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How To Stand Up To Your Family?

How To Stand Up To Your Family?

Family is so significant for everything good and bad in your life. It can be hard to be different from your family. It can be so hard to protect your peace and your dreams.

What’s the point of having a voice if you’re gonna be silent in those moments you shouldn’t be? – Angie Thomas

Learn To Separate Certain Emotions

It’s very hard to stand up to your family when they’re the ones who raise you.

You love them, and they love you. They want what’s best for you.

They did so many good and amazing things. They are your sanctuary of love, hope, and safety.

All these things are proof that family is all about endless and eternal love.

But, you have to learn that standing up for yourself doesn’t mean you don’t love your family.

You have to learn that choosing your own path doesn’t mean you’re disrespectful.

I know that it can be hard to separate these things, especially if your parents can’t separate them.

On the other hand, maybe you’re reading this article because you live in a dysfunctional family without all these wonderful things.

Maybe you just want to stand up to them because you want to end your relationship for good.

You need your own voice. You need your own life and your own dreams.

You have to fight for your goals. You have to protect your wishes and be brave.

All this is challenging, emotional, and overwhelming, but you deserve happiness. Here are some tips that will help you to successfully stand up to your family.

1.  Be Bold & Direct

You probably know your family well and you know that a nice speech won’t work.

Therefore, be bold and direct. Don’t be rough and defensive, but don’t hesitate when speaking.

Prepare yourself for different scenarios, and tell them everything.

Like I’ve said, you probably know that taking it easy and missing out few details won’t help, and you will feel like a liar.

Ask for a family meeting and tell them that you have something important to share.

Be serious, but don’t be nervous. Tell them that you care about them, but you have to say what’s on your mind.

Don’t jell at them and speak slowly. Be clear and don’t allow them to interrupt you. Tell them that they can ask you questions when you finish.

This may seem scary if your family is strict, but you have to show them that you’re responsible and independent.

You have to show them your strength and courage now.

If you’re standing up to your family because they’ve done bad things to you and it’s time to walk away, it’s still important to be fierce.

Don’t show anger, but show them your power. Don’t let them shake you.

Show them that they haven’t destroyed you. Show them your boldness because they deserve to see it.

2. Be Understanding

Many people think that being bold and straightforward means being stubborn and quarrelsome.

That’s not true. You just need to stick to your story without fear and anxiety.

This is why you can combine understanding with everything.

Speak your truth, but be understanding. Tell your family that you understand their attitude.

Don’t dismiss their emotions and words no matter how you feel about them.

Understanding and empathy will help you to get what you want. They will feel your compassion.

Try to show them that you’re all on the same side. You’re all a team even when you disagree.

Don’t be harsh because they love you. They don’t want to hurt you. They may be wrong.

If you’re not a member of a loving family, understanding will still help you.

When you stand up to your family, tell them more about understanding and not understanding the things they’ve done.

Show them that you’ve thought about this. Show them that you haven’t forgotten anything.

Try to understand them in this moment, because they will feel humiliated by your greatness.

3. Control Your Emotions

Controlling your emotions is important in these situations.

If you want to remain on good terms with your family after standing up to them, you have to choose the right emotions to show them.

Show them your soul and heart. Don’t be afraid to open up because this will buy them. This will touch their hearts.

Even if you don’t feel like showing your emotions after being serious and bold, do it. Manipulate with your emotions in that moment because you need to make a point.

If you want to stand up to your family and walk away, you have to control your emotions in a different way.

It’s okay to tell how you feel. It’s okay to tell every little detail that broke you.

But, don’t show weakness. Don’t show them your wounds.

This is the time to be a superhuman. This is the time to be wise.

4. Stick To Your Words

It doesn’t matter what kind of relationship you have with your parents, you have to stick to your words.

If you’re thinking about how to successfully stand up to them, then you should be sure that you want to do it.

In other words – make sure that you truly want to say something and that you want to stand up to them.

Even if you could take back something, there is no reason to say it in the first place.

They won’t think of you as someone serious and reliable if you don’t stay true to your words.

So, be stable and consistent, and don’t do anything that you truly don’t want to do.

Don’t allow anyone to change your mind and believe in your own words. Believe in yourself.

When you stand for something, you’ve got to stand for it all the way, not halfway.  – Kevin Gates