent and even get moldy in your pouch!

4. Brew Magickal Teas

Brewing teas and drinking them with magickal herbs is a great way to inject the energy you want into yourself. Note that it’s important to use herbs that are ingestible and harmless!

For some, drinking tea is already a ritual, but if you’re looking to bring even more magick into it you can hold the herbs in your hands and say your intentions out loud.

Pick herbs that align with those intentions and put them in boiling water. Hold your hands above the pot for an added magickal touch. This way you infuse even more energy into yourself.

Even by adding sweeteners like honey or sugar, you’re attracting sweetness into your life!

While stirring your tea, say your intention out loud three times. Stir clockwise if you’re attracting energy into your life and stir counterclockwise if you want to ward off energy.

5. Make Your Own Magickal Garden

Growing and taking care of your own herbs will add a special layer of power and protection to your practice.

Since you are incorporating herbs that have your intention fully integrated into them, doing spells, making potions, candles or incense will be much more powerful.

Happy Casting!

There are many more ways in which you can use herbs for your magickal practice, but these are just some beginner-friendly ways to get you started!

Note that dangerous herbs always have an alternative and my advice is to steer clear from them as much as you can, especially if you have pets or children!

Developing your craft is your journey alone and no one else can interfere.

However, practice safely and if you are just starting your journey, take your time with getting to know your herbs!