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The Magic of Intuition: 7 Ways to Enhance Intuition to Improve Your Practice

The Magic of Intuition: 7 Ways to Enhance Intuition to Improve Your Practice

Intuition is different for everyone. Some people have heightened intuition, their stomach turns to knots and they just seem to conoscere tutto.

While other people have suppressed their intuition, dismissing it as mumbo jumbo.

There’s no doubt that we’ve all experienced it though, even the ones who push it deep down.

Intuition is that sudden ‘conoscendo‘ you get in the pit of your stomach o a voice in your head that pops up out of nowhere.

But intuition is able to elevate all aspects of your life and also your craft!

How Can Intuition Help Me?

Intuizione isn’t limited by your cinque sensi. It arrives suddenly and without explanation.

Our lives have become so hectic that we confuse intuition with ansia. These two are worlds apart!

Ansia consumes you whole, your heart starts beating rapidly, your breath is shallow and you feel afraid.

Intuition doesn’t have this effect! It feels like a soft wave of wisdom, splashing us gently and delivering knowledge and empowerment.

If your intuition is developed, it can help you succeed at work, improving your relationships – both platonic and romantic, and it will bring about crescita personale.

Intuition shows you how to be your best authentic self. Trust your intuition so that you can trust yourself!

Are you interested in how you can improve your intuition? Well, keep on reading!

How Do I Enhance My Intuition?

1. Connect With Your Intuition

Connecting with your intuition is the first step toward enhancing it. You can do this in many different ways, but the easiest one would be grounding yourself.

Take a deep breath e turn inward.

Start from the ground up, feel your toes and feet, then your legs, thighs, and hips. Let the energy flow through your stomach and spine.

Feel it in your shoulders, spreading to your arms and neck. Take note of how your fingertips and your head feel.

2. Your Body is Speaking to You

Now that you’re a terra and you feel your body on a deeper level, listen to it, it’s already speaking to you! Don’t move and just listen, try to hear your intuition.

Feel it calling out to you, just don’t try to force it out!

If you feel any tensione anywhere, don’t release it. This might feel good at the time, but it won’t help you in the long run!

If your stomach starts jumbling up around someone, it’s your intuition telling you that that person doesn’t have good intentions. Hence why your protective magick will be stronger around them.

There are many people who don’t feel tension though, but they do feel a light energy.

This is often connected with positive emotions like love, excitement e ispirazione. Listen to this energy and find out which emotion it’s associated with.

For example, if the energy’s connected with excitement, you might do a love spell!

If you can’t hear your intuition that’s okay! Just try tuning in further, even ask yourself questions like ‘What am I feeling?’ 0r ‘What can I tell myself?’

And if this doesn’t work as well, take it easy, do some skincare and relax. You can come back to it later!

3. Transfer Your Intuition to Paper

Once you’re done ricerca dell'anima, you’ll be more in tune with yourself. You’ll be connected to your intuizione and you’ll be clear on what kind of magick you want to do!

Write these down and use words like ‘I feel‘ and ‘I’m drawn to (this) magick.’

Use these sentences to set your intention and write your goals, you can always switch it up a little bit! 

4. Design Your Magick


Now that you set your intention, it’s time for action! Think about which action calls to you the most.

Which one will be best in transferring you from your place right now to the place you want to be in?

You can choose from many different ones: burning, binding, lighting a candle, releasing, changing, etc.

Listen to your intuition and choose the best one for you!

5. Pick Out Your Magick Correspondences

Tutto ciò che è presente nel mondo materiale is believed to have its origin nel invisible, spirit world. Look around you and notice what you see. These are the materials that you’ll be using.

Look at the herbs, colors, crystals e oils. Pick up each item and connect it with its energy.

Are you feeling drawn to this item or not? Pick the ones that speak to you!

6. Choose Your Spirits

You’ll probably be working with a deity if you want to enhance your magick, since they help you with rituals, spells, etc.

Working with a deity can come about in two ways, either you approach them or they approach you.

If one or the other happens, use your intuition to assess whether or not you connect with them. Are they right for your practice and craft?

You may write down the ones you feel drawn to and go from there!

7. Raise Your Energy

Raising your energy is very important since it will make you more potente than you were before. The amount of energy you raise is the amount that will go into your intention!

You can raise energy in many different ways but the most common ones are dancing, singing, chanting, breath work, making music, etc.

Basically, do things that make you feel good and inspired!

Happy Casting!

All of this might seem hard and scary at first and while it might be labor-intensive, it pays off in the long run! Magick is all about you and honing your craft to express yourself.

When you use your intuition, something that comes from within you, your magick is stronger and more reflective of you!

If you practice often you’ll start noticing changes! You’ll tap into your intuition easily and utilize it to its best abilities!